Eagles, Chiefs had fifth zero-punt game in NFL history

NFL: OCT 03 Chiefs at Eagles
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The Chiefs and Eagles didn’t punt today, making it just the fifth game in NFL history in which neither team punted.

“It was a good day for the punters. They had a vacation on both teams,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, via the Kansas City Star.

The previous punt-free games included three in the regular season (1992 Bills-49ers, 2014 Bears-Packers and 2014 Saints-Packers) and one in the playoffs (2003 Colts-Chiefs).

Today’s game saw the two offenses combine for 61 first downs and 932 yards from scrimmage. It was an impressive offensive output and an easy day for the punters.

6 responses to “Eagles, Chiefs had fifth zero-punt game in NFL history

  1. Vermeil’s coaching playbook has been resurrected. All offense, no defense. The offense makes them fun to watch, the defense makes you want to change the channel.

  2. why sugar coat this by saying the offenses were impressive and just say the Chiefs defense is that bad that a back up offensive line made them look like a high school defense.

  3. acemagee45 says:
    October 3, 2021 at 8:57 pm

    This happens all the time to us. Everyone scared to give us the ball.

    Yeah thats it. More like the Chiefs defense sucks and if theyre going to advance in the playoffs the offense has to be sharp. Not much margin for error. Thats really whats tripped the Chiefs up so far is the offensive mistakes. The defense has never been good under Andy. Its just that the offense is usually so good it can overcome it.

  4. Good luck getting to the playoffs with that awful defense KC. Philly is the worst team in the NFC east.

  5. KCs defense thinks holding the other team to 3 points is a win…
    not even sure they know what 3 and out means.

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