Titans have a 9-7 lead over Jets at halftime

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets
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The Jets have been on the wrong side of blowouts the last two weeks, but they are proving to be a tougher opponent for the Titans.

Michael Carter‘s first NFL touchdown cut the Titans’ lead to 9-7 in the second quarter and the Jets ensured it would remain that way with their fourth sack of the day. Bryce Hall and Bryce Huff combined to drop Ryan Tannehill on a third down in the final minute and the Titans let the clock run out on the half at that point.

The pressure on Tannehill on third downs contributed to the Titans settling for a couple of field goals earlier in the half and a bad snap on another third down led to Randy Bullock‘s other kick of the day. Those missed opportunities kept the Jets in the game despite early offensive ineptitude and Carter’s score capped their most impressive offensive drive since the fourth quarter of their season-opening loss to the Panthers.

Zach Wilson is 7-of-12 for 65 yards and an interception that came when wide receiver Corey Davis stumbled out of his break. Tannehill is 11-of-15 for 116 yards when he’s been able to remain upright, but just four of the completions have come to wideouts with A.J. Brown and Julio Jones out this week. Derrick Henry has 12 carries for 50 yards and the wideout situation could lead to the team featuring him a bit more as they try to grind the Jets down after the break.