Report: Things “might get ugly” for Urban Meyer in Jacksonville

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The Urban Meyer situation in Jacksonville is bad. It could get worse.

Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi posted an ominous tweet on Tuesday, a day after Meyer addressed during a press conference the social-media uproar over photos and videos of the Jaguars coach with women other than his wife.

“According to two Jacksonville sources, there are many closed-door meetings happening over the last two days in the football offices and none of them have anything to do with the Titans,” Lombardi said. “Stay tuned. This might get ugly.”

It’s already ugly. Meyer, after a loss he described as “devastating, heartbreaking,” did not return with his team to Jacksonville. He says he stayed in Ohio to visit his grandchildren. Unless that’s some sort of euphemism, he definitely was not with his grandchildren for part of the stay in Ohio.

Meyer’s judgment and lack of self-awareness is stunning. Apart from engaging in behavior of which his family (specifically, his wife) would not approve, he did it in a public place. Posing for photos. And ignoring the reality that, even when not smiling for the cameras, the cameras are still watching.

What did he think would happen? Did Meyer, whose quarter-zip top displayed an Ohio State logo, think he still had sufficient power and influence in Ohio to ensure that no one would post the photos or videos on social media? Or does he just not understand how the world currently works?

Regardless, whatever flaw in his brain caused him to think the situation wouldn’t create a storm of scrutiny and controversy arguably can manifest itself in all sorts of other ways, including within the confines of the many judgments he makes as a football coach.

Meyer ultimately needs to have credibility in a locker room full of adult males, most if not all of whom are surely raising an eyebrow and wondering what’s wrong with the guy who is responsible for their collective professional fates. Will they still listen to him? Will they still follow him? Will they question every decision he makes, every strategy he employs?

Apart from whether the Jaguars decide to end the relationship with Meyer, it becomes difficult to envision Meyer continuing in the job. He acknowledged on Monday that his family is upset. His wife undoubtedly is the most upset of the bunch. And for Meyer to achieve and maintain the very fragile balance of putting so much of his time and effort into coaching an NFL team, he needs Mrs. Meyer to be fully on board with it. Otherwise, an incredibly demanding and challenging job becomes virtually impossible to perform.

Before seeing Lombardi’s tweet (and some in league circles strongly believe one of his sources is Jaguars G.M. Trent Baalke), I said on PFT Live that it’s hard to imagine Meyer returning in 2022. At this point, he may not make it to the end of 2021.

At this point, he may not make it to the end of the week.

81 responses to “Report: Things “might get ugly” for Urban Meyer in Jacksonville

  1. Did he think the media would cover for him and or sweep it under the rug? Come on Urban you name doesn’t rhyme with Slow Ridin’

  2. Don’t get me wrong, this was disturbingly bad judgment on Meyer’s part, but why are we just assuming his wife and family aren’t OK with it? Married men go to strip clubs. It’s a thing that happens.

  3. Oh yeah? Is this like when you called the cancelation of Hard Knocks and then they expanded it? The “way the world currently works” is people get over scandal in a couple of days and nothing changes. They’re not paying him the rest of that contract to sit at home because he got drunk with some strippers.

  4. Maybe a few adult beverages were involved. Anyway whatever the final outcome, it is self-inflicted.

  5. It was a terrible decision by an already poorly run franchise to bring this guy on in the first place. They need to jettison him and then run a full page ad apologizing to their poor fans recognizing “Hey, we screwed this up. Badly.”

  6. Seriously, is any of these personal conduct flaws in this guy any surprise. Look at how Ohio State was a festering school of abuse on women when he was there by his players.

    (sound of door opening and the thunk of a boot to the bootay and hitting the curb)

  7. Not cut out to be a NFL coach and the scrutiny that it brings. College coaches have a lot more protection.

  8. “Look at how Ohio State was a festering school of abuse on women…”

    And on men. “Allegedly”.

  9. wearing a college logo that is from outside of the state of the team you are the head coach of is a bad look, regardless If you coached there. I mean, him being head coach of the gators surely played a part in him getting a nfl head coach Job in Florida. This alone shows a pretty big lack of judgment.

    an ugly ugly 0-4 start and the “Alabama” comment are both bad looks.

    So if I own a team / run a team and a coach says he wants to hang back in Ohio for a couple days to see family, I’m OK w I’m family is super important to me, and I recognize how big of a family sacrifice coaches make. but, if I sign odd on that and then pictures come out showing he wasn’t with the grand kids , I’m enraged. then when you factor in the context of the photos, and the massive bad press, I’m even more enraged.

    frankly, it looks bad enough so far in Jacksonville from a purely football perspective that I would have concerns as a GM or Owner. Then you see the coach have a total lack of awareness, judgment, and basic decision making in doing what he did – and I would SERIOUS concerns.

    If I’m running the show in Jacksonville I’m looking at this and my newly drafted 1st overall qb who is supposed to be the man, and I’m cutting my losses before and more damage is done.

    I just don’t see how he can stay

  10. Not an Urban fan whatsoever however he did not commit a crime, typical media insanity.

  11. Everyone knew from the start this guy was hoing to fail in a big fashion. If you didn’t than you you live under a rock. He is only good in college because he can recruit the top 100 players because it was Ohio State. He left the Gators after defending Hernandez and having the cops not charge him. More controversy followed so he resigns. Then he had issues at OU and had to resign. Dude is so corrupt and clueless.

  12. but why are we just assuming his wife and family aren’t OK with it?

    Uh because he said they weren’t?? Reading is good.

  13. Meyer’s biggest mistake is not following Barry Switzer’s example from the 90’s. A big time college coach doesn’t take a job with a dumpster fire franchise trying to turn things around. Land a job with an already proven winner and ride those coattails to a SB.
    Oh,and try not to bring more negative attention when you’re team is winless. This is the kind of stuff a player might get cut for.

  14. He’ll smooth everything over by explaining how he was just leading that girl in a new kind of Bible study.

  15. Just wait for it, it’s time to play the “but he’s good God fearing Christian card”

  16. That’s not good, considering that things are already pretty ugly. Then again, he could land right in USC’s hands. Things always seem to work out for him, no matter what he does.

  17. I love that you think what Meyer did will cost him the locker room, which is full of guys with hood rats all over the country.

  18. Can anyone say what happened after this was taken? Ya bad look bad judgment. Not defending him but I’m sure it didn’t get passed the lap dance. As herm Edward’s would say, nothing good happens after 12am. Especially with alcohol involved.

  19. The only person hurt here is his wife and him. The trust of a relationship once broken is never regained.

  20. Im not sure some people above have seen the other video that shows it was a lot more then a lap dance. Anyways they could easily get out his contract using the morals clause, not as big of a deal but almost as big is the fact he stayed and didn’t fly home with the team especially after a loss. Thats a big no-no

  21. He was caught on tape dancing with another woman. Might lose his job.

    Meanwhile, Deshaun Watson…

  22. The best thing Urban could do to explain having a long-haired blonde in his crotch is to admit he had a few drinks in him, he thought it was Trevor Lawrence, and he was teaching him to take snaps from behind center.

  23. Urban Meyer was such a poor hire in the first place. Not only do you have a rookie #1 overall QB that needs to adjust to the speed and rigors of the NFL, but the head coach is also a rookie, going through his own growing pains. Recipe for disaster. Lawrence should’ve had a veteran HC to go through his first 2-3 years and develop him to the NFL (John Fox, Gary Kubiak, etc) – basically, guys that can “get the job done”, and once he’s developed, switch over to a hot commodity. The reason Kyler Murray/Kingsbury is working so well is that Kingsbury is HUNGRY – he’s still young and looking to make his stamp in the NFL and his career. Urban Meyer, really, what’s his motivation here? Is he doing this for money? For fun? Just to prove he can ‘make it’ in the NFL? Whatever his motivation, it’s nowhere near the level that guys like Kingsbury, McVay, LaFlauer, etc, have in their respective careers.

  24. What does any of this have to do with football? Unless someone is claiming misconduct, why is this even a thing?

  25. Cue the Urban Meyer “I’m retiring due to health issues” pre recorded press conference in 3…2…1….

    Seriously any time this guy has come under scrutiny he has left and hid under the guise of health issues or needing more time with family, only to turn around and take the next good job that opens up in college. I hope USC stays away if… when Urban is cut loose by the Jags.

  26. I feel sorry for Jacksonville’s fans and the players. They all deserve much better than a HC whose priorities are all in the wrong order. They should dump Meyer asap. There are plenty of great candidates out there who were passed over for HC jobs, and they are in the NFL, not the NCAA.

  27. “Don’t get me wrong, this was disturbingly bad judgment on Meyer’s part, but why are we just assuming his wife and family aren’t OK with it?

    It’s a bad look for the team no matter what his family thinks of it. And even if they were okay with him privately doing stuff it’s highly unlikely they’re down with a public scandal. I’m guessing his family is already tired of the “So, how was your Dad’s visit?” questions by now.

  28. Resigns from Florida due to health issues…..goes to Ohio State
    Resigns from Ohio State due to health issues…..goes to Jacksonville
    Will resign from Jacksonville due to family issues…..and go to USC

    He’s definitely got issues.

  29. “The best thing Urban could do to explain having a long-haired blonde in his crotch is to admit he had a few drinks in him, he thought it was Trevor Lawrence, and he was teaching him to take snaps from behind center.”

    Post of the week!

  30. Timeline:
    (1) First video of woman dancing with him, could possibly be her flirting with him.
    (2) Meyer apologizes and says they were trying to get him the dance. Not great, but not career threatening.
    (3) Second video emerges of Meyer fondling/groping/touching the young woman. The behavior is worse AND now he has lied at the press conference. They weren’t trying to get him to dance. Gone.

  31. This is all done on purpose the whole thing is a production to get out of town , his wife is in on it , you can produce your own commercial now a days !

  32. Once that USC job opened up he starting trying to figure out a way out of Jacksonville. And then it hit him. Stay in Ohio and “hang out with the grandkids”. Brilliant!

  33. This guy was so privileged and entitled over the years it’s almost impossible to see him admitting he wasn’t cut out for this and resigning. Ownership will have to find the cojones to cut their losses. Hopefully they will. His current performance is sub-par already, and now his past record of “alleged” transgressions he’s always had a teflon way of avoiding are starting to show through. Players of this team and a rookie QB who’s considered a stand-up person deserve far better than Meyer.

  34. Meyer has always done stuff to get out of bad situations he caused. This is on the Jags for hiring this dope.

  35. This is much to do about nothing. His actions have nothing to do with him coaching a game. As a Steelers fan, I remember Bill Cowher getting in trouble with infidelity once. Bill Belichick has cheated the league which has caused people to view the Patriot as cheater. Coaches like Tomlin, even Parcell have given great players special treatment, to the detriment of the team, but this is where jag players will throw in the flag? Lol. The cavorting with other women is between him and his wife. This man won a national championship at Ohio State, so why can’t he wear his former team’s logo? The two entities don’t compete. Again, this is much to do about nothing.

  36. The fact that he didn’t choose to fly back with the team after that loss speaks volumes. That poor decision should be the focus here from a football perspective.

  37. This guy had Nick Saban written all over him. Can crush it in the shady college game but totally exposed in the real world pro league. Jacksonville should wait for him to do something else stupid so they can fire him for cause and not have to eat that idiotic contract.

  38. For those saying he was just “dancing with some girls, no big deal” the video appears to show him (a grandpa) finger blasting a 20-something in public under her skirt. Assuming this was consensual I guess it’s only slightly illegal (public indecency or some such thing) but this is more significant than some “harmless window shopping” as some of these comments are making it out to be.

  39. Once again, for the zillionth time in human history, the little head overrules the big head and a personal disaster ensues.

  40. Meyer is on thinner ice for starting 0-4 than for dancing with some random girl. If he gets things turned around by the end of the season, he’ll certainly be back for 2022. If not, then USC here he comes.

  41. Staying in Ohio when the rest of the team has gone home is something absolutely no coach in a winning NFL program would do. Think Belichick travels separately from the Patriots during the season? No, of course not. This latest action, along with his other blunders shows he just doesn’t get it. Meyer will ultimately be joining the long list of failed college-to-NFL coaches, possibly before the end of this season.

  42. Could he have found a better way to get out of Jacksonville, without making it look like he quit on the team, so he can end up at USC? The man is brilliant. He’s a total scumbag, but he’s brilliant.

  43. Wonder if the team was bad mouthing him and he couldnt take it and decided to stay in Ohio and avoid the plane ride home.
    I still think he goes 0-5 and its bye bye. At that point he loses his one picks, support.

  44. USC won’t touch this guy. They’re a big enough disaster as it is. They can’t hire one.

  45. I personally think this is overblown, yes, ethnically not right, but football wise, who cares. Change coaches because of team’s performance, for sure. But change Baalke the GM too. What good has he done for the team?

  46. Being liquored up and doing something stupid isn’t a good look. It’s hardly criminal nor career ending either.

  47. I’m not sure I read this anywhere above, but anyone think he is trying to get himself fired? Just a thought.

  48. Most of the comments seem to go right past the fact that he blew off the flight with his team after going 0-4. What the heck is that? Is that something that NFL coaches do and we just don’t hear about it? I doubt it. And then he goes and does this? How is he going to be in a team meeting and tell his players not to do anything stupid without them laughing in his face? These comments like “it’s between him and his wife” are so ridiculous. The thing that matters is between him and his players.

  49. To the folks saying what’s the big deal he didn’t do anything illegal, it’s not about the skirt chasing that will lose his respect from the players and make him a joke within his organization- it’s the continued bone head decisions by Meyer it’s almost comical how much he’s screwed up 4 games into his tenure saying nothing of this scandal. He hired a dude in the midst of a public scandal about him being a racist and said it was because they went back a long time to their days at Utah even though they weren’t even at Utah at the same time, he then signed Tebow which I’m sure pissed the players off, got fined 100K personally and the team 200K for ignoring off season practice protocols and had a “qb competition” where Lawrence lost half of the very valuable pre season snaps to “earn” the job against a former Undrafted QB. He then didn’t fly back with his team after a tough loss to go to 0-4 which is apparently unheard of in the league, Not too mention him protecting and lying about one of his assistant coaches beating his pregnant wife at Ohio State. He’s not coaching 18-22 year olds anymore, these are grown men who have really well paying professional careers that he is largely in control of, they aren’t gonna buy in to his god, family, Football and faith Schtick blindly. Hes gotta reciprocate respect, and empower his players to have them buy in which he seems incapable of doing.

  50. Can’t wait to watch week 5!!! The team will totally quit on him…..Jags will lose BAD THIS WEEK.

  51. Sounds like it’s more of a Ownership issue! Just hired him to rebuild, Let him rebuild!

  52. If the Jags QB would like to get out of Jacksonvlle I would like for him to go south. Miami will take you in and drop a bunch of draft points on the Jags. Bill

  53. It’s not like anybody saw this coming or anything. Except maybe for the lap dances.

  54. “This is much to do about nothing.”

    I’ve seen this and other similar lines throughout the comments. From my perspective, it takes a special kind of stupid to not see the implications of this beyond the spousal betrayal. If you can’t look at it from a team perspective and not understand this guy’s entire dog and pony show about full commitment, family means everything and we have to trust each other…then you’re simply not capable of recognizing the implications (or you’re covering up for something).

  55. They need to just break this guy off. He’s lost the team and it’s not coming back to him.

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