Randy Bullock misses FG, Jets get their first win of 2021

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets
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The Jets have their first victory of the 2021 season.

Titans kicker Randy Bullock‘s 49-yard field goal try with seconds to play in overtime sailed wide left and the Jets celebrated a 27-24 win over the AFC South side. It’s the first win for head coach Robert Saleh and the first NFL victory for rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

Wilson had a big hand on getting the win. He was 14-of-22 for 232 yards in the second half and threw a pair of touchdowns in the fourth quarter. The second was a 53-yarder to Corey Davis and it was one of several big pass plays for the rookie. He also hit Keelan Cole for 54 yards to set up another touchdown and dropped a beautiful 29-yard pass into Cole’s hands to convert a third down in overtime.

The Jets thought Tevin Coleman got into the end zone on a second down run a few plays later, but he was ruled out at the one and a run by Wilson lost yardage. That forced them to settle for a field goal and their defense allowed a pair of fourth down conversions to help the Titans get into field goal range. They took a delay of game before a third down incompletion, which left Bullock with a longer kick and that may have contributed to his miss.

Ryan Tannehill was 30-of-49 for 298 yards, but got sacked seven times as Jets’ defenders like Quinnen Williams, John Franklin-Myers, and Bryce Huff came up with big games. Derrick Henry picked up 157 yards on 33 carries, but only got into the end zone once and the Jets will take that kind of trade when it results in a rare victory.

They’ll travel to London to face the 1-3 Falcons next week and a win would send them into the bye week feeling much better about their state of affairs. The Titans will try to rebound in Jacksonville.

23 responses to “Randy Bullock misses FG, Jets get their first win of 2021

  1. Titans are frauds. Keep thinking Tannehill is elite😂 Without being able to lean on Henry he’s pedestrian at best. Beat by the Jets😂😂😂

  2. The Jets don’t deserve this win but that’s football. Why do teams always play that prevent defense and let the other team go 80 some yards down the field? 3rd and 21 and then they got the 1st down after that.

  3. It was hysterical to see the celebrations, it was like they won the Super Bowl lol

  4. Titans looked pathetic. Henry was the lone exception, but the Titans defense got slaughtered.

  5. But Titans fans said they should rest their starters and wouldn’t even need Derrick Henry?

  6. Here come the haters with everything they can think of, no matter how stupid, to say something negative.

  7. bostonisthebestandyouallsukk says:
    October 3, 2021 at 5:11 pm
    It was hysterical to see the celebrations, it was like they won the Super Bowl lol

    Mac Jones peaked in week 2, Wilson will be the better QB.

  8. That is why Randy Bullock is no longer in Cincinnati. He cost the Bengals so many times with his missed kicks. Under pressure, he is not a good kicker.

  9. CJ Mosley & Bryce Hall were just 2 of the stars who led a great defensive performance today. Clutch, big plays by Jets defense all day. How about Zach Wilson & some of those huge 2nd half throws??

  10. By the end of the day my Pats, the Jets and Dolphins will likely all be tied for last place in the AFCE

  11. the kid looked good, just finally relaxed and played HIS game. These young kids in the secondary and our D-line…and they played to the end and finished. Good win.

  12. touchback6 says:
    October 3, 2021 at 5:47 pm
    Vrabel and Flores got what was coming to them. They lack talent.


    So what does it say that Flores and his lack of talent beat the Patriots?

  13. And after all of that, the Colts are only 1 game back of first. Wentz can beat Miami, something Mac Jones and the Patriots couldn’t even do at home hahahaha

  14. Forgive the comparison, but…
    Someone once described Favre as being chaotic when things are calm, and calm when things are chaotic. That came to mind watching Zach.

  15. Mac Jones will be 2-2 after tonight. The best QB of his draft class by a mile.

  16. Jets gave a gatorade shower to Saleh like they won a SuperBowl…LOL. C’mon man! That’s sad man. If I didn’t believe Jets are losers, this was the proof!

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