Colts beat Dolphins 27-17 for first win of the season

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins
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The Colts are in the win column.

It wasn’t the prettiest victory, but Indianapolis did enough to beat Miami 27-10 on Sunday.
The Dolphins got on the board first after a muffed punt put them in scoring position, with Jason Sanders hitting a 38-yard field goal. But then the Colts scored 20 straight points, with running back Jonathan Taylor opening the scoring with a 23-yard touchdown late in the second quarter.

Tight end Mo Alie-Cox then caught his first of two touchdowns, making the score 14-3 in the third quarter. And a pair of Rodrigo Blankenship field goals gave Indianapolis a 20-3 advantage.

Miami started to storm back in the fourth quarter, with quarterback Jacoby Brissett starting to move the ball well for the second week in a row late in the game. Tight end Mike Gesicki caught a 1-yard touchdown to cap a drive early in the period that took just 2:37 off the clock. But the Miami defense couldn’t hold, surrendering a second touchdown to Alie-Cox.

DeVante Parker caught a 3-yard touchdown with 4:24 left, capping a quick six-play, 75-yard drive. But the onside kick attempt failed, with Indianapolis recovering. The Colts never gave the ball back, with Marlon Mack running 10 yards to Miami’s 3-yard line for a first down with 1:45 left in the contest.

Taylor mainly paced the Colts’ offense, rushing for 103 yards and a touchdown. Mack had 22 yards on 10 carries.

But still playing on two sprained ankles, quarterback Carson Wentz finished the game 24-of-32 passing for 228 yards with a pair of touchdowns.

Now 1-3, the Colts play the Ravens next Monday night. The 1-3 Dolphins will be on the road to face the Buccaneers in Week Five.

15 responses to “Colts beat Dolphins 27-17 for first win of the season

  1. The Dolphins have a 21% chance of making the playoffs this season with their 1-3 record. If the Dolphins lose next week to Tampa their playoff chances drop to 13%.

    So in summery the Dolphins 17 game season has ended after just 4 games

  2. I won’t be surprised if the Dolphins finish last in the AFC East. They are a really bad football team. Chris Grier will certainly be fired. It will be interesting to see if Coach Flores will stay on. New G.M.‘s like to bring in “their guy” and Flores’s experiment with two offensive coordinators has been a disaster. He’s been out coached three weeks in a row now. The players are showing signs of quitting on him, which I thought would never happen.

  3. This is a game that you just knew was Indy’s from the start because Frank Reich knows all the strengths and weaknesses of his former backup to Luck, Brissett. Miami was worn out from an overtime game. The Colts had tough losses. All the credit to Wentz if he hangs in there and keeps Indy in the hunt. Big game next Monday, especially if the Jags beat the Titans

  4. So let me get this straight! We traded away players to get this franchise reset by using a ton of picks to fix our two biggest problems. Our offensive line and Quarterback situation. We get the 5th pick in the draft and take Tua and we land several first and second round offensive line,em over two years. And what did that get us?
    The worst quarterback and offensive line in our division. Grier has got to go! He blew it,and he’s on the verge of trading away all our future capital to save himself.

  5. What happened to “in Flores we trust”? What happened to all the people treating Chris Grier like he was the smartest GM in the league? The dolphins are really really bad. Tua coming back isn’t going to save this depleted young inexperienced roster. News flash—the owner and head coach are a huge part of the problem too. The only way the fins can see a Lombardi trophy is by hosting a super bowl.

  6. I do believe Miami should consider a third offensive coordinator. Two appear unable to get the job done. Sheesh!

    Disgusted Phin Fan 🙁

  7. The hope that Tua coming back fixes it… forget that there was a reason Tua isn’t in there. Guy got busted up in 2 less than two series.

    Oh, and he wasn’t great against the Patriots either.

  8. Whoever is calling the offensive plays for the Fins should be fired. What is the point of loading up on speed-receivers in the off season if you never call any long pass attempts to stretch the field. Pathetic dink and dunk offense with absolutely no creativity.

  9. When Flores fired his first OC, you could say it was a learning curve for a new HC. When Flores hires and fires his 2nd OC who he brought out of retirement, you could say it was growing pains. In year 3, when Flores has 2 OCs who don’t call the plays and the QB coach does, you could say Miami has a defensive minded coach who has no idea how to put in place a professional offensive system to build a foundation and create a identity.

    Almost Rex Ryan like.

  10. You know what really is going to be funny here when the season is done…the Eagles are going to make out very well with their picks in the 2022 draft. Their #1, the Dophins #1 and if Wentz stays healthy the Colts’ #1. Could it be that they end up with 3 picks in say the first 10 selections in the first round next year??? LOL…they better make sure that the GM doesn’t screw that up like Grier did for the Dolphins…LOL

  11. Miami will be the worst team in this division very quickly! Right now any good players we have aren’t planning on being in Miami long term. They can see this organization is a long way from being competitive and they’ll take less money to play somewhere else. When you build through the draft you better hit and develope,when you don’t that youth will succeed against you on another team.
    Miami can’t even take a left tackle that didn’t give up a sack for three years at Notre Dame and make him a tackle a right tackle!
    No players the Dolphins draft or bring in from other teams perform better after coming to Miami except Howard.

  12. Flores is a great defensive coach but he needs an offensive guru to help him build an offense for Miami. Flores wanted his offensive line players to play several positions on the line. Well an offensive guard may not have the agility to cover speed rushers as an offensive tackle so that’s a flawed concept. Flores needs a good offensive minded coach to get some time of possession and get his defense off the field. Miami fans have to be honest, the play calling sucks but there are severe limitations for this Miami offense that only a better offensive line can correct.

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