Trey Lance likely gets his chance, at least for a little while

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There seemed to be a method to the apparent madness of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan when it comes to his quarterback plan. Setting aside the things said by Shanahan at press conferences (and stuff like that), the truth seemed to be that Shanahan had decided to ride with Jimmy Garoppolo until he gets injured. With the locker room remaining loyal to Garoppolo and lukewarm to rookie Trey Lance, that became Shanahan’s best approach.

Now, Garoppolo is injured. He says he could miss a few weeks. Enter Trey Lance.

And it’s one thing for Lance to be thrust into service on the fly. He’ll get, if Garoppolo’s assessment is accurate, a full week to prepare to face the 4-0 Cardinals. If Lance performs well — and if the 49ers can give the Cardinals their first loss of the season — Lance would carry some momentum into the bye week. Then, with the Colts and Bears on the other end of the week off, Lance could build even more momentum, if Garoppolo is not healthy or “not healthy.”

Ultimately, it comes down to Lance. When Colin Kaepernick got an opening in 2012 following an Alex Smith concussion, Kaepernick ran with it. If Lance does the same, Jimmy could be relegated to the bench. Where he’d become the highest paid backup in the league at a base salary of $24.1 million.

8 responses to “Trey Lance likely gets his chance, at least for a little while

  1. Making assumptions is dangerous. What makes you think they can even beat the Colts or even the Bears let alone the Cardinals.

  2. Trey Lance reminds me of Colin Kaepernick. They are almost identical physically. Like Kaepernick, Lance will be limited as a passer because, like Kaepernick, he can’t read defenses. He will hit some big plays as a passer because he has a big arm and can put the ball anywhere, and he will do gain yardage and score some TDs with his legs. But he will always be limited as a passer, like Kaepernick. If the 49ers can build a good team around him, the 49ers can be successful, like they did/were during the early Kaepernick era, when they came within a few feet of winning a Super Bowl. But as a passer, Lance is not going to that QB who will carry a team.

  3. @humb0lt

    The same was said about Josh Allen. Trey Lance has the potential to be great – if SF does right by him, he will improve. His progress depends on the team putting resources into his development.

  4. I still cannot believe the Niners traded two firsts to get to the three spot, knowing full well the first two picks are quarterbacks. Just wow. And nobody really talking about how awful the contract is they gave Trent Williams. He’s old and has his knees drained weekly and has bum shoulders. They sure gave him a lot of guaranteed money. But what they gave to get to three, pretty ridiculous.

  5. He’s young, he may get it together, but right now Lance looks absolutely awful, and I don’t understand why nobody in the media wants to acknowledge what we’re all seeing. He’s wildly inaccurate, has zero touch, and consistency throws uncatchable wobblers. Yesterday in the pocket he stared down one read, counted to three and then bailed like he’s already seeing ghosts out there. Apparently the polite term to apply to him is “raw,” but he’s “raw” enough that significant playing time might not be the best thing for his development at this stage…

  6. Lance looked terrible and couldn’t complete a pass. Hopefully he improves but he isn’t ready. Wish the Niners signed another vet to play this week.

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