Patrick Mahomes: Josh Gordon has kind of dominated everywhere he’s been

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Now that receiver Josh Gordon has been reinstated, he’s found a place on the Chiefs’ practice squad.

It’s been a couple of seasons since Gordon played a snap, his last appearance coming in Week 15 of the 2019 season. He had one catch in that game for 58 yards before being suspended again the next week.

Head coach Andy Reid didn’t put a timeline on when Gordon may be able to play in his next game. But quarterback Patrick Mahomes seemed like he was looking forward to playing with Gordon when speaking to the media on Wednesday.

“Everywhere he’s been, he’s kind of dominated,” Mahomes said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “He can make plays in one-on-one coverage.

“He’s a big receiver. Even if he’s covered, he’s not covered. You can kind of throw it up there and he can make plays.”

While it’s surprising the Chiefs are 1-2, it’s not a shock that Mahomes has continued to rely on tight end Travis Kelce and receiver Tyreek Hill as his primary targets. If Gordon can contribute, it should provide a boost to the offense.

“I’m sure they’ll incorporate him with a couple roles in the offense as the season goes on, as we get him up to speed, and we’ll see where that takes us,” Mahomes said. “He’ll have his role. He’s a great football player, but in this offense, everybody gets a chance to make plays.”

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  1. We’ll see is all you can say with this guy. I feel like he owes the Browns a couple seasons free of charge after all they did for him but everyone’s moved on and in a better place. I hope he can get it together but if he doesn’t, I wish he’d go away. I feel like I type this every year.

  2. His last season in New England he was a shell of himself and he also ended that way in Seattle. Lost a couple of steps. Not the Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns

  3. True statement as long as your definition of “everywhere” is “that one year in Cleveland.” His rookie year was 2012 and he’s 30 now with only 60 games played. Do the math on that. Even when he’s not suspended he misses multiple games a season.

  4. Chiefs cannot stop anybody with their D yet sign another offensive player. They seem to ignore their problems while investing in areas where they are strong.

    Really, this bet is Mahomes stays upright and can throw to all these high powered offensive players and outscore the competition in a tennis match where you must hold serve to win.

  5. As an addictions specialist, I’ve always rooted for Flash to come out on the other side. Unfortunately, we see this all the time in the world of substance use. Chance after chance, but the relapse is coming, not a matter of if but when. He has fought these demons for so long, that he has now found himself on the wrong side of 30. I have to agree that he did not look like himself in New England, I don’t expect much out of him this time around. More importantly than football, good luck on your recovery Josh.

  6. If he can pull at least a little bit of the double coverages teams have been giving Hill and Kelce he’s worth the very small contract. If he catches a couple balls up the middle or in the end zone with his size it’s nothing but a bonus.

    On another note I would very much like Veach to have the opportunity to address the defensive personnel right now but there aren’t any decent LB’s free right now outside of Collins, and he’s getting up there in age. No real chance to address the defense through addition, so giving the offense a little more opportunity is a good thing right now. It’s not as if the D is being ignored.

  7. But have they signed any defensive player with a dime? Anyone? Hello, McFly – you’re getting burned at an historical rate. One year dynasty LOL cheers!

  8. I wouldn’t call 110 rec 1801 yds and 9 TDs since 2014 a dominating stat line. You could see in Seattle he had lost a step and was only a rotational player.

  9. He’s 30 and has played 63 total games. (He was a rookie way back in 2012 and that one big year was in 2013.) Do the math on that. Even when he isn’t suspended he’s missed multiple games a year.

  10. Gordon is a two bit player who cannot be counted on. The only thing he dominates is excuses for poor personal decisions.

  11. Every Browns fans is thanking the Chiefs organization right now. This is subtraction by addition. That means less throws to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill.

  12. VisionTim says:
    I don’t think he’s hurt anyone but himself . . .

    On the contrary, he has hurt every single team and let down every teammate he’s played on or with.
    Josh Gordon gets paid big money, takes up a roster spot and often a starting job, plays well enough for his team and teammates to count on him as a big part of their offense, yet with the exception of one amazing season he eventually ends up suspended and leaves his team and teammates in the lurch.
    It happened in Cleveland, in New England, in Seattle, and even if it doesn’t happen in Kansas City the Chiefs will soon find he’s a shell of the player he once was.
    It doesn’t matter if you agree with the NFL’s rules or not. They exist, he knows they exist and is contractually bound to honor them, yet he won’t or can’t follow them. In the end he always hurts a lot more people than just himself.

  13. Gordon was presumedly suspended for repeated use of marijuana. It was a different NFL then, without the support for mental health and greater leniency for marijuana use that exists today. It seems a safe route to park him on the practice squad where his attitude and discipline can be coached and observed before any further commitment is made by Reid.

  14. can he catch a ball and hold on to it. That is the Bar the chiefs 2nd receivers are failing to meet right now. He does not need to be a super star. He just needs to be competent because Hardman,Robinson, and Kemp are just waiting for someone to take snaps from them given their lack of performance.

  15. The Chiefs already have a dynamic WR and don’t even know how to use him (Hardman) so what’s the point of adding another WR to a 2 route, QB sneak offense? (Tyreek up and out, and Kelce with his 5 yard hitch and post up.)

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