The Buccaneers are attracting almost all of the betting dollars for Sunday’s game

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As one of the most anticipated regular-season games in years approaches, the betting public has lined up almost entirely behind one of the two teams.

At the PointsBet sportsbook, the wagers against the spread and the money line wagers predominantly favor the Buccaneers over the Patriots on Sunday night.

Bettors have placed 94 percent of the spread bets on the Bucs, with 96 percent of the total dollars on Tampa Bay. For the money-line option, currently at -310 for the Bucs and +240 for the Patriots, 95 percent have taken Tampa Bay, with 94 percent of the handle on the Bucs.

That hasn’t stopped some (like me) from taking a chance on the Patriots. Unless Tom Brady is no longer human (and there’s a chance he isn’t), he’ll feel the emotions on Sunday night. He’ll be affected. His teammates will be affected by their desire to deliver a win for him. The entire vibe for the Bucs before the game could be Super Bowl-ish, from the standpoint of nerves and anxiety.

The Patriots, in contrast, could be feeling loose. They’re widely expected to lose. Thus, they have nothing to lose. Also, coach Bill Belichick — who has been coaching far longer than Brady has been playing — surely knows how to compartmentalize and contain his emotions. Since Belichick pretty much does that all the time.