Jon Gruden: We’re not hitting panic button on the offensive line

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Raiders made a lot of changes to their offensive line this offseason and Monday night’s loss to the Chargers showed that the group is very much a work in progress.

Quarterback Derek Carr was sacked four times and they averaged 3.8 yards per carry on the ground, so there wasn’t much success up front in any aspect of the game. The Raiders are playing without both of their projected starting guards and head coach Jon Gruden said that the team isn’t planning to shake things up in hopes of finding more success against the Bears in Week Five.

“We like our linemen. We really do,” Gruden said Tuesday, via the team’s website. “We did have some pretty good outings. We are not going to hit the panic button. We got to keep coaching. We got to keep developing these guys and sometimes, the medicine is what we all need. We all need a taste of that medicine even though we don’t like the taste. You got to get back to work, you got to get back on the horse. That horse will throw you off once in awhile and if you know anything about [Joey] Bosa and some of these guys in this league, they are pretty good at throwing you off your horse. So, you got to be mentally tough and keep fighting.”

The Raiders have scored three offensive points in the first quarter so far this season and stronger work from the offensive line could help the Raiders get off to faster starts.  Gruden said they “have to pass protect better early in games” along with getting the run game going, so the line will continue to be a focus of attention in Las Vegas.


9 responses to “Jon Gruden: We’re not hitting panic button on the offensive line

  1. When the Raiders turned on the juice, they didn’t have any problem moving the ball. It was a near perfect game for the Chargers, and a terrible game for the Raiders, yet the Raiders looked like they would pull it out. In a playoff situation, the Raiders could win easily. I’m zero concerned about the OLine.

  2. Jackson was the lowest graded G in Seattle and Brown has been active for NE since an early exit in game one. Raiders are not sorry to see either of those players, along with their big salaries, gone. Hudson on the other hand, should not have been let go without a better alternative than James at center who has been atrocious to date.

    Rookie Leatherwood seems to be improving at RT with each game and has been decent considering the DLines he’s been up against since the first game of the season – but LV needs improvement from C and the injury plagued G positions fast.

  3. Leatherwood looks downright awful and im terrified. Hes getting a ton of penalties and looks flat out overmatched. These early reach draft picks are hurting us bad

  4. They should. It’s worse than I thought it would be when they got rid of those old starters. They have practice squad players and a green rookie who is probably out of position starting on their line.

  5. Bears front seven is ridiculous when hot and healthy. Mack’s revenge game, Quinn playing at a high level…..this might be a real good game.

  6. Injuries have taken a toll on the O-line, and that inexperience along the line is showing. Leatherwood has struggled at times, but has been decent as a rookie at other times. Growing pains are to be expected with him. Remember Kolton Miller struggling early on and he’s pretty solid now. I imagine he will continue to improve under Tom Cable.

    I hate that they let Hudson go, a huge loss, but apparently he was unhappy and was looking to get out. If a player want’s out, you are not going to get the best effort out of that player anyway. I say best of luck to him. Andre James need’s to step it up. I cringe at some of those high snaps, and we’ve seen a few get away from Carr. Unacceptable at the NFL level, that’s got to get fixed or start Nick Martin.

    The run game sucks, and while a lot of that falls on the poor run blocking, just as much blame could go to the RB’s having poor execution. It doesn’t help that the play calling is pretty lame and predictable. (Run up the middle for two yards every first down) If I know what’s coming sitting on my couch, you KNOW the defense knows that. They have to be less predictable. If you go back and look at many of the successful play’s they’ve had this season and last, it was when they ventured away from those predictable plays, got aggressive, and made thing’s happen. The coaching/play-calling has to be smarter.

    And finally, the offense can’t be lame and idle the 1st half. They can’t expect to overcome a deficit in the 2nd half against good teams. If the Raiders offense played the entire game like they typically have done in the 2nd half and overtime this year, they would be VERY difficult to beat. The defense can’t sustain a half of poor offensive play. I give props to the defense, they are much better than in past seasons, but they can only hold up so long. And with more injury’s in the secondary, if the Raiders can’t get fired up out of the gates more often, it’s likely going to be another long season.

  7. 4 games in, time for the Raiders to fall apart and the passive aggressive comments from Gruden toward Carr to start.

  8. Miller is solid and Leatherwood can play but the guards and center are pretty bad right now. Hard to run the ball when defenders can just toss those guys aside. Carr has done a great job dealing with it but he’s not superman. It was right to get rid of Jackson/Brown. I read somewhere Hudson wanted out, I don’t know if that’s true but it seems fishy to trade him away.

    Maybe if Incognito can get back on the field that oline can get some teeth. They should look for some outside help for the line because the in-house options are going to cost them games down the road that is for sure.

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