Before Sunday’s game, Vic Fangio warned NFL office about illegal hits by Ravens

Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens during week 4
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The Broncos and Ravens don’t like each other very much after Sunday. Vic Fangio and John Harbaugh have gone back and forth over the Ravens’ decision to run with three seconds left to keep their 100-yard rushing streak alive, a streak many weren’t aware of before Sunday.

Now, both coaches are upset about illegal hits that weren’t called on their quarterback.

The Broncos could play this week without starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who was diagnosed with a concussion at halftime.

Bridgewater took several big hits, including one that knocked off his helmet in the first quarter, before Odafe Oweh caught him under the chin on an incompletion with 53 seconds left in the half. The Broncos thought that was an illegal hit as well as the hit on receiver Diontae Spencer the previous play. Spencer left the game with a chest injury.

“They should have been called, obviously, but they weren’t,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio said Monday, via quotes distributed by the team. “I sent a video in to the officiating office during the week showing similar hits that they’ve had and gotten away with, and it continued. You can see sending videos to the officiating office can be fruitless at times.”

The Ravens didn’t receive a penalty on either play, but the NFL could issue fines this week. That’s little consolation to the Broncos, who didn’t have either player for the second half against the Ravens and might not have them Sunday against the Steelers.

21 responses to “Before Sunday’s game, Vic Fangio warned NFL office about illegal hits by Ravens

  1. The Baltimore team is the one the NFL wants to win the Snoopy Bowl. The problem with this hyped team is that it does not have a pro caliber QB behind the center when it comes to playoff time. He repeatedly has shown he is incapable of handling the moment. To date, he has won the same amount of playoff games as Kirk Cousins.

  2. The Ravens have always been a dirty team. Nobody cares because they won’t win a ring with Jackson.

  3. @lesepi Kirk Cousins has been in the league for roughly 3 times as long as Lamar. That’s a random, useless comparison. Lamar has as many playoff wins as Peyton Manning did at this point in his career. Maybe we wait and see how the young man develops before declaring that he’ll never win a championship. After all, he certainly looked like a pro caliber yesterday against the sad Broncos! And btw, maybe if Vic spent more time coaching and developing his players, and less time preemptively whining to the league and making excuses, his team would be able to beat an actual pro caliber team.

  4. Ravens fans trying to compare Lamar and Peyton is kind of like comparing a Yugo to a Mercedes Benz. Yes, both drive, but one of the cars performs when it matters and the other one proves to be a lemon over time. Lamar is an outstanding regular season running back who pads his “throwing” stats against weak defenses, but when the playoffs come and defenses stiffen up, he melts. How many years do we have to watch the same thing happen over and over again? Why does anyone think it will change?

  5. Jackson is a great preseason & regular season QB. Prob is, he is not a leader & it continually shows in the playoffs. I hope they pay him $100+ million & then he comically tries to run away from defenders in the playoffs -over & over .

  6. This is so laughable – guy is saltier than the pacific! Meanwhile the ravens are classless? How? Someone explain to me what football organization has class – what does that even mean in the NFL? What a joke – you got punched in the mouth Denver – just like I said was going to happen. Own it, and move on. Cheers!

  7. Hahaha Broncos got a big head after they beat arguably the 3 worst teams in the league then got punched in the mouth by a legit playoff team. Vic was ready to start ordering Superbowl t-shirts after week 3 then they ran out of cupcakes to play.

  8. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    October 4, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    Denver Broncos got punched in the mouth and they folded


    Broncos may have got punched in the mouth and folded, but the Patriots got punched and folded three times.

  9. This wasn’t about player safety. Fangio called timeout 3x to try to score meaningless TDs to save face.

    AND Fangio hates the Ravens for other reasons too-

    The Ravens beat his 49ers team in SB XLVII.
    Then the Ravens let him go as Linebackers coach a few years later.

    Now, it makes a little more sense to why Vic is so mad over a little run.

  10. Living in Colorado I grew up a Broncos fan. Moved to the East Coast and couldn’t watch games anymore. Tried becoming a Washington (aka Redskins) fan and it didn’t stick. Then went to a Ravens game and it stuck. Still held onto a little of my Broncos fandom…until Fangio killed it this week. Here I am now rooting for our division rival, the Steelers, to crush whatever is left of the Broncos.

  11. He’s already better than Randall Cunningham in his fourth season lol. Every team loses in the playoffs every year except for one, and he always gets them there. You’re obviously biased, Lamar either beat your team and you’re just a hater, or you don’t watch football. Either way, Lamar will keep on winning and you’ll keep writing stupid comments about him

  12. A lot of crying coming out of Denver. I thought Vic was supposed to be an “old school” coach but his team was exposed as soft. Fangio will be looking for a D-Coordinator job by the end of the year.

  13. A lot of crying coming out of Denver. I thought Vic was supposed to be an “old school” coach but his team was exposed as soft. Fangio will be looking for a D-Coordinator job by the end of the year.


    A DC at a college. If he sticks in the NFL it will only be as a posititon coach.

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