Chiefs blow chance to challenge non-call of an Eagles fumble


The Chiefs find themselves in another close game, this week in Philadelphia. The home team took a 10-7 lead after the Chiefs failed to challenge a non-call of a fumble.

A Kenneth Gainwell catch and run that ended inside the Kansas City five included a potential fumble and a clear recovery by the Chiefs. But Chiefs coach Andy Reid didn’t throw the red flag. On the next play, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts found tight end Dallas Goedert for a touchdown.

CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore later explained that Gainwell clearly and fumbled and that the Chiefs clearly had recovered. Frankly, those plays should automatically reviewable; if the ruling on the field was that Gainwell had fumbled, it would have been. Instead, a ruling that doesn’t entail a turnover doesn’t trigger automatic review. In this case, the Chiefs blew a chance to secure possession and prevent a touchdown.