Ravens hand Broncos their first loss, 23-7

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The Broncos had a chance to make a statement Sunday after going 3-0 against the Giants, Jaguars and Jets. They didn’t, losing their quarterback for the second half and their first game of the season.

Teddy Bridgewater was diagnosed with a concussion at halftime after taking a hard hit from Odafe Oweh on an incompletion with 53 seconds left in the half. The league will look at Oweh’s hit to see if it was illegal despite no flag being thrown.

The Broncos managed only 125 yards in the second half, with 70 coming on a meaningless final drive, in a decisive 23-7 loss to the Ravens. Both teams now are 3-1.

The Ravens gained 406 yards as Lamar Jackson had his third career 300-yard passing day and his first since he threw for 365 yards in a playoff loss to the Titans on Jan. 11, 2020. Jackson was 22-of-37 for 316 yards and a touchdown against the Broncos.

The Ravens had only 97 rushing yards when Anthony Averett intercepted Drew Lock, giving the ball back to the Baltimore offense for one final play. Instead of taking a knee, the Ravens had Jackson run around left end for a 5-yard gain.

That kept Baltimore’s streak of consecutive games with 100 yards rushing alive, tying the NFL record of the 1974-77 Steelers with the 43rd in a row.

Bridgewater finished his day going 7-of-16 for 65 yards and a touchdown, while Lock was 12-of-21 for 113 yards and the late interception.

The Broncos punted 10 times, including on seven possessions in a row after their only touchdown. Their final possession ended with the interception.

The Broncos also lost receiver Diontae Spencer with a chest injury the play before Bridgewater’s injury, and rookie cornerback Patrick Surtain didn’t return after a second half chest injury.

17 responses to “Ravens hand Broncos their first loss, 23-7

  1. The only reason that Denver had the “number 1” defense, is because they played the worst teams in the league 😂
    Where are you haters now??

  2. The Broncos like the Bills have been beating bad teams. When they faced a good team they lost.

  3. The Broncos are who we thought they were. A below-average team that got some lucky matchups early in the season. Now that they’ve started playing real NFL teams, they’ll fade quickly and finish a distant last in the division.

  4. Nice win and the Ravens need to make some decisions. Bell looked old and slow, we need Williams in there. Queen is the worst ILB in the league, just a lazy tackler. And the Ravens clock management near the end of the game was bad. Why snap the ball with time left on the clock when you’re up. And three consecutive out-of-bounds plays with under 5 minutes. Not sound football coaching.

  5. @bomatdaman – don’t know why that was downvoted so much, I agree with everything you said. Ravens fans have the blinders on with Queen, he is awful. And sure it didn’t matter but definitely poor end of game management. Thankfully that’s an exception to the rule from Harbaugh.

    Team is being carried by Lamar, great special teams, and great coaching. Getting to play the lions and drew lock the past two weeks hasn’t hurt. Fun to still have a season at all after all the injuries though. Let’s keep it rolling.

  6. Pats4lifedynasty……. the Bills annihilated a team you lost to, so thanks for mocking your own team.

  7. Agree on Queen. He is miserable against the run. Totally outmatched. He’s a safety, not a linebacker.

  8. As a Raiders fan, thanks once again Baltimore. Now, we just need to take care of business tomorrow night.

  9. The fact that the Ravens are not even playing great football yet and still have some true soldiers yet to return and they are still 3-1 says a lot they are missing Stanley and Boyle the most.

  10. Am I the only one who sees a QB roughing as biased against or for certain QBs? They didn’t even bother to throw a flag when Bridgewater was assaulted. It’s a damn shame!

  11. 2 players out with concussions and not 1 flag! Consistency is the key to officiating, very little in the NFL.

  12. Ravens absolutely shellacked the Broncos 2nd half. That was a beatdown and a back breaking performance from the best team in the north. Action Jackson showed up for another 300+ yards passing and the detractors are all silent today munching on crow. His passing is light years ahead of last year and he’s continuing to show that the arm chair QBs of this site that they have no idea what they’re talking about. With no travel till November 11th and the next four games at home look for the Ravens to be in prime position to take on another playoff birth. Cheers!

  13. The Ravens took control in the second quarter when Hollywood Brown zoomed into the endzone then dived to make a 49 yard TD pass. Then Bronco QB Teddy Bridgewater gets knocked out just before halftime down 17-7. Lock looked uneasy in the second half. Big-time win at Mile High for Baltimore. Ravens are now 2-1 vs. AFC West.

  14. I love the Ravens fans pounding their chests because Lamar threw for over 300 yards for the incredible 2nd time in 4 years. Amazing! I will give him props for doing it, though. Congrats to Lamar. That being said, when you have WRs who are constantly wide open for 30-40 yard throws due to broken coverages, it’s not really that impressive a feat. I’ve watched every game Lamar has played in the NFL and I have yet to watch him complete throws into tight coverage. He just isn’t accurate enough. And this is why he can’t win in the playoffs. As I’ve always said, you can have all your Lamar incredible regular season stats that look good when he beats up bad defenses… I’d prefer wins in the playoffs and Super Bowls.

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