Baker Mayfield says he needs to pick it up after “piss-poor performance”

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings
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The Browns won on Sunday with their defense dominating on the road in a 14-7 victory over the Vikings.

But if you just heard quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s comments, you might not think that’s the case.

Mayfield did not play well on Sunday, misfiring on several throws to finish 15-of-33 for 155 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions.

While Mayfield is dealing with a left shoulder injury, he said it had no effect on his play. Instead, Mayfield simply noted that he has to be better.

I have to pick it up,” Mayfield said, via Dan Labbe of, “because if I think that piss-poor performance is going to cut it, it’s not.”

Mayfield said that some of the throws he missed were due to his inability to get in a rhythm. But one glaring misfire was late in the fourth quarter when Mayfield didn’t hit a wide-open Odell Beckham Jr. running down the right sideline.

“That’s the type of dagger that you need to have on offense to put it away, kind of like last week with Harrison Bryant’s far cross and it sailed over him,” Mayfield said. “Those are the things I’m not real happy with myself about, but our defense is playing well enough right now to save me from that. I’ve got to be better. It’s just flat out simple and there’s not much else I can say.”

Mayfield added he’s was grateful for the defense, which limited the Vikings to 255 yards and didn’t surrender a point after Minnesota’s first drive.

“Good enough for us to win when I’m playing quarterback like that,” Mayfield said.

As poorly as Mayfield played, the Browns are still 3-1 and off to a solid start in the AFC North. They’ll face another road test against the Chargers in Week Five.

14 responses to “Baker Mayfield says he needs to pick it up after “piss-poor performance”

  1. 2018 Re-draft
    1. Lamar Jackson
    2. Josh Allen
    3. Sam Darnold
    4. Baker Mayfield
    5. Josh whatever

  2. He is just flat out awful. He misses wide open receivers non stop and its not just OBJ. He needs to be benched. Put Keenum in there. He will always fold in the clutch, he will never beat good teams. He was a choke artist in college and he has been a choke artist in the NFL.

  3. The Browns have a top 10 (at least) defense, ground game and o-line, so Mayfield can afford to play poorly and the Browns will still reach the playoffs. Honestly, I don’t see this guy ever becoming an elite QB.

  4. He’s so meh in everything he does there is 0 reason to give
    This guy 100 million dollars. Cleveland will never win a chip if they pay him.

  5. Rotten game by Mayfield, no doubt. Move on and improve. 3-1 is what matters.
    It looks like all the new guys on D are gelling, and Woods is calling a great game. The Vikings and Cousins were on fire coming into this game…Browns’ D cooled them off nicely.

  6. Unfortunately for Baker the offensive play calling is why he had a poor performance not him. Stefanski is a great coach but at some point “Take the points” needs to be taught to him. The last two games the scores were way closer than the actual games were because the Browns seem to be allergic to kicking field goals and have to always go for it on fourth down or take unnecessarily shots downfield even though the opposing teams defense had already shown that they couldn’t stop checkdown passes to their running backs and had their number in the red zone. Stefanski looks good now because he knows Baker isn’t going to turn the ball over but at some point the 6 or 9 points a game they’re leaving because they don’t want to kick the field goal is going to be the reason they lose and poor Baker is going to take the heat for not being able to out play the bad game planning and reckless play calling. Especially since they’re making him try downfield passes when it’s clear the other team is bringing everyone because you’re on your 3rd string left tackle.

  7. Let’s not forget; Ravens won a SB with a stellar D and Trent Dilfer…!!!

  8. @mrfrostyj: Yes, my thoughts exactly!

    Stop leaving points on the table, and take the pressure off of Baker. The Browns got the ball back with 6:50 left in the 4th quarter and the Vikings only had 1 timeout left. Their running game was working – they should’ve been able to run out that clock and end the game. But because of the stupid play calling the Vikings got the ball back TWICE!! That’s absurd. They were also leaving ~10 seconds on the play clock with each play.

    Same thing happened in last year’s playoffs – they had multiple three-and-out series where they threw on every down and took no time off the clock. What’s the point of having two of the best backs in the game if we’re not gonna use them?

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