Cole Beasley complains that Bills fans are yelling at him to get vaccinated

Washington Football Team v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills, after a shocking Week One upset loss at home to the Steelers (made more shocking by the fact that the Bills are 3-0 since then and the Steelers are 0-3), have become one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. They’ll possibly be the No. 1 team in this week’s PFT power rankings, which is nearly as meaningful as a 43-game streak of 100 or more rushing yards.

So at a time when everything is going so well, what can go wrong? Enter Cole Beasley.

The anti-vaxx wideout has returned to Twitter to complain that fans are giving him a hard time about not being vaccinated.

Only place I get boo’d is at our home stadium,” Beasley said. “Then some of the same people want me to take pictures and sign autographs. I thought Bills fans were the best in the world? Where’d they go? If the vaccine works then why do vaxxed people need to be protected from unvaxxed?”

He added that some fans “right behind the bench [are] yelling at me to get vaccinated and talking shit.”

Beasley said more. You can check out his Twitter page if you want to see it, or to interact with it. Frankly, if he doesn’t like the criticism he’s getting, he shouldn’t have taken such a public position against the vaccine. There’s a chance no one would even known he’s not vaccinated if he hadn’t decided to tweet criticism of the NFLPA.

People like to harp on their First Amendment rights without considering that others have First Amendment rights, too. You can say whatever you want (within limits, like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater). And others can react to what you say, by expressing their belief that you’re dumb or whatever. If you don’t want to be criticized for what you say, don’t say it.

I’ll say this. It’s dumb for Beasley to kick up the dust of his anti-vaxx rhetoric at a time when things are going so well for the Bills. No NFL team wants a distraction. It’s not wise for Beasley to create one at a time when the vaccine talk has died down, especially with a big Sunday night game looming against the Chiefs.

23 responses to “Cole Beasley complains that Bills fans are yelling at him to get vaccinated

  1. Maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut, and his hands off his Twitter account? Just saying…

  2. He’s already said he’d get the vaccine if Pfizer paid him

    And this sellout wonders why he gets clowned.

  3. Cole! You’re killing me here man.
    1) 99% of fans were not booing you. They were cheering “BBeeeaaassseee!!” Any excuse for the crowd to use that sound they’ll take it.
    2) I can guarantee you that most Bills fans do not care about your vaccination status or position (unless and until you have to sit out, or cause others to sit out, a game).
    3) When you’re that outspoken over such a hot button political issue, what do you expect?!? Of course some people will be outspoken in response.
    4) Are those questions regarding the vaccine even serious?? Who said it was 100% effective? Do you not even acknowledge the legitimate public health issues here? If you’re going to be anti-vax, fine, whatever, but at least be educated about it and have discussions in good faith. You’re giving all anti-vaxxers a bad name.
    5) Get vaccinated, for nothing other than the good of the team. Go Bills!

  4. All I know is if you want the public to not do something telling them not to on Twitter is maybe the worst idea possible.

  5. So tired of people saying get vaccinated. My goodness stop get vaxxed yourself and stop worrying about everybody else. Enough already, stop it. I’m vaxxed so why do I need to worry? Or is there something we are not being told?

  6. Freedom is a sword that cuts both ways. It doesn’t sound like Cole has learned this yet.

  7. I agree that the vaccine should remain a personal choice, but you have to be ready to take a lot of criticism when the personal choice you make is a very foolish one.

  8. Fun fact: Beasley has the same number of touchdowns as he has vaccinations this year…zero.

  9. LOL Thank you Bills fans. You are the best fans ever!! Suck it up Cole and get the jab.

  10. “Talk about them on Twitter! That’ll get them to stop!,” said No One Ever.

    If he didn’t like being booed and talked to before, he REALLY wot enjoy the next home game.

  11. Cole is having trouble handling the consequences of his own actions. Don’t be like Cole.

  12. “If the vaccine works then why do vaxxed people need to be protected from unvaxxed?”

    I’m so sick and tired of this straw man argument from the anti-vaxxers. The vaccine DOES work doing exactly what it’s supposed to do in reducing your chances of severe illness, hospitalization, and death. It does not guarantee against contracting Covid, and nobody (except perhaps social media professors like Cole) has ever claimed that’s what it does.

  13. I’m a Bills fan and could care less about this topic except for how it could negatively effect the team. I never thought this was a possibility but given our depth and skill set at WR and the fact that we would like to get Davis and McKenzie more touches – the Beas is a legitimate trade or cut candidate. We can use another DB, especially in this pass happy league. Wouldn’t be shocked if it happened.

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