Lamar Jackson averaging more runs per game and more yards per carry than ever before

NFL: SEP 26 Ravens at Lions
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Throughout Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s NFL career, questions have been raised about when NFL defenses would figure out how to stop his unique ability to make plays with his legs at the running back position. Into Year Four of his career, it hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, far from running less as his career progresses, Jackson is running more than ever.

So far this season, Jackson is averaging 12.0 carries per game and 7.0 yards per carry. Those are both career-high marks.

If Jackson were to continue at his early pace for a full 17-game season, he would finish 2021 with 204 carries for 1,422 yards, easily breaking his own NFL single-season rushing record for a quarterback, which he set in 2019 when he had 176 carries for 1,206 yards.

Today in Denver, Vic Fangio will surely have a plan in place to stop Jackson’s running threat. But so far in his NFL career, it’s been rare for a defensive scheme to go as planned against Jackson.

13 responses to “Lamar Jackson averaging more runs per game and more yards per carry than ever before

  1. losing your top 3 RBs one week before the reg season and 2 starting OLine one week later is the main reason for that – the plan was for him to run less – so much for that

  2. He is averaging more because his RB stable has been decimated by injuries. He has also ran’s like Devonta Freeman and Latavius Murray as RB’s hence the extra work load as he has to carry the team. His receivers are not helping him either dropping TD passes. Still people will ignore his situation he is in and say he is a RB masquerading as a QB. Also praying he gets injured to validate their point. Smh

  3. Embrace him for what he is, not for what he is not. He’s also averaging more yards per completion than any other QB in the NFL. And he had an amazing game in the pocket versus the Lions. Had his receivers held on to 3 – 4 dimes that he threw, he would have had over 400 yards passing. Can’t wait to see him continue to progress once he gets Rashod Bateman on the field.

  4. Just going by the down votes in the comments it shows that the majority of the people just don’t like him. If only he looked like Brad Pitt things would be the opposite RB or not

  5. Football is a bottom line business and Lamar Jackson has 32 wins in his first 40 games. He’s 32-8. I’d like to know what the NFL record is for most wins by a QB in his first 40 games. My guess is anyone close to that is a HOFer. So tell me again why we’re trying to change Lamar. He continues to win and he continues to get better. He’s a great passer, too.

  6. …………while averaging 254 yards a game passing. There is a dedicated core of people that love to bash the guy, but he is truly a unique and special talent. On top of it, he’s a good, humble teammate who works hard to improve his skillset. I’m not sure why anybody wouldn’t want to root for a guy like this, except when he’s playing your team obviously.

  7. Lamar is not a great passer. See playoff games where he’s wet the bed. He’s an ok passer. When the Ravens are in a tight game he is always looking to run rather than throw so that says it all.

  8. Dude will never win a title but you can’t say he’s not fun to watch. I’d trade him now while he has value if I were the Ravens. You could probably get a sucker like the dolphins to give up 3 or 4 firsts or God forbid Howie Roseman to do the same.. think about it. Imagine the Ravens trade Jackson to the eagles for 3 firsts and the Carson 2/1 and then sign Jimmy G or heck, even Aaron Rodgers in the off-season. Considering both the dolphins and eagles look to be bad you could the last 4 years of Rodgers AND what might be two top ten picks in the draft. You probably also get D Adams if you get Rodgers. Seems to me like an easy way to set up a mini dynasty for. Player who wile exciting to watch, probably isn’t ever going to win a title.

    Oh and I am an Eagles fan and I would probably jump off a bridge if they did this.

  9. I’d like to know what the NFL record is for most wins by a QB in his first 40 games

    Russell Wilson has won 36 games in his first 3 seasons; three more than any other QB in NFL history. Including the postseason, Wilson has won 42 games in his first three seasons; 6 more than any other QB in NFL history.

  10. Jackson is pretty amazing to watch. He gets a ton of heat and people question his intelligence (for no particular reason – or more likely it’s actually one particular reason), but that’s on them, not Lamar.

    My only issue with him is that he doesn’t do enough to protect himself. One hit is all it will take to get him a serious injury. He should be running out of bounds and/or sliding more.

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