Aaron Jones gets jersey pocket to carry his father’s ashes on the field

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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Packers running back Aaron Jones decided this season to wear a pendant with his father’s ashes around his neck, a nice idea that caused Jones some stress when the necklace broke and the pendant was lost during a Week Two game. Fortunately the pendant was eventually found, and now the Packers’ equipment staff has come up with a better solution.

Jones said Gordon “Red” Batty, the Packers’ equipment manager, sewed a pocket inside Jones’ jersey where he’ll place his father’s ashes for the rest of the season.

“He put a pocket right on the left side,” Jones said, via ESPN. “So I can just drop it in there and not have to worry about it falling out. So I can play with it.”

Jones said he plans to keep his father’s ashes with him in every game.

“I think it’s something I’ll continue to do, just keep my dad with me everywhere I go,” Jones said. “I wear it mostly at all time. Gotta get a new chain so I haven’t been wearing it except for on Sundays, but I think it’s definitely something I’ll continue to do.”

Jones’ father died of COVID-19 in April.

16 responses to “Aaron Jones gets jersey pocket to carry his father’s ashes on the field

  1. A nice feel good story, but I’m sure that somebody in the comment section will soon ruin it…

  2. “There are three things that are important to every man in this locker room: His God, his family, and the Green Bay Packers. In that order.” -Vincent Thomas Lombardi

  3. He could carry his dad’s skeletal remains in a backpack on the field for all I care, if it helps the Packers win.

  4. Not all people who have “made it” cherish a loved one this way. Some have trophy wives that don’t last (Jay Cutler) some have families they don’t really get along with (Aaron Rodgers), some have family that lose you a job (Brent Grimes). This is nice to see, obviously his father had a great impact on his life. I wish to do the same for my daughter. I tip my hat to this.

  5. Great story, from a Vikings fan.

    I’m glad he can carry his father with him in his own way without worrying about it.

  6. Pretty cool idea. Hopefully the man who found it got a huge tip for finding it. Read where the guy searched til almost 2am til he found it.

  7. Nice tribute to his dad but he should have kept that quiet because the league is funny about equipment protocols and I wouldn’t trust them.

  8. I became a big fan of Jones when he was caught on a cell phone camera performing a random act of kindness by pushing an elderly women in a wheelchair who needed assistance through a Chicago airport. To me, that’s honoring your parents more than scoring touchdowns.

  9. A metal item sewn into a jersey shouldn’t be allowed. There is no way the NFL approves this. Brass tacks it’s a metal item sewn into a jersey.

  10. Having lost my dad to COVID last year and finally getting a service this Labor Day, I love this act of love Jones is showing his father. Mine is with me (in ashes) and maybe there are some in/around Lambeau.

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