Patriots pay tribute to Tom Brady in short pregame video

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium
Getty Images

The Patriots will be forever grateful to Tom Brady. They haven’t forgotten the six Super Bowl titles, 219 regular-season victories and 30 postseason victories in 20 seasons.

The team played tribute to the quarterback with a video before the Bucs came onto the field.

The highlights of the one-minute video included the 2001 playoff run, the Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks, the Super Bowl victory over the Falcons, a couple of touchdowns to Rob Gronkowski and a couple of embraces with owner Robert Kraft. Then, Brady got another loud ovation as he came out of the tunnel with his teammates.

Once the game started, though, Brady became the enemy.

He was greeted to some boos on the Bucs’ first possession after a Patriots punt.

The Bucs gained 34 yards on six plays before punting.