NFLPA names Marshawn Lynch chief brand ambassador

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Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch will be working with other retired players and current NFL athletes in a new role with the NFL Players Association.

The NFLPA announced on Tuesday that Lynch has been named the union’s first chief brand ambassador. According to a release from the NFLPA, Lynch will work with membership to “get the most out of football, providing strategic support and insight for the many athlete-driven programs, resources and revenue growth opportunities available to players.”

“I’m always tryin’ to make the most out’ta my time and opportunities. Ya’ feel me? If you make it through pee wee, high school, college and you’re lucky enough to call yourself an NFL player, you’re in a situation to create and take part in hella opportunities, but you have to understand that you only get a little bit of time in that uni’, so you gotta max it out and put yourself in a position to make plays on and off the turf,” Lynch said in a statement. “By partnering with the NFLPA and working with De Smith, I can share my path, pass down what I’ve been through and seen, so players can see what’s really out there for them and tap in to all the resources their teams, communities and the PA have available. I wanna put them in positions to be successful in every facet of their lives from building businesses based on their passions to of course takin’ care of their mentals and stackin’ their chicken.”

In his own statement, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith called Lynch’s addition “a huge win in furthering our mission as a full-service union to our men on and off the field.”

14 responses to “NFLPA names Marshawn Lynch chief brand ambassador

  1. Rickey Henderson and Marshawn Lynch both went to the same high school and they have the same mentality. The image that they project is to repel media because they don’t like dealing with media but they’re really brilliant especially in what they do.

  2. This is a match made in heaven. He is the ideal spokesperson especially since was a man of so many words when he was playing…….. AWESOME

  3. This guy consistently invests in his community without a camera following him around. Very commendable how down to earth and generous he is with his time.

  4. Maybe I’m just a typical NW loon.. but I don’t know how you can’t love this guy?!

    Never has a boring take on anything. Embraces his goofy personality.

    100% improvement over players that speak for 10 minutes and never say anything.

  5. Personally I love this move. Always been a big fan of Marshawn and thought he was both funny and insightful when he chose to speak. Anyone who doesn’t quite understand him should check out the his Conan interview on YouTube before you make judgements.

  6. This is classic, A guy who for his entire career shuns the media and the spotlight. Now he is the spotlight. This the the example of wanting to date the person that don’t want you! The more they don’t want you , the more you want them. Good for him.

  7. Beast Mode will not have any issues relating to young players, and they will listen to him. Sounds like a good hire to me.

  8. The people that don’t know Marshawn Lynch laugh at this announcement. Those that do know Marshawn Lynch see the potential this has to be a huge win for players.

    To those that only know the Marshawn they see in interviews I would encourage you to read up on the man. He never spent a penny of his NFL salary but instead invested it and lived off his endorsements. He knew the average player is in the league for less than 5 years.

    The man is smart and wise beyond his years. And he is incredibly kind hearted. I hope his “street-wisdom” will help ensure young players listen when he speaks.

    And for those that want to see the lighter side of Marshawn Lynch just take a look at the Pat McAfee stuff with Marshawn. Hilarious.

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