NBC, YouTube TV finalize a deal

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Relax, YouTube TV customers who were getting nervous about the prospect of Sunday Night Football and other NBC offerings exiting the platform. NBC and YouTube TV have worked out a new deal.

“We are thrilled to have reached a deal with YouTube TV and can continue to offer our full network portfolio, without interruption,” an NBC spokesperson said in a statement. “YouTube is a valued partner and we never want to involve our fans in a dispute, but we felt obligated to let them know what was at stake. We thank our viewers for their loyalty and promise to continue bringing them the networks and programs they love.”

The agreement follows the short-term deal reached on Thursday night.

As the migration from cable and satellite continues, streaming services like YouTube TV provide the traditional cable/satellite selection on a platform that can be taken anywhere. It’s easy, it’s flexible, and it’s affordable.

Most importantly, YouTube TV will continue to have all NBC programming. Including the biggest regular-season game in years, if not ever. Coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, with Football Night in America.

5 responses to “NBC, YouTube TV finalize a deal

  1. Don’t get me started with everything that’s wrong with YouTube TV. First, the name. Guaranteed to cause confusion in the marketplace. Second, the actual workings of it. It’s a hodge-podge layout on your TV screen that’s as confusing as its name. Finally, it’s too expensive. You’d think a company like Google who makes billions in profit each year could be a little more forging with its profit margins and pricing, but hey, America is built on greed, right?

  2. After paying for DirecTV for way too many years… I’m a big fan of YouTubeTV. The visual adjustments of the channel were made easier by the big $$$ savings! Glad they got this deal done! 🏈

  3. I’ve had YouTube TV for a little over 2 years. At fist it was great, was able to cut the cord and get some channels for a fraction of the price. Now they’ve turned into what they were competing against, and I’m paying a premium price like I was with cable for channels I don’t want.

  4. You tube tv gets you all the channels and networks you need for &65 a month. Plus, unlimited dvr in the cloud. What’s a better deal then that?

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