Seahawks get back on track in 28-21 win over 49ers

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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The Seahawks came into Sunday facing the possibility of their first three-game losing streak since quarterback Russell Wilson joined the team, but they won’t have to check that box just yet.

Wilson ran for one touchdown and threw two others to help the Seahawks to a 28-21 road win over the 49ers. The win pushes the Seahawks to 2-2 and keeps them from falling three games back of the undefeated Cardinals in the NFC West.

Wilson and the Seahawks got off to an ugly offensive start as they gave up three sacks and failed to move the ball at all the first five times they had the ball. Those possessions resulted in a loss of seven yards, but Wilson put together a touchdown drive to tie the game before halftime and the Seahawks sandwiched a pair of touchdowns around kickoff returner Trenton Cannon‘s lost fumble in the third quarter.

The early struggles left the Seahawks with 234 total yards for the game, but that was all they needed to get the job done.

Trey Lance, who took over at quarterback for the Niners at halftime, threw a 76-yard touchdown to Deebo Samuel to cut the lead to eight points, but the Seahawks got an Alex Collins touchdown to cap a drive spanning the third and fourth quarters to push the game back out of reach. Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick picked up a key pass interference penalty on that drive to join the fumble and other little miscues like a Jimmy Garoppolo interception as reasons why they lost for the second straight week.

Garoppolo was 14-of-23 for 165 yards and a touchdown to go with an interception in the first half, but was pulled with a calf injury at the start of the third quarter. Lance was 9-of-18 for 157 yards and showed off his running ability with 41 yards on seven carries. He also threw another touchdown to Samuel with 1:20 to play and ran for a two-point conversion, but an unsuccessful onside kick brought an end to their chances of pulling off a comeback.

The 49ers will head to Arizona to face those undefeated Cardinals next weekend while the Seahawks have a quick turnaround for a Thursday home game against the Rams that will continue to set the earlier pecking order in the division.

13 responses to “Seahawks get back on track in 28-21 win over 49ers

  1. Seattle beating San Francisco is now a statistical probability. Their comeback wasn’t unexpected.

    What’s disgraceful is the utter waste of the defensive effort by the Niners in the 1st half. Shanahan despite his reputation as an offensive guru hasn’t forged an offensive identity – after our run game was rendered impotent.

    Other susscesful franchises force feed their playmakers, NOT US. Each week Shanahan comes up with the best way to outsmart himself. Add to that entering Lance when he’s not nearly ready and you might as well chalk this season up to another “brick” in Jed’s wall.

    Rant over, congrats Seattle on your win.

    Go Niners.

  2. Welcome come 2012s! You were awfully quiet the last couple weeks.

    Congrats on getting back to .500! The other 31 teams are afraid, very afraid of you again.

  3. Kyle , Jimmy G , Robbie Gold and the Defensive Coordinator need to go. The NFL is a game of results! We only had (1) positive result in (5) years! Come on people, enough is enough. We had no draft picks, no cap room, and we continue to lose. Kyle is not the coach we need to win a super bowl. Jimmy Glass is. Not the QB we need. Hell, I’m not sure if Trey should be the guy either. Dude shakes more than the Philly L-Train!

  4. BraceForImpact got it right. Shanahan had a really odd game plan. Two weeks straight the Seahawks couldn’t stop the run. At. All. 49ers come in as this “run first then play-action for chunks” kind of team and for whatever reason sort of put away their play-action game. I’m a Seattle fan and I was blown away by the Niners play calling. It just didn’t seem to have any rhythm to it. Seemed like there was no strategy to the play calling at all. Even in the 4th qtr, it just seemed out of sync.

  5. Did you all see in the 2019 Packers-Seahawks playoff game when GB picked up the game ending 1st down and Pete Carroll threw a tantrum like a 2 year old whose mom wouldn’t buy him a treat? That was funny.

  6. hobbescalvin says:
    October 3, 2021 at 9:13 pm
    Did you all see in the 2019 Packers-Seahawks playoff game when GB picked up the game ending 1st down and Pete Carroll threw a tantrum like a 2 year old whose mom wouldn’t buy him a treat? That was funny.

    You’re back in comedy again I see. Did you happen to have been in a bar with Russell Wilson and flexed on him in college? Clown.

  7. Hey Hobbes you know what was hilarious. When Seattle had no business winning an nfc championship against the packers after Wilson threw four picks. But come back they did and Rodgers and the packers chocked yet again. THAT was hilarious.

  8. The Seahawks are on track…. to win 7 or 8 games.

    They are not playing very well on either side of the ball.

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