Jack Del Rio: Hasn’t been start we wanted on defense, but they don’t give trophies after three weeks

NFL: AUG 28 Preseason - Ravens at Washington Football Team
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Washington’s defense has been one of the biggest disappointments in the league through the first three weeks of the season and the coordinator of the unit is stressing how small a chunk of the season that is this week.

Jack Del Rio spoke to reporters on Thursday about his group’s poor start and said that accountability for it starts with him while also noting that there’s time for things to move in a better direction before any final assessments are made about their fate.

“We don’t hand out trophies after three weeks,” Del Rio said, via USAToday.com. “It hasn’t been the start we all wanted or even expected. But it’s what it is. We’ll deal with it. Man up, take responsibility, take accountability. It starts with me, I’ve made that very clear with our group, coaches and players.”

The Falcons are next up for Washington and their 48 points through three games is good for 29th in the league. If they break out against Washington, concerns about the ability to point the defense in the right direction will likely be louder next week.