Jimmie Ward not fined for hit on Davante Adams

NFL: SEP 26 Packers at 49ers
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San Francisco safety Jimmie Ward wasn’t penalized on the field for the brutal hit he delivered to Packers wide receiver Davante Adams on Sunday night. Ward wasn’t penalized off the field, either.

The NFL confirmed today that it did not fine Ward for the hit.

That comes as a major surprise, given how much the play looked like the kind of hit the league is trying to eliminate from the sport. Adams was a defenseless receiver at the time Ward hit him in the head, and Adams stayed down for a few minutes before he was able to get back up.

Adams missed only one play before returning to the game, which was the subject of its own scrutiny. The league says all concussion protocols were followed.

29 responses to “Jimmie Ward not fined for hit on Davante Adams

  1. Player safety(but not when bailing out the officials for horrible calls). Jerome Boger’s crew is the worst in the NFL

  2. But that “roughing” the qb call on Thursday when Trevor Lawrence slid at the last moment, after the Cincy DB was already lunging forward for the tackle…. He will get fined $12,000. The NFL is borderline unwatchable sometimes.

  3. Interesting . . . a Viking fan leading off the thread . . . whining about Packer fans. Funny how that works.

  4. The fact that he wasn’t fined makes no sense and to make things worse, why was Adams allowed back in the game without much media backlash?

  5. That’s surprising. It looked like — at the very least — it was a hit on a defenseless receiver.
    The NFL doesn’t seem to be very consistent with these rules they have, which only adds to the frustration about them.

  6. The league couldn’t handle an untethered Packer team without the burden of them receiving equalizing calls of this nature. No team gets more equalizing calls, for or against, than Green Bay. It’s been that way since I was a kid.

  7. Good. Ward hit him with his shoulder and in his chest. Should not be a fine. Adams basically said as much himself, and the fact that he wasn’t concussed and only missed one play shows this equally.

  8. gophersnot says:
    October 2, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    The only whining is coming from Packer fans. It’s football, not chess.


    I’m not a Packers fan and I thought it should have been a penalty. I have seen flags thrown for a lot less than on that hit.

  9. They couldn’t give the fine without admitting that it was a blow to the head. And if they’d admitted it was a blow to the head, they would have to admit that they threw their concussion protocols in the wastebasket in order to get Adams back on the field.

    Instead, they’re just going to keep pretending that our lying eyes didn’t see what we all saw.

    The first and last priority of the NFL is protecting the shield. Keep that in mind, and all the rest makes sense.

  10. unknownvikingfan says:
    October 2, 2021 at 6:30 pm
    Interesting . . . a Viking fan leading off the thread . . . whining about Packer fans. Funny how that works.


    I suppose you don’t get the irony of your post when your handle is literally a troll on Viking fans

  11. Probably because they already racked up 4 pi calls for 90 yards against the 49ers on uncatchable balls

  12. the NFL is a bunch of disgusting corrupt, fraudsters, I’m very close to completely renouncing the game I have loved more than any other. Failed calls, failed Marys’, politicalization, The ‘league of denial’. sensationalism, hyperboly, ridiculous celebrations, vulgar salaries, tabloid sports journalism and innumerable other hypocracies have destroyed sportsmanship, honor and anything wholesome about the game. The game Bart Starr played is gone but his legacy remains as the true GOAT: five NFL Championships won and all-time best playoff winning percentage. AND STILL the only team to EVER win 3 straight.

  13. unknownvikingfan says:
    October 2, 2021 at 9:34 pm
    NatP . . . Sorry, must have struck a nerve there.


    Yes, lack of self awareness does get on my nerves

  14. I am a Packer fan and I thought the hit was clean from the moment I saw the replay. Can we not hit the WR at all when the catch a pass? There was no helmet contact. Either you can hit like this or can’t hit at all.

  15. Ward led with the shoulder and the initial contact looked to be with the shoulder to chest. Helmet contact after becomes incidental. That looked to be a textbook tackle.

    I understand the complaints but that’s a football play. Nothing egregious so no fine is expected.

    If you want to see something that should be fined look to the prior week vs eagles. Trey Sermon’s 1st carry. Before the helmet to helmet hit the defender behind him used his forearm as a weapon and struck down on the back of the RB’s neck. Should have been a suspension as it’s not a football play and can incur significant injury.

    As to whether Adam’s should have been back on the field so soon.

    Can’t blame the the team or doctors really. It’s the policy that needs to be adjusted. No easy answer though, symptoms may not be noticeable for 24 hours.

    Doctors have their guidelines to follow and steps to clear. Teams and Players know these. If the player isn’t hurt enough and is determined to get on the field, then passes the test required by Policy. There is either no problem or the policy needs to be adjusted to keep players obviously or potentially injured off the field.

  16. Keep in mind the 49ers also got away with a grounding call and a ball that hit the ground which was called a catch. Yes, Jerome Boger’s officiating crew is terrible.

  17. Ejection. No other way to handle these dirty hits.

    But the League isn’t interested in safety. So this is nothing but a waste of keystrokes.

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