Report: Urban Meyer has a “crisis” in the locker room

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The man who writes the checks in Jacksonville isn’t happy with Jaguars coach Urban Meyer. The men who do the on-field heavy lifting apparently aren’t, either.

Mike Silver, who shifted earlier this year from NFL Network to the Washington Football Team, has posted an intriguing thread on Twitter regarding the Meyer situation.

“The Urban Meyer situation in Jacksonville has reached a crisis point, especially in the locker room,” Silver writes. “One player told me, ‘He has zero credibility in that stadium. He had very little to begin with.'”

Silver adds that players were “particularly put off” by the cancellation of a Monday team meeting. “He was too scared,” an unnamed player told Silver.

Meyer reportedly “apologized to position groups individually,” and he claimed that the woman in the videos that surfaced was “just there dancing.” Silver says the audience was “highly skeptical.”

“We looked at him like, WTF?” an unnamed player told Silver. “Right when he left everyone started dying laughing. And he knew it.”

‘It’s bad,” the unnamed player told Silver. “I don’t know how he’s gonna function.”

This supports our theory that owner Shad Khan opted for a strong statement over a pink slip, because a resignation could be coming, if/when Meyer realizes that it will be impossible for him to lead, to teach, to inspire.

105 responses to “Report: Urban Meyer has a “crisis” in the locker room

  1. Staying in Ohio when the rest of the team has gone home is something absolutely no coach in a winning NFL program would do. Think Belichick travels separately from the Patriots during the season? No, of course not. This latest action, along with his other blunders shows he just doesn’t get it. Meyer will ultimately be joining the long list of failed college-to-NFL coaches, possibly before the end of this season.

  2. So few big time college coaches properly adjust to the different power dynamics of the NFL. It’s not even necessarily about X’s and O’s.

  3. The players were “highly skeptical” of Meyer’s explanation. And the second video shows they were right to be skeptical. His Monday explanation was a lie.

  4. Do you think Meyer is actually this dumb? He’s a total walking pos, but he knows what he’s doing. He probably did this expressly TO get fired by Khan.

  5. Maybe Meyer is creating this fire on his own, he’s very calculated & sketchy. Got out of EVERY coaching position on HIS TERMS… But Tebow loves him, so it’s okay…

  6. Classic example of the “Peter Principle”. Meyer has risen to his level of incompetence.

    I hope all the draftniks and the folks who think the next great coach is always out there remember this fiasco. The pro game is much different than the college game.

    I feel sorry for Trevor Lawrence who seems like a nice guy with above average ability who is stuck playing for an awful team that is going nowhere, again.

  7. Hopefully Meyer will do the right thing and quit. He looked ready to do so before this happened, and now his ability to coach anyone is gone.

  8. Here comes one of Urban’s “excruciating” headaches. This dude is a real piece of work. He has become a punchline to the players and the fans. They should get rid of him now before he does any more damage. Let USC deal with his shenanigans.

  9. I think we all knew this wouldn’t end well when he was hired. He’s a career college coach who wanted the spotlight and money that comes with the NFL. He’s just not built for it. They had the number 1 overall pick yet all the headlines about the Jags have been about him. A coach shouldn’t be a distraction. If they’re smart and actually think Lawrence can be “it” then they have to move on.

  10. I don’t understand the issue here. The guy got a lap dance at a strip joint. Isn’t that between him and his wife?

  11. harrytootsie says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:16 pm
    I would rather coach at USC than Jacksonville

    There is 0.0% chance USC would hire him after this. If that was his plan, he’s even dumber than he currently looks.

  12. Danielle K says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:07 pm
    Shad Khan has to fire him. But probably won’t. Because he’s a terrible owner.

    If he fires him he is on the hook for that entire giant contract. Better to let the heat keep getting turned up until he hopefully quits.

  13. Never should have hired him in the first place. Hiring a college coach to run your team is like hiring a Patriots coach to run your team. IT NEVER WORKS.

  14. Urban Meyer was hired to revive the fan base, increase the team’s popularity in Florida. The choice of Meyer was out of alignment with our changing world and now it’s too late. If Khan is trying to force a resignation through humiliation, wow. So who will pick the next head coach? In the meantime, I think it’s fair to ask: who would take over as interim coach? Charlie Strong, Darrell Bevell, Brian Shottenheimer?

  15. Kahn should fire him and get Doug Peterson hired ASAP as GM and coach. Guaranteed that can fix this mess.

  16. No one in their right mind likes or trust a liar! And don’t forget how he’s tried to force
    Tim Tebow and other college players who’re not NFL caliber onto the team while viable players watch! That and the lying results in zero credibility; particularly when he’s asking you to go crash into people at the rate of a car wreck every week!

  17. Urban needs to start cutting players. He will get the attention of the locker room real fast.

  18. Forgot about Peterson. But, probably can’t bring him during the season because he can’t get things set up properly. Best fire Urban and promote the best coordinator you have as interim head coach and then see what’s out there after the season.

    I feel bad for Trevor and the rest of their draft picks. Imagine this being your introduction to the pro sport you have dreamed of playing your whole life!

  19. bondlake says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    How many of the players have patronized a strip club?


    That’s got nothing to do with it. He had little credibility in the first place and after thinking he can get away with a poor excuse like “just there dancing” after cancelling an already scheduled meeting. They aren’t judging him for what he did, they’re judging him for thinking he can lie to them and treat them like they’re stupid kids and get away with it.

  20. This guy has always been an idiot. He will be fired at the end of the year.
    One and Done!

  21. pioniere says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    “Think Belichick travels separately from the Patriots during the season?”

    Yes, I do. I think “he” is a fleet of time traveling, shape-shifting cyborgs who can see into every opposing locker room simultaneously. Have you seen his press conferences? That model needs a software update to its communication module.

  22. Firing him costs money and Khan & Urban both know that. So ownership is going to wait him out in hopes he resigns. He won’t…I wouldn’t either. This is likely the last job he ever has after this circus so he needs the severance package to pay off his soon to be ex wife. I’m kind of surprised there wasn’t a morals clause in his contract that makes this a clean kill for ownership.

    My prediction: conversations are already be had to reach a settlement where he resigns and disappears.

    I hope he got lucky, because he’s totally F’ed now.

  23. It’s called he can’t coach, lol. That rah rah stuff doesn’t work with grown men, even the scrubs.

  24. I don’t care if grown men go to strip clubs or frequent clubs, strip clubs, hookers, cheat on their wives, whatever. Not my choices but not my concern.

    That said, with all the sketchy, amoral things in his past, with this added, his self-promoted manufactured image of he and his wife as some noble coaching “team” makes me want to throw up.

  25. For Khan, it comes down to how do I get rid of this guy and not pay him the bazzillion dollars I contracted to get him? While the owner might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, he better hope him lawyers have written in an escape clause. No way this ends well.
    Sounds like Urban might be the new DJ at the club he was seen in. Or, like a bad penny, he might turn up in a place like U.M. where their current coach can’t win, either. Can’t see USC giving him a shot.

  26. Another college coach who simply isn’t cut out for the NFL. Put him in the same fraternity with Bobby Petrino and the Ol’ Ball Coach – Steve Spurrier. At this point, Southern Cal probably can’t touch him either. Might as well retire to his restaurant in Ohio and become the official greater and dance floor maverick.

  27. I defended Urban when people were comparing him to Saban.I was wrong.Urban Meyer is more like Bobby Petrino.

  28. This will just keep going. Media will run with this and it will discredit Khan and the Jaguars as an organization for how they respond. Imagine when the Media finds the identity of woman and gets a statement. This could drag on for weeks. I am not a believer with cutting a Coach loose during season but if you are going to bring this kind of …. while starting the season 0-4. TIME TO GO!!!

  29. Wasn’t his assistant coach at Ohio state a really bad guy and he and his wife covered it up ?…some domestic abuse stuff…I don’t understand how a billionaire owner whose biz is worth a couple billion can be so reckless in hiring a disreputable guy and make him the face of your franchise

  30. He’s cooked. This is a pretty minor scandal in the grand scheme of things but the Jags are turning up the heat big time. Suggests they want rid.

  31. Urban, your career is over. Might as well go back to that bar and do those girls. Why not?

  32. Feel bad for the players. They are professionals and being drawn into this mid-season. Trevor is probably wondering WTF??? This is my career bro!! This could drag on. Imagine when the media identifies the woman and gets comments.. Way to ruin a season that was well on its way already. GET RID OF THIS GUY

  33. I hear a lot of talk about “distractions” in the NFL but I’m usually not 100% sure whether something is really a distraction or not. This one can go in the dictionary as the definition of an NFL “distraction”.

  34. Urb, do everyone involved a favor and do the right thing by resigning and taking the job at USC. Everyone will be better for it: You, Shad Khan, the Jacksonville fan base and USC football.

  35. If Meyer is dumb enough or so myopic he thought this would run its course in 48 hours or so, that’s an even better reason to fire him.

  36. I felt that he had very little credibility from the start and now he has squandered even that. He never struck me as a coach who could lead in the NFL but I figured he would at least last 1-2 seasons. Not gonna happen.

  37. When the leader of a group has no credibility with that group they can not function. The fact they laughed at him in a group as he left may seem like nothing, it’s everything. A coach must prove himself when he comes from college. These are not boys and young men, they are grown bleeping men who deal with real life. If he wants to be a stand up comic keep going to the sideline each Sunday. He’ll be standing and giving orders, and the crowd his team will be laughing at every decision. Next time he tries to say hey buckle down show some discipline they are just gonna laugh in his face. Man’s done, this fast. Now he’s a national joke within his own profession. Enjoy

  38. We are proud to announce the Jacksonville Jaguars new head coach …….. Steve Belichick.

  39. Man is now radioactive, and his GREATEST skill was recruiting. Those sit downs with mom and dad might go a little different now. Man’s going to the media not the sideline. Wether Mrs Meyer stays Mrs Meyer I’d say should be his first, second, and 3rd concern. He’s messed up his reputation, his marriage, and his standing in his profession. What’s left??

  40. Another college coach that can’t succeed unless he has complete control over the players and their lives and nobody questions him. Unfortunately the Pro have adults that won’t put up with that.
    Some college coaches succeed while treating their players like men. Matt Rhule was a homerun hire because of that while Urban is a complete strike out. No big deal for him since he’ll go to USC with another huge paycheck whether he succeeds or fails.

  41. Imagine the crowd on Sunday when/if Meyers shows his face. He could be gone as soon as that and an interim coach named. The Jags would be better off. Most guys on the team are more mature than he is. If something is cooking with USC, they would be wise to back out and look elsewhere.

  42. citizenstrange says:
    October 5, 2021 at 2:05 pm
    We are proud to announce the Jacksonville Jaguars new head coach …….. Steve Belichick.


    You can have him.

  43. While Meyer was at the strip club all the successful coaches were in their facilities working.

  44. For all his pious talk, Urban the turd is far from what he pretends to be. He’s a first-class turd. I’ve said all along he’ll be gone before November because he wasn’t going to be the savior everyone thought he’d be. He’d find some health condition and quit again. Maybe this time he gets fired. I think if he gets fired he can still get paid so that’s probably what he wants. His probably got together with his wife to figure out ways to get fired.

    Look on the bright side, he can go back to Gainesville where everyone will kiss his backside fo the rest of his life.

  45. “It isn’t always about x’s and o’s”

    It never is, chip kelly was let go with a winning record but didn’t get along with his boss or the players. Coaching is a people management role primarily. And the college honeymoon is real short. It isn’t that he lied about that incident it’s about the fact that he misrepresented his ability to do the job.

  46. Wow! It didn’t long for Meyer to become a complete and utter embarrament to the Jags.

  47. This really should of been a minor incident. But he is just making it so much worse by not owning up to it fully.

  48. As much as USC was likely hoping Meyer would find a way out of Jacksonville, his recent indiscretion makes it impossible for them to hire him. He’s lost credibility in the Jacksonville locker room (if he ever had any to begin with) and in the living room. There’s no way he can sit across from a 5 star recruit’s mom and tell her he’ll look out for the best interests of her son when he can’t manage his own best interests. Good thing he’s banked several big checks already ’cause he just committed career suicide.

  49. The worst kind of leadership possible. Do as I say not as I do. We see a lot of that these days.

  50. Another college coach who simply isn’t cut out for the NFL. Put him in the same fraternity with Bobby Petrino and the Ol’ Ball Coach – Steve Spurrier.

    Spurrier might have actually stood half a chance in this NFL. Most of the League is running a variation of his offense.

    … cutting out at 3 in the afternoon would still never fly though.

  51. SAS721 says:
    October 5, 2021 at 3:26 pm
    This really should of been a minor incident. But he is just making it so much worse by not owning up to it fully.


    Even without fully owning it, he’s a high profile married man who turned up on a video enjoying a lap dance. That’s not a minor incident to his wife and family, or to his employer.

  52. Meyer is a Dog always has been, chasing $$$ & tail, just look at his past, Florida Adrian Hernandez, Cam Newton, Ohio State let’s his coaching staff act like college kids. He got paid AGAIN though. I feel the old “for health reasons” I’m stepping down until this BLOWS over and then…….hey USC I’m listening.

  53. Wealthy owner, BRAND NEW TOP TIER QB? Calling Josh McDaniels…

    Yeah, beacuse Josh has a reputation for finishing what he starts….

  54. Just a comment about him going back to an old stomping ground as I’ve seen mentioned in the comments here. I can’t speak for Columbus, but as a Gator I can let you know that he can’t go back to Gainesville and do his thing again. Even with 2 National Championships and all that glory his act got tiresome. As for me I can say I dont want him back and I think that’s the majority of Gator fans in a very very general sense also. While USC was the obvious choice I think Notre Dame was the school he is always watching to see if Kelly left at any point. However, this kind of look may preclude that in the future. Man’s really just taken most of his reputation including personal life and just rolled it into the gutter and towards the drain. His decision making is staggeringly bad when he’s not on a football field.

  55. Meyer looked like he was ready to move on before he coaches his first game. Deep down inside I bet he’s hoping this situation leads to getting fired and soon.

    Coaches and player embarrass organisations all the time. He’s gets fired after going 0-16 or 2 -14 its gonna be harder to get a job. At any level.

  56. Anyone with knowledge of football and a brain knew this was a bad hire from the jump. This is hilariously sad. How the hell you get a no. 1 pick someone like Trevor Lawrence at that and hire this guy?! They gotta fire him asap before the next game!

  57. The only delay could be the settling of financial terms due to termination for cause. It is an untenable situation.

  58. bondlake says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    How many of the players have patronized a strip club?
    Did you mean, how many people travel for work, tell their wife they are going to stay in the area longer to visit family, but go out to the bar and bump and grind with other women?

  59. Serious question. If he’s already planning his exit to go back to the college game, isn’t he ruining those chances by being such an ass-hat? Is he really endearing himself to college ADs with this nonsense?

  60. bondlake says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    How many of the players have patronized a strip club

    A-ah.He’s the head football coach. Expectations are higher for leaders.

  61. The irony is that this would be way less of a scandal if he wasn’t so incredibly pious and constantly holding himself up as this great moral example to everybody. This is the same guy who proudly proclaimed how he’d been in a Bible Study with Aaron Hernandez trying to keep the guy on the straight and narrow. This isn’t just a one-time indescretion he can easily move on from; it’s a huge crack in his entire facade he’s spent years building up. No way USC would hire him now.

  62. BDV

    An Excellent point. Every AD is watching this on tv, hearing the scuttlebut maybe you only hear behind the curtain of the profession. No way they want this circus to come to town. Would take a very desperate fan base who have fallen from glory. Like, just for an example, say Nebraska who so desperately want to rekindle the fires of old. But I mean, who else is gonna swallow the bad for the good? And by bad I mean bad noise, bad national press as they follow to see what happens to him. He’s gonna get chewed by local media and watched to see his behavior. PLUS, I have to think this effects recruiting when sitting down with Mom. He just looks BAD.

  63. touchback6 says:
    October 5, 2021 at 12:26 pm

    Just a total moron.”

    Hilarious coming from you.

  64. Somewhere Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino, Steve Spurrier, and Lou Holtz are smiling.

    Would Saban have stayed in the pro’s if he got Drew Brees? We’ll never know.

    Petrino lost his QB to a scandal, and obviously wasn’t a good enough leader to pick up the peices. It has to be noted that he walked away from ~$20mil when he quit.

    Spurrier? With the spread taking over hte League, I think he may have survived this era.

    I can’t speak to Holtz. Well before my time.

    Compare Urban to those guys; in a part of the country he once ruled. HAS a franchise QB. Has personnel control in the organization. Leveraged a MASSIVE contract.

    Of those 4, it pretty easy to pick out the biggest loser.

  65. Meyer jeopardized players at Florida when he coached there by assigning players to be with Aaron Hernandez about 24/7 to try and keep him out of trouble which didn’t work and got some of the other players injured too. Then when he loses his dream team players he all of a sudden has health issues then goes to espn and eventually ohio state offers him a job the health issues disappear then he lives there with violations placed on the team as well. He tried to have Tim Tebows Faith wear on him but it doesn’t look like it stuck.

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