Daniel Jones had big passing game Sunday, and remains the Giants’ leading rusher

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The Giants’ much-derided decision to take Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft is starting to look like the right decision after all.

Although the 1-3 Giants still have a great deal of work to do, Jones has been playing his best football recently, and had his best game yet in Sunday’s win over the Saints.

Jones completed 28 of 40 passes for 402 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception, and wasn’t sacked at all. That 402-yard day was a career best, as was his 10.1 yards per attempt average, and the 40 passes were the most he’s ever thrown without taking a sack. That may have been the best he’s looked as a passer.

Jones also had 27 rushing yards, and with 188 yards so far this season, he’s the Giants’ leading rusher. Jones is averaging 7.0 yards per carry, tops in the NFL among players with at least 15 rushing attempts.

Jones’ status as the franchise quarterback won’t be safe unless he wins enough games to ensure the job security of General Manager Dave Gettleman and coach Joe Judge. But he’s been playing well this season on a team that is struggling.

11 responses to “Daniel Jones had big passing game Sunday, and remains the Giants’ leading rusher

  1. Jones had many big games in college … the talent is there … but this is a team game and until they improve the cast surrounding him … the Giants will continue to be a mediocre team.

  2. Good to see. He always seemed like he had the tools. Teammates support him. Hopefully, the fumble problem has been trained out of him. I admit that I didn’t think he was the answer but I am happy to be proved wrong. Time for another W.

  3. Well when compared to the rest of the 2019 qb class, sure Jones is the second best of that class, but that’s still not saying a whole lot. In terms of someone being called “the right decision afterall” is akin to saying the weather is beautiful on the one sunny day of a month full of rain. If he doesn’t string more than just a few games like that in a row, Gethseman and Jones can reread this article from the local bar because they won’t be with the Giants anymore.

  4. It always seems when jobs are on the line everyone tries a little harder including coaches

  5. Jones will get a second contract.
    Whether it’s with the Giants or elsewhere, he’s shown he’s a NFL starter. Not a top ten guy, but as it is with New York, he may not be the solution to every tean’s problems, but he definitely isn’t one that needs to be corrected.

  6. This is Jones’ second year in the new system, and it’s also the second year for the entire team in their new system. I can see them getting better and better each week. Jones is a good QB. He’s still nowhere near his full potential. They some good defensive pieces, too. I consider this only year two of the re-start, so it’s way too early to start evaluating things. We see a lot of progress with young QB’s around years two and three. Buffalo and Arizona are just getting thru the same thing the Giants are in. Cleveland, too. Be patient. It’s starting to gel.

  7. I think that Barkley being back and playing well is also a factor, as defenses have to account for him. Jones does feel like he’s coming on this year. Let’s see if the win a few more. If they go 9-8 i think they keep him around.

  8. This is a team that spent a lot of money in the off season to get better. Most likely the GM and Coach will be gone if they can’t win more than a handful of games. The 1-3 start isn’t going to help. Why would the new GM and Coach want to keep Daniel Jones around at a much higher cost?

  9. I’m hearing a lot of the same things about Daniel Jones that I heard about Josh Allen as late as midway through last season. Allen has had the same coach his entire career. The Giants made a coaching change after Jones’ rookie year, and that doesn’t help. During Jones rookie year he was the only guy in the huddle learning a new system. In his second year, the entire team was learning a new system. Now they’re starting to take shape a little bit. Jones is going to be one of the better QB’s in the league, whether it’s with the Giants or someone else. Look at the Jets. They should have kept Sam Darnold and used that #2 pick on another player. It remains to be seen if Zach Wilson is ever going to be as good as Darnold. I remember Tampa Bay giving up on Steve Young, and New England giving up on Jim Plunkett. Atlanta gave up on Brett Favre and San Diego gave up on Drew Brees.

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