Joe Haden: I wasn’t offside on blocked field goal

NFL: OCT 03 Steelers at Packers
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One of the key plays in Sunday’s Packers win over the Steelers came just before halftime on a field goal attempt by Packers kicker Mason Crosby.

Minkah Fitzpatrick blocked the 31-yard attempt, recovered the ball and returned it for a touchdown that put the Steelers up 16-14, but the play did not stand. Officials flagged cornerback Joe Haden for jumping offside on the play and Crosby made the rekick for a 17-10 Packers lead at the break.

Replays were not conclusive that the call was correct and Haden went on Twitter after the game to say that “I wasn’t offsides” on the play. Former NFL referee and current CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore agreed with Haden during the game.

There was a similar argument by the Giants after Dexter Lawrence was called for jumping offside on a field goal attempt at the end of a Week Two loss to Washington, but both calls stood and both teams were left to lament a loss that might have turned out differently if there were a way to review calls by officials the same way some plays can be reviewed during games.

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  1. Ben was offsides…he shouldnt have been allowed to cross the sideline on to the field..and Im a Steeler fan

  2. The more money the NFL brings in from betting; the worse the officiating will get.

  3. The Packers again benefit mightily from another “mistake” by the officials. Quelle surprise!

  4. It is impossible for the back(or side) judge to watch the ball, the lineman and the clock simultaneously. IDT Haden or Dexter Lawrence was offsides but concede that it was hard to tell, even in slo-mo. And the center kind of picked up the ball and moved it forward to get some added momentum before the ball was snapped; in that case, can D lineman move at that point? Wait till the ball is moving backward?

  5. And the Packers lost the NFC Championship due to mistakes from officials. It happens and it’s unfortunate, but anyone trying to say it’s a Packers only thing just isn’t paying attention.

  6. Give me a break fanboys, the NFL did everything they could to keep the Steelers in that game. How do you pick up that tripping flag?

  7. How bad is this team? Terrible coaching, bad o-line, bad qb play, and even though everyone is saying how good this defense is they have yet to stop anyone. Years of bad draft picks, poor coaching, and indiscipline play are finally catching up.

  8. There simply wasn’t a good enough video angle to discern whether an offsides occurred or not.
    It appeared the rush was almost simultaneous with the snap, but I’ll defer to the side judge who’s looking right down the line at it.

    And just to be clear, T.J. Watt unequivocally tripped Aaron Rodgers inside the Steelers 10 yard line.
    It should have given GB a 1st and goal at the Steelers 4.
    They instead had to settle for a field goal.
    Weird how looking at the big picture changes the narrative.

    I mention this as a matter of fact, not to moan and whine, as so many do, about the state of today’s officiating.
    Almost any given game, on any given week, a fan base can cherry pick a play or plays to give themselves solace that their team really isn’t that bad.
    It’s always the league fixing games for viewership, illicit gambling or just plain hatred towards an individual organization. (My personal favorite.)
    It becomes quite laughable listening to the paranoid delusions from the conspiracy crowd.

    No, a much more obvious explanation, which happens to be more true, is the fact officiating football games is very difficult job due to the speed of the game, complexity of the rules and the sometimes differing subjective opinions of certain calls.
    In a long, now 17 game season, these calls have a tendency to even things out.
    It’s as idiotic as arguing individual balls and strikes in a baseball game.
    Everything comes out in the wash.
    If you honestly don’t understand this by now, perhaps you’re wearing your tinfoil hat a tad too tight. 😉

  9. He’s right.

    And the Packers better get this cleaned up, they’ve had a near miss every week so far.

  10. “Bad calls, missed calls, for either team……they balance out within the game, or within the next few games, but certainly over the season.”
    -Aaron Rodgers

  11. steelcurtainn says:
    October 4, 2021 at 12:18 pm
    The Steelers were robbed plain and simple. The ball moved the same time Joe did.

    The ball can move while the center finds his mojo. Defenders cannot advance until the ball is snapped. There’s a difference. Look it up.

  12. Both players broke the plane before the ball was released. The center can move the ball all he wants until he gets set. They took off early.

  13. The ball can move while the center finds his mojo. Defenders cannot advance until the ball is snapped. There’s a difference. Look it up.
    Good Point, but the ball was clearly being hiked as Haden and Fitzpatrick jumped. This should have been a block FG for a td. It’s close I will say, too close to take points away with not enough evidence to overturn.

  14. Steeler fans are setting another record this week. Most games ever where they blamed the refs for their sad, underperforming team.

  15. Ive grown accustomed to seeing more flags accompany big plays on Sunday than in the past. Unless a penalty is really egregious the refs should keep the flags in their pocket. Fans don’t spend their hard earned money to watch refs to ruin their entertainment.

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