Ravens’ long snapper says Justin Tucker wants to break his own record on Sunday in Denver

Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos
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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker set a new NFL record with his 66-yard field goal last week in Detroit. But could he break his own record this week in Denver?

Baltimore long snapper Nick Moore thinks he can.

Footballs fly farther at Denver’s altitude, and Tucker has claimed that he could make a field goal as long as 84 yards in Denver. That’s probably unrealistic, but Moore says Tucker has long wanted to break the NFL record in Denver, and a 67-yarder is absolutely doable for him.

“I know Justin. He’s been looking forward to this game since they put it on the calendar,” Moore said, via the Ravens’ website.

Of course, a kicker can only get a chance to try a field goal that long if his offense happens to get stalled right around the 50-yard line, and his coach trusts him enough to try it. But Moore thinks that if the game circumstances work out for John Harbaugh to send Tucker on the field for a record-breaking attempt, Tucker will get the record.

“We’re going to try to break it. If we get a chance, we’re going to try,” Moore said. “Might as well. The guy’s range is indefinite right now.”