Matt Nagy: Next two days will tell us a lot on Andy Dalton

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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The Bears took their quarterback decision into the weekend before announcing that Justin Fields would start against the Lions, but word about their plans for Week Five might come a little quicker.

Head coach Matt Nagy said at a Monday press conference that the next 48 hours will provide the team with information about whether Andy Dalton‘s knee is well enough for him to return to the lineup. Fields turned in a better performance in Sunday’s win, but Nagy reiterated that Dalton is the starter if he is healthy.

“The next two days are going to tell us a lot,” Nagy said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “We’ll update you on Wednesday.”

The Bears will be on the road to face the Raiders in Week Five.

25 responses to “Matt Nagy: Next two days will tell us a lot on Andy Dalton

  1. Nagy seems to be the “problem” link in the chain at Bear’s HQ! His indecisiveness and his horrendous play calling show a complete lack of leadership. Both he and Pace need to be “seeking challenges elsewhere!”

  2. Keeping Fields as a starter is the best way for him to learn and improve. His week 4 performance is a proof of that. Honestly, I don’t understand Nagy’s stubbornness.

  3. Bears would likely have lost to Detroit yesterday had they started Dalton or Foles, Justin Fields is the legit QB on that roster but he desperately needs better playcalling and scheming from that coach if he wants to beat teams that are top-30 in the power rankings

  4. Dalton is irrelevant. Fields being coached and developed is what’s important. Nagy is still intent on running his system with Dalton to prove that it works. The sooner they get Fields away from Nagy, the better. And when Nagy is gone, I don’t think he’ll get another head coaching job let alone a coordinator position.

    Good news though. The Bears still have Nick Foles in 2022 for about 8 million. Great job, Ryan Pace.

  5. Nagy’s decisions this season reflect a guy who is playing with house money, i.e. has been told his job is safe no matter what happens this year. He’s also coming off as more arrogant and dismissive in pressers this year. He’s not the same guy the Bears hired. It doesn’t appear he has changed for the better and I’m not sure how much longer he can keep the team when his decisions seem to be guided more and more by his own ego and less about what will help his players succeed and win.

  6. I’ve been a proponent of letting young QBs sit and learn. I still am.

    At this point, Fields has had a crushing outing, followed by a decent-to-pretty-good outing. I’m afraid another crusher could really mess his head up.

    I guess the question is, how good is the Raiders’ defense? Can the Bears maybe try and get Fields in a rhythm with some shorter, high percentage passes or will that just get him killed again? I’m asking because I legit don’t know.

  7. Is there a Chicago city ordnance that requires Nagy at the post game pressers to just babble on for 30 minutes or more.

  8. Just roll with Fields. I dont think hes necessarily better that Dalton at this point but Dalton is a mediocre stop gap at best. Fields should improve with experience so thats how they should look at it.

  9. Why is Nagy back to this again? They won with Fields…keep him as starter now and see how he does. There are situations when the team brass should listen to the fans. This is one of them. It’s that or let Nagy run it into the ground…again.

  10. It’s almost as though he is trying to get fired by deliberately NOT putting his team in the best position to win. I don’t get it.

  11. Nagy and Pace’s plan was to be extended their jobs for another year to train Justin Fields. So they did not want him to succeed right now and threw him to the wolves in Cleveland. This way Matt Nagy could say he told us Fields was not ready (and extend Nagy/Pace another year). That is why Nagy is talking up Andy Dalton. Good for the fandom to insist on a different offensive coordinator and unfortunate for Nagy to be so narcissistic not to be gracious about someone to else to call the plays.

  12. Seems like Nagy is holding out hope for Dalton to get even the smallest success out of his “system” so he might somehow stay relevant as an OC after the Bears can him….

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