Brian Flores won’t make “wholesale changes” on offense

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins
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After Sunday’s loss to the Colts, Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said the team was “bad across the board” and that “there’s a lot of things that are not connecting” for the team during their current three-game losing streak.

The offense was one of those things during the loss to the Colts. They gained 203 yards and turned the ball over twice in the loss and the unit has now failed to gain more than 259 yards in three of their four games.

On Monday, Flores was asked about making changes in hopes of creating better results. He said the team is evaluating things, but won’t make “wholesale changes” like altering the way co-coordinators George Godsey and Eric Studesville put together the offense.

“I like the system we have in place,” Flores said, via Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post. “Obviously we haven’t had the success we want, the production that we’re looking for. I like our process during the week. I like our preparation. We’ve had some good plans going in. We just haven’t been able to execute. We’re not getting the results we want.”

The Dolphins haven’t had quarterback Tua Tagovailoa since he injured his ribs in Week Two and he won’t be back for this week’s game in Tampa, so they’ll have to fix things with the same group that failed to ignite against the Colts.

13 responses to “Brian Flores won’t make “wholesale changes” on offense

  1. Flores like the system he has in place? Really? He is going to like his way out of a job if things don’t change.

  2. I like the system we have in place,”
    Flores said,

    Yes! 17 points in 2 home games is great with 2 OCs coach!

    Can’t wait till coach clueless and the GM are fired.

  3. Just fire this clown already! 🤡 & Take Grier & Ross with ya! Can the owner fire himself? 😂🤔

  4. If Flores likes the system they have in place then maybe it’s time for Ross to make some wholesale changes.

  5. The wholesale changes this team needs are in the front office including the head coach.

  6. The system doesn’t work Flores, it’s been proven so far it does not work. Losing 3 games in a row is embarrassing. The only reason Jacoby even has a job is the OL he played behind in Indy. He had one of the very best OL in the game for those years. He is hot garbage as a QB and can’t read progressions any better then me.

  7. It’s a crying shame. I really thought this was the year the Dolphins would be competitive in the third year of their rebuild. The way they have looked thru four games tells me it might take another three. Looks like another year of disappointment.

  8. Coach Flores…you hired the players..not their fault they can’t execute your selected offenses and defenses….anyway, what does wholesale changes even mean? 1 player, 3 players,10 players,coaches,GM, or all of the trainers?….

  9. I wasn’t a fan of Grier when he was promoted- drafting has been poor for years- but there is a distinct lack of coaching too. The obsession of this coaching staff to have versatile players is beyond frustrating, especially on the O-line. Just put your players in a position to succeed and coach them up if they’re not good enough. There’s plenty of Dolphins who have been successful elsewhere. But more importantly, fire Grier before he drafts more average players.

  10. So, Brian Flores was touted as a possible COY candidate and now fans want him fired. This is the typical Dolphins fans response. I wish these fans would pack their bags and go root for the Jets.

    I didn’t expect Brissett to be this bad, but he’s awful. Start Sinnett against the Bucs to see what you’ve got there. Tua returns a week from Sunday and gets Jags, Falcons, and Texans in 3 of the first 4 back. I’ll reserve judgement for after the Texans game.

  11. Dolphins fans after 2020:
    “Flores is for real!”. “One of the best young coaches in the league!”. “The future is in Miami!”. “Flores and Grier are a great pairing and they are building a winner!”

    Same fans after 4 weeks of 2021:
    “Fire Flores!”. “Fire Grier!”.

  12. Grier needs to go. He is great at acquiring draft picks and he is terrible at using them. I still believe in Tua, but Grier has wasted SO MANY other draft picks over the years and only one of dozens of free agents signed in the Flores era (B. Jones) is paying any dividends. he has been here 20+ years and Miami has won nothing over that time period. What else does he need to do to prove that he is not up to the task?

    I still think Flores is a very good coach and the right man for the job, but his seat certainly has to be heating up. As ancient-mariner mentioned, his insistence on every player having “versatility” has made them overlook talented players in FA, cut guys who went on to perform well elsewhere, and put otherwise good players in positions on game day where they aren’t utilizing their talents. A player who can help in multiple ways is great, but sometimes talent should trump versatility. Also, his curious offensive coaching hires have not panned out. 4 O-line coaches and 4 coordinators in his three years here. If he doesn’t get it turned around, these shortcomings will be his undoing.

  13. Agreed with the comment above. Pretty concerning with the revolving door of coaches under Flores. Maybe it’s because he lacks so much knowledge offensively that he’s trying to find the perfect coaches that he meshes with? I dunno. One thing I do know is that it is pretty incredible that a defensive minded coach can field such an offensive team defensively. He is a leader of men I’ll give him that but his coaching and scheme seem to be on the low side. I don’t particularly like seeing a QB come to the sideline for coaching and the HC is not involved. Look at the Jags. Everytime Lawrence comes to the sideline to talk things over Meyer has something better to do. I want my HC to be involved in everything. He’s a defensive coach right? He should know the looks and what can beat them and get his two cents in. I hate to say it but this regime is starting to look like the previous, one good year sandwiched in with failure. I’ll give Gase credit though, he stood by his QB and was involved with the offense. Two things that Flores doesn’t do.

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