Patrick Mahomes: It’s exciting for the Chiefs to have our backs against the wall

NFL: SEP 26 Chargers at Chiefs
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Patrick Mahomes is putting an optimistic spin on the Chiefs’ surprisingly disappointing start to the season.

For as long as Mahomes has been in Kansas City, the Chiefs have dominated the AFC West. But now the Chiefs are 1-2 and in last place, a game behind the 2-1 Chargers and two games behind the 3-0 Raiders and Broncos.

“It’s exciting. Now you know you have to go,” Mahomes said. “We’ve put our back against the wall. So how are we going to respond? I think you’ll get the best out of everybody. You’ll get the best out of every person in this locker room because you know that it’s time to go now. Every game matters if you want to do what we want to do and I’m excited to see how these guys respond, myself included.”

The Chiefs haven’t had their backs against the wall often in recent years, and certainly not in September. But Mahomes sounds confident that they’re ready to rise to the challenge.

28 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: It’s exciting for the Chiefs to have our backs against the wall

  1. The league’s worst defense and worse pass protection for Mahomes this year is gonna lead to a big disappointment for Chiefs fans this year.

  2. Broncos fans lining up the victory parade. It’s gonna be hilarious listening to the tears on local radio when they finish below .500 again.

  3. KC is toast. Have no defense and can’t hang onto the ball. Oline is a bunch of kids and their secondary receivers can’t make a big play.

  4. KC is yesterday’s news, the AFC West will be decided by the Raiders and Chargers. Both these teams have good defenses, and a running game, to go with their stellar QB play. KC can only claim one of these which is why they dropped 3 of their last four games and had to come from behind in most of their recent victories.

  5. As a long suffering Chief’s fan that lived through all the down years – Patrick Lavon Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Brett Veach are just a bit better prepared to handle some adversity than Matt Cassel, Todd Haley, and Scott Pioli were. R-E-L-A-X and have some faith Chief’s Fans!

  6. It will surely be a disappointment then when Jalen Hurts throws 2 TDs to DeVonta Smith and wins the game that no one ever saw coming. Go Birds.

  7. If they are going to be champs again it all depends on how they respond to the start of this season, so he isnt wrong. As a chiefs fan my entire life I’ve seen it all. The rest of the AFC west being as good as they are will help make the chiefs better, IF they step up to the plate

  8. I love this kid but can’t stand the Cheifs. Great way to turn it into a positive even though
    im sure he would rather be 3-0. 1 year dynasty is closing just like the SEahawks.

  9. The Raiders and Chargers are knocking. Won’t include the Broncos until they beat someone who has actually won a game. Either way the Chefs don’t have an automatic bid this year. This division is up for grabs!

  10. Dude this team is in such shambles – yeah Mahomes keep portraying that everything is just fine. LOL cheers!

  11. The Chiefs Offense took a little tiny step back this year. Not much, but it was big enough to uncover a truth that was often overlooked. The defense is not good.They give up too many big plays and too many points. Mahomes and his side of the ball have always been able to pick up the D and get the wins.

    It looks like they are struggling to do that consistently this year and it’s weighing the whole team down. They are quickly turning into a team that HAS to score 35 a game because the D is going to give up 33. That leaves no room for error from Mahomes and his offense. Mahomes is great but he can’t be perfect for 17 weeks every season.

  12. He’s confident that the Eagles will make for a great slump buster, and he’s probably right.

  13. KC has played 2 play off teams and a third, the Chargers who will probably make the playoffs this year.

    The Broncos and the Fade have played a slew of teams trying to figure things out. Cleveland’s played a couple of last place floormats after getting whipped at home by the AFC champs.

    KC has played a schedule befitting a team that had the best record in the NFL last year and played in the last SB. Everyone else besides Tampa Bay has a bit easier row to hoe this year.

    Facts matter.

  14. Chiefs have been figured out…. Well, took you long enough.. Never-mind 5 years straight of winning the west, 3 consecutive AFC championship games, 2 consecutive super bowls and a Super Bowl win. Every team in the league would take what KC has accomplished over the past 3 years. And every team except the Patriots would take KC’s success over the last 5 years. Hopefully the rest of the west is better, the last 5 years of KC’s domination of your teams has been boring. Bout time y’all showed up. After a 50 year SB drought things were tough, but the grass has grown green and we love the envy. And we know your scared, but hide that fear by hoping KC keeps beating themselves. San Siego, or whatever city we just played, won the game by 6 points, after KC handed them 4 extra possession. I’m glad KC is hurting themselves to give their opponent a chance, the games are competitive that way.

  15. The Chiefs are like the Seahawks. Both are self-proclaimed “dynasties” with only one superbowl win to show for it.

  16. Yeah, what a load of bull. We are excited to have lost 2 of 3 with a bunch of turnovers and a lousy defense.

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