Justin Fields and the Bears beat the Lions

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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The Bears started Justin Fields for the second consecutive game, but this time he looked like a completely different quarterback.

After a disastrous performance in a loss to the Browns last week, Fields was solid in a 24-14 win over the Lions today.

Fields completed 11 of 17 passes for 209 yards, and after getting sacked nine times last week, he was only sacked once today. The Bears’ offense looked much different, as it needed to after the harsh criticism coach Matt Nagy faced for his game planning and play calling last week.

Bears running back David Montgomery had 23 carries for 106 yards and two touchdowns but exited the game early with a knee injury.

The Lions fall to 0-4 on a day when Jared Goff‘s numbers looked pretty good (300 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions) but the offense was a mess for large stretches, particularly in the red zone. This Detroit team keeps competing and doesn’t quit in the fourth quarter, but the Lions still haven’t found a way to win.

The Bears are now 2-2, giving Chicago fans some hope that they can be contenders this year. And perhaps more importantly, some hope that Fields has what it takes to be the long-term answer at quarterback.

18 responses to “Justin Fields and the Bears beat the Lions

  1. Barely beat the worst team in the league and fields still just played decent. Still holds the ball and still fumbles every time he gets hit. Too bad they cant play the lions every week, but there are more defenses on the schedule closer to clevelands defense than detroits. Bears and lions season is over and its just week 4. What a waste.

  2. Lions continue to self-destruct. If they cut their mistakes in half they probably would have won.

  3. Fields would never have lived it down if he lost to the Lions. This was just the kind of game he needed to get over the beating the Browns gave him last week. Offence still not right, but looks much better.

  4. After watching today’s game all the Bear fans need to temper their comments about the whole Bears org. They could be Detroit fans.

  5. Totally believable. Detroit is a bottom feeders best friend. Justin called and asked where he should send all the thank you gifts.
    This isn’t just about a young team at all… nor just a new coaching staff… nope. This continues to be the same old same ole hapless and helpless Lions, with another new Head Coach who talked a great preseason. The Lions are a disaster Magnet combined with a full-service, 24/7 excuse Factory.

  6. I like the Lions coaching staff. It’s criminal what kind of roster the previous regime left them with. I hope their new GM can find them players like he did in LA Stafford is winning with now.

  7. And just like that, Nagy is back on track to keep his job, just what Ted Phillips wanted LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Goff taking a snap off his chest with 1st and goal summarizes this whole organization from owner to towel boy…

  9. I am a Bears fan & will gladly take the win. Having said that, the Lions could have taken field goals every time they were inside Bears 20 and would have won the game. Thank you Fan Campbell for your amazing gift.

  10. “The Lions are a disaster Magnet combined with a full-service, 24/7 excuse Factory.”

    Can’t disagree on the first point but we sure as hell have no excuses for 1 playoff win in 60 years. Not sure where you got that from.

  11. Browns D is good. Last week Field’s had 1 yard passing and this week Minn scored only 7.

  12. They are without a doubt the bottom 3 teams in the league and its all on the terrible loudmouth coach. How many kneecaps were chewed up today?

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