Joey Bosa calls officiating “really pathetic” after Monday night’s win


Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa was on the winning side of Monday night’s game against the Raiders, but he wasn’t all smiles when he spoke to reporters after the game.

Bosa was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct in the fourth quarter of the 28-14 win after arguing with officials that they missed a holding call as he rushed the passer on an incomplete pass. After the game, Bosa called the officials “blind” and said they are “so bad it’s unbelievable” while discussing the play.

“Fifteen yards, it’s a big deal,” Bosa said, via Shelley Smith of “Obviously that’s on me. I should never lose my temper like that, but these guys have got to do a better job because it’s been years of terrible missed calls left and right. It’s really pathetic, honestly, but pathetic on me too for doing what I did. Call or not I have to take a step back and just go to the next play, but, man, they seem not to have their eyes open half the time.”

Players have been fined for criticism of officials in the past, so Bosa should probably expect to hear from the league at some point this week.

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  1. He’s not wrong though. With the league’s budget and modern technology the league should look into revamping the way games are officiated at the professional level. Too many games are decided by the officials for them not to make a change.

  2. I agree with Bosa. The officiating on both sides of the ball was so bad that I was yelling at the refs. Too many BS call, too many non calls and generally overall incompetence. Roger better do something about this growing problem with gambling being so prominent now that I beginning to wonder if the scales are being tipped with blatant BAD OFFICIATING league wide.

  3. With post game comments on the officiating and on Derek Carr, maybe Joey should learn to check himself a little bit.

  4. He is not wrong, that’s for sure. This has got to be the worst officiated sports league on the planet.

  5. Bosa is absolutely right. Officiating is terrible.

    It was clearly evident on that play that he was held and almost dragged to the ground. How it wasn’t called is absolutely baffling.

  6. Asante Samuels hit out of bounds on Ruggs was right in front of the ref who on the previous play called facemask on someone while the punt return guy was dragged by the horse collar half way across the field (another missed call) The chargers also had their share of bad calls, I will say while the officiating is turrible its not usually as bad as lastnight.

  7. There is holding on practically every snap, in practically all levels of football. While I am sure Bosa knows this, I do understand his frustration. Still, it is unreasonable to expect officials to see everything at all times.

  8. the NBA finally realized the game got faster and added a third referee …the NFL should do the same by adding at least 1 more …..or make the referees full time employees and implement a strong training program in the off season….the poor officiating is making the referees part of the outcome of the game….the NFL brass owe this to the players coaches and fans…NFL game tickets are expensive and fans expect AT LEAST to get a fairly and accurately officiated game…

  9. I couldn’t agree more with his take on bad officiating. Maybe he would feel better if he went back and watched how many times the Chargers offensive line held Crosby.

  10. He’s not wrong. Anything to protect the QB I guess but just watching any game you can see the O-line holding like mad.

  11. Good on him, these guys make enough money to put the pathetic refs on blast when they f up. I didn’t see the play in particular so I have no opinion on it either way but I am definitely for the players speaking up because it’s the only way it’s going to get better. The owners obviously don’t care.

  12. Just watch the Tampa Bay O-line “protect” Brady and you’ll see tons of holding that almost never catch the attention of the refs…. point is, the refs have too much discretionary power over the games outcomes. And I have no idea how to fix it except some sort of independent evaluation of the refs job performance… kind of like how MLB umpires are being graded on balls and strikes vs the strike zone application.

  13. Hmm Joey. Ironic I didn’t hear you opening your mouth after the Chiefs game where on the last play both Kelce and Hill were essentially assaulted in the end zone I bet those were just good non PI calls, right….right?

  14. Refs are simply not calling holding this year. That’s a big deal for teams who’ve invested heavily, both financially and in terms of defensive scheme, in their pass rush.

  15. Didn’t they try using review to “correct” somewhat subjective calls with pass interference a few years ago, and it was a disaster. Made everything even worse and more unfair.

  16. They’ll just make holding a point of emphasis next year! LOL. For when you have so many rules and they’re so misunderstood even the officials forget about them.

  17. IMO the NFL is afraid to do anything even if Bosa is right. We’re in the age of don’t punish anyone for anything or you will regret it. Ironically maybe the solution should be shorter penalties. Get rid of the 15 yards ones and make all penalties 10. Yelling at ref a yellow card, twice an automatic fine by the league. There are solutions

  18. I agree that the NFL should do something, but they also don’t want games to take 4 hours. There’s a fine line between calling a fair game and calling everything that technically should be. For example, I like that they (mostly) allow hand fighting between WRs and DBs now.

    The other part is that now we all get to see super-slow-mo replays in HD. It’s easy to see things as obvious after-the-fact. But the NFL wants the game in the ref’s hands because that’s “tradition”, and they’re never gonna allow open criticism of officiating because they want to maintain their authority.

  19. So many missed calls are becoming obvious. But until it affects the tv ratings, nothing will get done.

  20. If you were to watch isolation tape of Bosa (or his brother), Myles Garrett, Khalil Mack and pass rushers of that caliber you would literally see them being held at least 7 out of every 10 plays. If the officials called holding as it should be the games literally could not be played. I understand that, but it would be nice to see refs call holding aggressively on the first few series to set the tone for the rest of the game.

  21. No skin in the game here because I don’t like either team but the unsportsman like conduct against the Raider tight end for the ball spike was BS. Max should have been delay of game. Why does it seem like the NFL does everything in its power to try to screw up the game?

  22. Officiating has been worse this year across the NFL. Pathetic is a good word.

  23. Missed and blown calls have always been a human element of the game. Refs are not ruining football, but expecting them to get every call right may be ruining it for unrealistic viewers. Trying to make sure a ‘perfect’ game is called using more tech is just silly. Enjoy football… and enjoy complaining about bad snd missed calls. It’s our perennial right ss fans

  24. He isnt wrong but to act like a child like he did on the field was as embarassing as the officiating has been. The NFL has enough money to invest in officiating to beable to create a better system but THE NFL chooses not to. People need to blame the NFL not the Refs for working with what they are given. If you wanna just blame the Refs, fill out an application to be one.
    Also, Baby Bosa, do you act like that when they miss a call that would of went against the Chargers? Like when your D gets away with a hold or a PI? Oh ya dont? Then just go sit down… There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things.

  25. Now that gambling has been invited into the league (Rozelle shudders from the grave), expect the officiating to always be extremely iffy.

  26. You know NFL officiating is bad when it makes NBA officiating look like the gold standard.

  27. With the huge expansion in betting on sports, including the NFL partnering with sports books, there is a huge amount of money sloshing around and relatively low paid officials could get greedy.

  28. As many have pointed out the officiating was bad on both sides. I’ve said this before but the officials having the power to decide what’s unsportsmanlike conduct is not a good thing. The flag on Waller for spiking the ball on the opponents sideline? How many times have you seen a player make a huge play for a big gain or a key first down and spike the ball wherever they are on the field and not get flagged?

    Bosa was right to complain about the hold. Unless he insulted the the official with some choice name calling, there is no reason for that flag. Players do what Bosa did all the time. That officiating crew was the equivalent of a micro managing boss trying to show his power over his employees.

  29. Until more players come out and call the refs out the terrible, absolutely terrible calls will continue.
    Nothing worse than refs making pathetic calls and costing teams the game.

  30. Here’s the problem. There is almost always holding. If the officials called it every time the game would be unwatchable, so they have to pick a play here and a play there to keep the offending players in line. Inevitably, one team is going to get the shorter straw with the calls. It’s my belief that some dominant pass rushers would have upwards of 40 sacks/season if tackles weren’t allowed to get away with holding.

  31. Run for No Gain
    (2:59) J.Jacobs left guard to LV 18 for 1 yard (L.Joseph). Los Angeles Chargers challenged the first down ruling, and the play was REVERSED. J.Jacobs left guard to LV 17 for no gain (L.Josep

    Have to love the “clear and obvious evidence” that the leagues said Jacobs somehow lost a yard after they called it a first down on the field.

  32. But he is fine with the calls that went their way on Monday night. I don’t see him complaining about any incorrect calls that went against the Raiders. Sit down and enjoy your win, buddy.

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