With Richard Sherman starting, will the Patriots go right at him?

NFL: SEP 29 Buccaneers Work Out
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In the first game of the 2014 regular season, with then Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman locking down the left side of the Seattle defense, the Packers simply conceded that half of the field, rarely if ever throwing the ball that way.

Tonight, the Patriots could be throwing at Sherman early and often and repeatedly.

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin expressed the point bluntly on NFL Network earlier in the hour, given the news that Sherman will start for the Buccaneers tonight.

“We are not expressing how difficult and how crazy it is to say, ‘Oh yeah, we just signed Richard Sherman off the street. Oh yeah, he’s starting,'” Irvin said. “We’re letting it slide. If I’m playing Richard Sherman, I’ll be like, ‘Let’s go right at this dude.'”

On Saturday, former NFL cornerback DeAngelo Hall said something very similar, specifically as to whether Sherman will be handed his usual starting spot at left cornerback.

“He’s not playing at a high enough level to really even make a difference,” Hall said on NFL Network. “If I’m the Patriots, I’m finding Richard Sherman on the football field, and that’s the guy I’m trying to attack. He just doesn’t change direction that well, the older you get. He never was a speed guy. He’s a zone, cover three, play things deep-type of corner. I mean, I love the fight and the competitiveness that he’s going to potentially bring. But, yeah, I’m not rearranging my defense and asking other guys to move a spot for a guy who’s probably my fifth best corner on my roster. I’m just not doing that if I’m [defensive coordinator] Todd Bowles.”

Sherman said after signing with the Buccaneers that he’d need a week to get ready. In the interim, the Buccaneers decided that they needed him, especially with Sean Murphy-Bunting out and Jamel Dean out and Carlton Davis downgraded on Saturday to questionable and Pierre Desir elevated from the practice squad.

16 responses to “With Richard Sherman starting, will the Patriots go right at him?

  1. They can try and go at him repeatedly but let’s not forget the patriots arent starting some veteran quarterback on the other side. The odds Jones at this point could effectively go after and challenge Sherman and that would be a successful game plan is slim.

  2. With an experienced QB, yes. With a rookie, even washed up hobbled Sherman is gonna eat his lunch.

  3. Absolutely. He is only a zone player and he just got there. Communication and understanding of their zone will be off. If they play man, he can’t do it.

    I’d run right all night behind Trent Brown. He’s not going to want to tackle either.

  4. Hell yeah! TB’s allstar roster strategy is already showing cracks. Gronk, old and slow a few years ago with NE decided to devoted/committ himself to football again, even though he was pretty much tuned out his last few years in NE. I guess the $ is greener in FLA? Now he’sout for wweeks and broke ribs are no joke for a TE. Won’t be back as the same guy this year – bank on it.
    Shermy, the Adderall King is a shell of his former self, if that. Being burned regularly by average WR’s last we saw him on the field. His Island days are long gone….Hel, even Nkeal Harry could have his way with Sherman. TB’s NBA strategy to building their roster has a short shelf life due to old guys, injuries and salary cap.
    3 sacks and 2 pics for Brady today. He’ll be sore next week.

  5. That Bucs pass coverage already looked like a hot mess. Even opening night Dak walked up and down the field on them. I’m guessing the coaching staff decided that it really can’t get much worse. Let’s not forget that Sherman wasn’t in camp this year. I highly doubt that he’s in game shape after a week of practice. Rookie QB or not, receivers will get open against Sherman.

  6. Sherman is the most likely player to suffer a soft tissue injury as he does NOT have game intensity training. Watch him walk off the field and see an even worse defensive player come in.

    Rather than go after him with only the pass, I’d challenge him with the run. Sherman is a good tackler, but his enthusiasm for run defense was never great. I predict jet sweeps are headed his way.

  7. NHPats and other trolls to be wondering why they thought this would be a cakewalk come 11 o’clock.

    That’s an old roster. Lots of age showing up now. Sherman to come up lame by the 2nd

    Pats will max protect and just pick that secondary apart, controlling the clock like all their opponents have done.

  8. It ain’t 2014.
    But then, the rest of the Tampa DBs aren’t much better, so…

  9. Lol, with who, pop warner qb Jones? The kid is weak physically and mentally and just got passed by Wilson today by a mile

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