Derrick Henry on pace to break NFL records for rushing yards, yards from scrimmage

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets
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Titans running back Derrick Henry is running more than ever, catching more passes than ever, and on pace to break NFL records for rushing yards and yards from scrimamge.

So far this season Henry has 113 carries for 510 yards and 14 catches for 125 yards, which gives him 127 touches and 635 yards from scrimmage this season.

With some help from the new 17-game season, that puts Henry on record pace in four statistical categories:

If Henry were to keep this pace for 17 games, he would finish with 480 carries this season, which would smash the NFL record of 416, set by Larry Johnson in 2006.

At his current pace, Henry would also rush for 2,168 yards, which would break the NFL record of 2,105 rushing yards, set by Eric Dickerson in 1984.

Henry would also finish the season with 540 touches, which would break the record of 492 touches set by James Wilder in 1984.

And Henry is on pace to finish the season with 2,699 yards from scrimmage, which would break the record of 2,509 yards from scrimmage, set by Chris Johnson in 2009.

Plenty of players who start a season strong fail to maintain their pace over the long haul. So no one should assume Henry is going to rewrite the record book. But the incredible start to the season he’s had, combined with the addition of a 17th game, gives Henry a great chance.

8 responses to “Derrick Henry on pace to break NFL records for rushing yards, yards from scrimmage

  1. 2021 Playoffs:
    Ravens defeat Titans 20-13.

    Derrick Henry
    Rushing: 18 carries for 40 yards 2.2 YPC
    Receiving: 3 catches for 11 yards 3.7 YPC

    Go ahead and run him into the ground again and be the regular season phenom that is totally exhausted with nothing left in the tank come the post season.

    Titans fans can’t admit it but he was tired, slow and had no power left by the end.

    Then again, judging by the first four games the Titans won’t have to worry about Derrick Henry being rested for January….

  2. Derrick Henry is one of the most unique talents I’ve seen watching football, and I love seeing him play.

    But the fact that Eric Dickerson’s record still stands after almost four decades, and it might take an extra game added to the schedule in addition to a bunch of rules changes to help offenses put up bigger numbers to even put a special player like Henry in position threaten it really says something about how special that dude’s season was.

  3. Henry is a great back, but the Titans would be smart to not overuse him. As we all know, RB’s careers can come to sudden ends when their workload is too high.

  4. All this talk about resting him, but without him they’d lose that Seattle game. This man wears a team down and by the 4th quarter no one wants to tackle him. If they were up big, they’d rest him. But they are often playing from behind and need him to win.

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