Cowboys getting results from playing guard Connor McGovern at fullback

USA Today

In the Cowboys’ last two games, they scored their opening touchdowns with one-yard runs from Ezekiel Elliott, with fullback Connor McGovern lead blocking for him. Which is noteworthy because McGovern is not, in fact, a fullback.

McGovern is a backup guard, but the Cowboys are using him at fullback occasionally, and when they do it’s been successful. They have those two one-yard touchdowns, and on the Cowboys’ other four running plays with McGovern at fullback, they’ve averaged seven yards a carry.

McGovern said that when offensive coordinator Kellen Moore proposed playing fullback to him, he jumped at the opportunity for more playing time.

“Last week, Kellen came to me and asked if I want my own personnel [group],” McGovern said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I was like, ‘What do I have to do?’ Next thing you know, I’m at fullback. Whatever they need me to do, I’ll do it.”

Moore is enthusiastic about the new wrinkle in the Cowboys’ offense.

“It’s been awesome. He’s a guy that’s done some great stuff for us,” Moore said.

Although McGovern looks a little out of place as a 308-pounder lined up in the backfield, he said anyone who thinks he can’t move fast enough to get the job done is in for a surprise.

“A lot of linebackers think they can just beat me right to the hole,” McGovern said. “They don’t know that I can get there, too. It’s a lot of fun.”

6 responses to “Cowboys getting results from playing guard Connor McGovern at fullback

  1. I keep hoping they’ll fake the handoff to Zeke and rollout and throw him a touchdown pass!

  2. Just like Patrick Ricard on the Ravens. 6’3″ 311 lbs. DL/FB. I can’t imagine having to tackle/work through his block when he’s coming at you with a full head of steam.

  3. This makes huge sense to me. First, the Cowboys don’t use a FB like they did back with Robert Newhouse or Moose Johnston… he’s a blocker, and the odd recipient of a short yardage run or pass. Further, in today’s pass-happy offenses, a FB is a 5-play-a-game player. So, using a backup OL or DL is likely to be more effective for the blocking function, and just as effective for the running/catching one. Secondly, you have to carry the OL/DL anyway as backups for their primary positions; why burn an active roster spot for another guy who won’t be used much anyway? Most of the time, this guy is sitting on the bench waiting for an injury among the starters. Last, have you seen him do the job? The man can clean out a hole. I wouldn’t want to be that LB or DB trying to fill the A gap with a 300-lb man WHO KNOWS HOW TO BLOCK steaming downhill at me. Ow.

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