Vic Fangio thought Ravens running on final play was BS

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The Ravens bucked tradition at the end of Sunday’s win over the Broncos when they elected to run the ball rather than take a knee after taking possession of the ball with three seconds left in a game they were winning 23-7.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh elected to go that route because the Ravens had 97 rushing yards and he felt it was “meaningful” to get to 100 rushing yards for the 43rd straight game. That tied a record for the longest streak of all time, but it did not go over well with the Broncos.

A video from the sideline from KUSA showed a disgusted head coach Vic Fangio uttering several words that were bleeped out and he confirmed he wasn’t fond of the decision at a Monday press conference.

“Yeah I thought it was kind of bulls–t but I expected it from them,” Fangio said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “37 years in pro ball and I’ve never seen anything like that. But it was to be expected and we expected it. . . . I just know how they operate. That’s just their mode of operation there. Player safety is secondary.”

Fangio was on the Ravens staff when Harbaugh was hired in 2008 and worked for him for two years. The two teams won’t meet again this season unless it is in the playoffs, but the final seconds of Sunday’s game will likely come up whenever the two men meet again.

69 responses to “Vic Fangio thought Ravens running on final play was BS

  1. Just stand there and let him run all the way to the endzone, you elected to try to stop him

  2. The game was long over before this play, coach. Should they also have kneeled down 3 times and punted in their prior 2 possessions? If you didn’t want them to try for 100 yards rushing then maybe ya should have stopped them in the previous 59:57.

  3. I’m torn on this one. Tying a 43 game streak is pretty awesome, but does anyone really care about a streak of games with 100 rushing yards? I have no idea, nor do I really care, who currently holds the record. Then again, who doesn’t enjoy streaks being broken?

    Conclusion – I care as much about my team (neither Broncos or Ravens) getting 100 rushing yards as I care about what Vic Fangio thinks about my team getting 100 rushing yards.


  4. If this is OK, then so is drilling the guy across the line on a kneeldown. Because you never know when it might actually be a run.

  5. About as BS as trying to score a meaningless touchdown with seconds on the clock. If you can’t blame yourself for letting them intercept the pass and run for 4 yards blame someone else. The definition of bs.

  6. What a baby! This is after calling 3 timeouts to try to get a meaningless touchdown at the end of the game. Sounds like a classic loser.

  7. Never thought I’d come to the defense of a Harbaugh. . .
    These people play a game for their living. Within that game there are records. If Harbaugh wants to get his name in the record books— for whatever piddly reason— Fangio should be able to have his team play one more down. These guys get paid very well to play football.

  8. If The Broncos “expected it” as coach Fangio said… Why did they allow Jackson to rush for 5 yards? Stop him and there is no record. Especially if the defense “Expected It” lol

  9. Says the guy still trying to score down 3 scores under a minute to go. Give me a break hypocrite. Doesn’t say much for your defense if you expected it and they were still able to get the four yards they needed to tie the record.

  10. ’37 years in pro ball’…. and thats the worst you’ve seen?

    Forgive me for doubting that..

  11. If Fangio was that concerned over injuries he would have had Lock kneel to end the game on their last possession rather than try to make the score look closer, cause as has been said at 23-7 the game was well over before Lock threw the INT.

  12. You were literally throwing into the endzone down 16 with 3 seconds left. The Ravens slid after a 5 yard run to end the game. Which play is more likely to get people hurt?

  13. Either play the game, or don’t. If Vic had his feelings hurt and the last plays were just a formality – call a mercy rule, take your ball and go home.

  14. So maybe try stopping them? That was an excellent call from Harbs – the team, the organization and most importantly the fans appreciated it. Soak it up! Cheers! And yes Fangio your teams of unfathomable sadness taste delicious.

  15. I think you need to look in the mirror Vic. The person you see didn’t do a very good job in preparing his team for the game. Your game plan was horrible and your clock management is suspect. I was always taught to play until the final whistle. I guess you were taught otherwise. The Ravens exposed your team as the frauds we all knew you to be.

  16. “But it was to be expected and we expected it.”

    But you STILL could not stop it, coach?

  17. Anybody believe Harbaugh would have called timeouts to stop the clock if Fangio had instructed his team to kneel down and end the game? Look in the mirror, Vic – you gave the Ravens the opportunity when you had your team risk injury chasing a meaningless score when the game was long-since lost.

  18. Lol. Player safety. I guess you can use that as an excuse for not being able to stop them for a full 60 minutes of football.

  19. Wow, just wow. Toughen up there Vic. The game wasn’t over and your team got spanked. Sour grapes much?

  20. Let’s distract from how poorly my team played by focusing on an insignificant running play seconds from the final whistle. Okay

  21. The old school mentality in sports when it comes to respecting the game and your opponent are gone. It is a microcosm of life today.

  22. If player safety was truly his concern why is his offense out there trying to score a touchdown? They could have just as easily taken a knee or run the ball and minimize injury risk.

  23. So, when Fangio realized that his team no longer had a shot to win, was his QB kneeling? I have absolutely no issue with this. If the other team keeps going even though they know the game is out of hand, then why does the winning team have to cater to you? Cry me a river Fangio.

  24. What’s the difference between a -2 yard kneel down and a 5 yard kneel down?

    If Fangio really wanted the game to be over, he would have conceded defeat and knelt the ball himself. His whining at this point is irrelevant.

  25. If player safety is your concern then why are you dropping back your already 2nd string QB and sending guys across the middle while down 3 scores with 10 seconds left?

  26. This may fall into the unwritten rules category but as someone else mentioned, don’t be surprised next time these teams meet if the Ravens find themselves in the same situation but kneeling, for the DT to be diving at knees/ankles to try and cause a fumble

  27. In the old NFL that is how they ran out the clock. I don’t have a problem with it.

  28. some real math whizzes in here. down 16 pts is TWO scores if you get he 2 pt conversion. It made all sense in the world to try for the touchdown on Denver’s part.

  29. Within 28 seconds left in the game, down by multiple scores, you used your 3 timeouts. If you were so upset, you should have just run down the clock to not give them the chance.

  30. Fangio is old school as in it’s okay when I do it but will cry like a baby if it’s done to him.

  31. Ravens always do classless BS to run up the score/pad stats when they have a big league, i.e. going for two when they are up several scores. and at the same time they whine when a team does anything similar to them.

  32. Im a Steeler fan..didnt know about the record..didnt care it was team has way bigger issues right now

  33. Whats BS is Fangio is still a Head Coach in this league. Every play matters and that’s why the Ravens win a heck a lot more than they lose.

  34. Eh, we won’t reach peak Harbaugh until another team does it to him and he loses his mind.

  35. Harbaugh would be the biggest crybaby in the league if it was done to the Ravens. However you look at it, it is a BS move from a team who should be proud of it though. They can’t throw the ball very well so what else do they have.?

  36. It was pretty classless. But the Ravens are known around the league as being a pretty classless organization. Get over it and move on.

  37. weepingjebus says:
    October 4, 2021 at 3:08 pm
    Eh, we won’t reach peak Harbaugh until another team does it to him and he loses his mind.
    Followed by a rule change in the next season.

  38. Harbaugh is still upset Brady told him to “learn the rules” when his defenders couldn’t figure out which guys to cover despite the refs telling them which ones were eligible receivers

  39. Harbaugh should know better. So many of those games came because his QB had to scramble out of the pocket and use his jets. That’s not the mark of a good rushing team. That’s just a stat. It would be something to be proud of if it was a hammerheaded back pounding the rock game in game out behind a well-coached 0-line. But that’s not what we’re looking at here.

  40. Vic should go back to being a defensive coordinator. He’s in way over his head.

  41. As a Bronco fan, I could care less what the Ravens did there. Bad sportsmanship maybe, but not that big of a deal.
    What I’m far more concerned about is out mounting injuries (9 starters now out) and Lock starting against Pittsburgh.

  42. It is not really a streak anymore and more stat padding now. The game was over before they gained 100 yards rushing. The play was on no consequence beyond stats. They won while being held to less than 100 yards rushing.

    The argument that Denver was trying to score a TD late in the game does not hold up since that is what every team does that is trailing late in the game regardless of the score.

  43. Man, I bet ol’ Vic was the only one cheering against the Irish offense scoring so Rudy could get in the game.

  44. So if Vic is so concerned about injuries, why was he trying to score a meaningless touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game?

  45. If he thought it was BS, here’s a novel idea. Try stopping them. It’s sour grapes. Like the college coach that cries because the superior opponent punches in a late TD. Try playing defense. If you can’t stop them, oh well.

  46. jasonandrew76 says:
    October 4, 2021 at 2:40 pm
    some real math whizzes in here. down 16 pts is TWO scores if you get he 2 pt conversion. It made all sense in the world to try for the touchdown on Denver’s part.
    This entire thing went over your head. Vic Fangio is upset that the Ravens ran the ball on the last play of the game. He said, “ I just know how they operate. That’s just their mode of operation there. Player safety is secondary.” This is after he still had Drew Lock dropping back to pass, down 16 and 10 seconds left to play. I suppose you think that’s enough time to score a TD, complete a two point conversion, kick an onside kick, recover, score a TD and complete another two point conversion. All with no timeouts. Yep, makes sense.

  47. Fangio took 3 timeouts in the last 30 seconds to call 3 extra meaningless plays to try and score one touchdown … when he was down by 3 scores.

    But he’s suddenly worried about player safety on meaningless plays?

    Fangio was salty because his team was exposed for 4 quarters.

  48. justadude4711 says:
    October 4, 2021 at 5:53 pm
    It is not really a streak anymore and more stat padding now. The game was over before they gained 100 yards rushing. The play was on no consequence beyond stats. They won while being held to less than 100 yards rushing.
    The Ravens put the game out of reach with less than 100 yards rushing.

  49. Why did Vic try to score? Because he’s playing his backup and wasn’t up by two scores with three seconds left. It’s not hypocritical when the circumstances for each team are worlds apart.

    Why didn’t they just stop them? Because the Broncos weren’t playing for some obscure record no one cares about, while those four yards were the Ravens SB this year.

  50. Does anyone here really think Fangio decided on his own to leave the NFL and the Ravens for a DC position at Stanford?

    This was similar to Dean Pees “retiring.”

    Fangio still hates the Ravens b/c they (quietly) asked him to leave.

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