Dolphins trade Jakeem Grant to Bears

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The Bears made a move to bolster their kick return units on Tuesday.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that they are sending a 2023 sixth-round pick to the Dolphins in exchange for wide receiver Jakeem Grant.

Grant has had a role on offense during his six seasons with the Dolphins, but his greatest impact has come on special teams. He has returned three punts and two kickoffs for touchdowns over the course of his career. Grant has also caught 91 passes for 1,001 yards and five touchdowns.

The Bears have used Khalil Herbert as a kickoff returner and Nsimba Webster as a punt returner through the first four weeks, but Grant will likely be pushing them aside once he is officially added to the roster in Chicago.

13 responses to “Dolphins trade Jakeem Grant to Bears

  1. Smart move by Bears. Khalil Herbert just got more important as an RB since Monty is down (and maybe D. Williams too), so they don’t want to risk him on KR. 2023 6th rounder isn’t bad.

  2. I am so sorry to see Grant go. He was such a motivator and mentor for others on the team, as recent “miked up” videos show, and he had some spectacular plays in the past. But his performance this season has been underwhelming, with several costly mistakes, and the Dolphins are stacked with WR talent (even if inconsistent). Wishing him nothing but the best in Chicago.

  3. Grant is a decent Special Teams player when he is not fumbling or double clutching a catch. Other than that he is pure garbage… all that speed and he can’t get separation and he literally misses more than he catches.

  4. This is the start of it. When the Fins lose again next weekend they’ll move on from a few other players. And the following week will be the same. This rebuild has been hot garbage. Anyone that we’ve drafted with the treasure trove of picks actually worth anything? Even tradable? It’s been embarrassing. We’ve passed on a ton of talent to be sitting here at at 1-3. If we keep going this way I have no problem with them cleaning house again at the end of the year and that includes coach and GM. Flores has been good but his lack of offensive acumen is concerning.

  5. I gave up on Grant 2 years ago. Never understood how he could hang on for so long despite his inconsistencies and lack of any real production.

  6. I liked Grant, but he became expendable when the Dolphins drafted Jaylen Waddle. Now this clears the way for Waddle to have more of an impact. Best of luck to Grant in Chicago!

  7. Finally. It’s a miracle to get a 6th. I’ve never seen a more talented player constantly produce negative plays because of lapses in concentration. Drops, fumbles, muffs, running backwards only to get tackled for huge losses, fair catches at the 5, etc. It’s not worth the 1-2 kick return TDs he gets each year.

  8. His leadership abilities are the only thing that has kept him on the roster for the last couple years, getting a 6th is the best possible outcome. It’s a shame he can’t catch.

  9. Buyer beware. With every fourth touch he gets, he will either drop an easy pass or fumble the ball.

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