Ron Rivera on “black cloud” over WFT: We’re trying to fix it, keep getting drawn back into things


Monday brought word that the Washington Football Team’s head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion has been placed on administrative leave due to an ongoing criminal investigation unrelated to the team.

Head coach Ron Rivera, who worked with Vermillion in Carolina before both men came to Washington last year, declined further comment on Monday by pointing to the statement. During a Tuesday appearance on 106.7 The Fan, Rivera was asked about a visit from federal agents to the team’s facility related to the investigation. He declined comment into a “legal matter” and said he was out having his car washed at the time of the raid.

Rivera’s first two years with the organization have seen other tumult, including a fine from the NFL for workplace misconduct, settlement of a lawsuit from cheerleaders whose images were used in a lewd video, and owner Daniel Snyder stepping down from his role in day-to-day operations of the franchise. Rivera was asked what he would “say to the people that say there’s always a black cloud” over the team.

“Well that’s what we’re trying to correct, that’s what we’re trying to fix, but for whatever reason, we just keep getting drawn back into things,” Rivera said. “So, guys, at the end of the day, we’re gonna let this play out and we’ll trust in the system. And we’ll go from there.”

Rivera won a division title last year and the team’s off to a 2-2 start this season, so things have gone better on the field even as some of the off-field issues continue to play out.

9 responses to “Ron Rivera on “black cloud” over WFT: We’re trying to fix it, keep getting drawn back into things

  1. The question I’d like answered is why is a WFT defense loaded with talent performing so badly this year??

  2. WFT should just change it to WTF, cause that’s what it be like. Nobody envies Ron R and the job he has dealing with that mess.

  3. People can lead seemingly normal professional lives, and have a torrent of crap happening under the surface. Craig Carton is a good example. It will be interesting to see what this guy (allegedly) had going on.

  4. Ron Rivera is the best hope to possibly do anything with this franchise. Lots of decent coaches and decent men might look for employment elsewhere. I think Rivera has already gotten the ship pointed in a good direction. He can’t control people he can’t control.

  5. From this to the taunting emphasis to COVID vaccines to the team culture, Rivera seems like one of few grownups in the league, or at least the one we are getting to see rise to the occasion on a regular basis.

    There is – or should be – plenty of time to get things right with the org and the team results. Hopefully Rivera will be given that time.

  6. I cant quite place it. What is the one thing that all of these WFT issues have in common? Oh wait, now I remember. Its Daniel Snyder.

  7. It ALWAYS starts at the top for accountability …Looking at you Snyder. I give Ron a few more years before he’s had enough and moves to a more stable franchise.

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