Ravens not happy that Lamar Jackson doesn’t draw roughing the passer fouls


The Broncos and the Ravens quickly have become a must-see rivalry, thanks to the various beefs arising from Sunday’s game.

Among the points of contention, the Ravens believe that the officials should have thrown a flag after Broncos defensive tackle Mike Purcell hit quarterback Lamar Jackson in the lower back. More generally, coach John Harbaugh believes Jackson gets less protection than he should, because he’s a running quarterback.

All the quarterbacks should be treated the same,” Harbaugh said Monday, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com. “I don’t think any quarterback should be judged any differently in terms of how they’re protected. That’s for sure.”

He’s right. Quarterbacks in the pocket have maximum protection. They lose some of the protections when they exit the pocket. They lose all of the protections when they take off and run.

Still, Jackson is getting less protection in the pocket. As Hensley notes, Jackson hasn’t drawn a roughing the passer penalty since December 2019. Per Hensley, that’s roughly 600 times he has dropped back to pass without a roughing call.

It’s similar to the failure to throw roughing fouls for hits on Cam Newton, frankly. Everyone develops a sense that players like Newton and Jackson are indestructible. Thus, it takes more for the flags to come out.

It shouldn’t. But it does.

29 responses to “Ravens not happy that Lamar Jackson doesn’t draw roughing the passer fouls

  1. Shocker, Harbaugh is whining and crying again about rules which are being enforced correctly. Lamar is a runner. Period. He loses his protections as a QB as a result. He might want to either a) get a QB who actually throws the ball, or b) focus more on winning actual playoff games and quit his incessant whining. Or both.

  2. It’s true that he doesn’t get calls, just like how McNabb didn’t get called, just like how Cam Newton was destroyed by the Broncos the kickoff game after the Super Bowl with helmet to helmet hits and didn’t get calls. It’s a travesty, just because a quarterback is mobile doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get fair calls. If it’s helmet-to-helmet call it, if they get smashed as a passer then call it.

    Obviously asking for the NFL to do anything correct is preaching to the choir but still.

  3. This just in… the Baltimore Ravens head coach complains about the lack of calls for cheap hits made against his players while leading the league in cheap hits made by his players. This story has been the same since Harbaugh became their coach. No team plays cheaper than the Ravens, nor complains more about it than when it happens to them.

  4. Maybe there should have been a penalty when his dirty team hit Bridgewater helmet to helmet and gave him a concussion. Ravens are dirty, have always been dirty, and will always be dirty cause they get away with it. The NFL has always turned a blind eye with the Raven’s. Goodell is a Ravens fan.

  5. Quit whining Ravens fans. If Mr Regular Season Jackson wants to tuck it under his arm 20X a game because he can’t throw the 30 yd out-pattern, he is gonna get hit.

  6. Um actually if any of you haters saw your QB take the same hits you’d be up in arms. Just a reality you can’t handle that Lamar is the most electrifying QB in the game and now that he’s airing it out and throwing up yards you have nothing but crow to eat. Cheers!

  7. Don’t worry about it, for every missed rouging call, the refs look the other way that give you advantages. Remember that delay of game last week vs. Detroit?

  8. John Harabaugh, the ultimate hypocrite. This guy is complaining about his quarterback taking hits the he shouldn’t be taking. I understand that, heck, I even agree to a point. Then the whiner runs the ball with the game over, for a record. Heck, Ill give him that one too. But, you can’t complain about unnecessary hits, when you in fact are authorizing, and in a sense, giving them yourself…..

  9. First, he is not a QB. He wears the Halloween costume of one but runs incessantly. He exploits his “position” for an unfair advantage. Defenders have no clue whether he is going to run or pass so it makes it cheating for him to get protected when his team exploits his position until the last minute and then has him run. He is not a mobile QB who runs maybe five times in a game. He is a running back who runs 10, 11, 12 times in a game and exceeds any other QB’s running frequency. He is thus a running back. He should get pounded more than he is getting pounded. You live by the sword, then perhaps you should feel it.

  10. After a game that they knocked out the opposing QB and played dirty, they are whining about not getting calls. Typical Baltimore BS

  11. What Harbaugh says is very true, but when you are a running QB, you simply don’t get the luxury of these calls. Ask Cam Newton. Also, wouldn’t you as a head coach try to protect your player?

  12. thatravenguy says:
    October 5, 2021 at 9:14 am
    Um actually if any of you haters saw your QB take the same hits you’d be up in arms. Just a reality you can’t handle that Lamar is the most electrifying QB in the game and now that he’s airing it out and throwing up yards you have nothing but crow to eat. Cheers!

    NO HE’S NOT AND IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE! Murray is and it’s not even close, Murray has wheels and an arm also and Murray doesn’t run unless it’s the last option, Jackson runs it everytime he wants to, he has the exact same playbook as Tebow did, QB right, QB left, QB up the middle.

  13. Honestly coming on here and defending Lamar isn’t fun anymore. “He can’t complete a 30 yard out pattern” is just boring two days after he completed a TD pass 61 yards in the air.

    Sorry Ravens fans, the trolls have won this round with me. Keep up the good fight.

  14. Ravens Suck. But Lamar is fun to watch.

    If you can’t appreciate him, you either don’t like the game of football or Lamar just beat your favorite team.

    Lamar cant throw a 30 yard out” LOLZ…Guy was already league MVP, led the league in passing TDS, and just threw for 300 yards…

  15. Lamar can complete long throws to wide open receivers. I agree with that. The 61 yd TD was to… a wide open receiver. Wake me up in the playoffs when he needs to make the right read and throw the ball accurately to the right receiver. And actually wins playoff games.

  16. Did you watch the game? Even the announcers said that Lamar looked really good and threaded the needle in tight windows and on a ton of intermediate throws between the LBS and secondary on Sunday.

  17. I’ve watched every single one of Lamar’s games. And that’s how I come to my opinion of him. I don’t cherry-pick games or plays. Call me old school, but you play the game to win in the playoffs and bring home a Super Bowl. I’ve seen enough from Lamar and his poor throwing mechanics and decision-making and turnovers at crunch time to have a good assessment. Is it critical? Yes. Is it objective? Yes. I don’t dislike the guy. He’s an amazing athlete. But he is not a QB that can win consistently in the playoffs. For what it’s worth, I think Murray may be almost as athletic as Lamar, but he’s a traditional QB at heart who throws the ball. He’s still too inconsistent to hop on that hype train, but he’s quickly emerging. Josh Allen is also incredibly athletic and can run, but he has worked hard on his decision-making and throwing and is now a well-rounded QB who can win in the playoffs. Lamar isn’t.

  18. RandallCunninghamWasARealQB. If you actually watched the Ravens play, you would see Lamar’s marked improvement. He is throwing the ball downfield at an amazing rate. He is also spreading the ball all over the field. Anyone who says he can’t hit outside the numbers or downfield is just full of “you know what”.

  19. To the people with the “he’s a RB” comments…You’re all embarrassing yourselves. Try actually watching a game.

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