Joey Bosa: Derek Carr gets “shook” when you hit him a few times

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Los Angeles Chargers defense did a terrific job of shutting down the offense of the Las Vegas Raiders throughout the first half of Monday night’s 28-14 victory.

The Raiders were held to just 51 yards of total offense in the half as the Chargers built a 21-0 lead that would hold up despite Derek Carr and Las Vegas finding some success after the break.

The Chargers sacked Carr four times on the night with Christian Covington, Kyler Fackrell, Jerry Tillery and Joey Bosa all getting Carr on the ground throughout the night.

Bosa indicated after the game that hitting Carr was a big focus of the Chargers’ plan.

We knew once we hit him a few times, he really gets shook,” Bosa said, via Daniel Popper of And you saw on (Covington’s) sack, he was pretty much curling into a ball before we even got back there. Great dude, great player…but we know once you get pressure on him, he kind of shuts down.”

The four sacks were the most sacks Carr has taken in a game so far this season.  Two of the sacks came in the first quarter as the Chargers defense controlled the game and kept the Raiders offense in check.

14 responses to “Joey Bosa: Derek Carr gets “shook” when you hit him a few times

  1. I can’t be the only person that reads the the first paragraph and feel that something is wrong with it. Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders? I’m never going to get comfortable saying it like that.

  2. That’s great banter. Bosa knows every QB reacts to being hit a lot. He’s saying this to undermine confidence in Carr as a long term rival. Smart play.

  3. And Joey Bosa gets hurt if on every week that has a Tueday in it…

    Just because it’s true… doesn’t mean you have to put your words in print big guy.

  4. A time proven strategy. Some QBs start to lose their cool when they get hit. While against an older QB the more times they have to get up off the ground it starts to take a toll on them physically.

  5. Carr has been shook his whole career. Look no further than his constant overconfidence as proof.

  6. He’s not wrong. Carr looked real shaky out there after sack #2. Here we go again…

  7. Every qb who gets hit a few times gets shook, especially in today’s NFL game where getting hit if you’re a qb is the exception now and not the rule.

  8. Poor Joey ran out of things to complain about after blasting the officials. I bet his coaches told him to keep up the pressure to rattle him. But anyway, great point. Carr refuses to roll in the pocket and then gets happy feet !!

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