Urban Meyer: Internal conversations have been “horrible”

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Jaguars coach Urban Meyer next meets with reporters on Wednesday. In the interim, he conducted his weekly radio show. And, obviously, he addressed what quickly has become the biggest controversy in the NFL.

Via Mark Long of the Associated Press, Meyer said that the internal conversations regarding his misadventures in Ohio “have been horrible.” He said that he has “to move forward and regain the trust” of the organization.

“The locker room has been my entire life,” Meyer said, “how we build it, how we treat it, how we earn their trust.”

As team owner Shad Khan made clear in the statement he issued on Tuesday, Meyer has squandered that trust.

Some will raise eyebrows at Meyer’s attempt to foist responsibility for getting things back on track with the players.

“The ownership of this team is with the players,” Meyer said, regarding the question of getting the team ready to play the Titans on Sunday. “I don’t believe that’s in my court. . . . The leaders on the team are going to make that decision. It depends on how much trust you have built up with them, how we structure everything this week and focus on winning that game. . . . I’m going to be extremely clear as I can. Our staff is working their tails off. But you know as well as I do that the ownership of this team is with the players.”

That’s a copout, frankly. The coach drives the bus, not the players. Yes, the players need to be fully engaged. This week, their coach has interfered with their ability to do that. At a time when they should be preparing for facing the Titans — and avoiding becoming the third team in NFL history to lose 20 games in a row — their coach has committed a bizarre unforced error that has created a major internal distraction. That’s on Meyer an no one else.

36 responses to “Urban Meyer: Internal conversations have been “horrible”

  1. Unfortunately. It’s all on Shad Khan. I was initially rooting for him in the beginning, but he’s just turning into another Jimmy Haslam.
    He owns Fulham in the Premier league, so he’s probably distracted with that. He hired Meyer, not to win games or develop Lawrence, but to sell tickets and PSL’s, create sizzle for all those Florida fans. He knew what type of person he was hiring. And he did it anyway. We all know how this was going to play from the beginning: They’ve wasted a year of Trevor Lawrence’s development, he’ll “mutually” part ways with Meyer who will go to USC, then try to beg/steal an OC from another successful team. Eric Bienemy, you sure you want this??

  2. Jacksonville doesn’t have PSLs…. Your inclusion of that in your diatribe renders the rest of it suspect.

  3. Dude needs to quit talking. Every statement he makes shows he has no idea how NFL teams actually work. You can totally see how he is in uncharted territory having never had to discuss anything with his players before. In college he was the untouchable dictator who never once had to justify his actions to his players but in the NFL guys are grown men making big money and you can’t just treat them like children.

  4. For me, his resignation/termination should be a foregone conclusion at this point. My question is: Just what the hell was he thinking? He wasn’t in a strip joint – btw, the “finger” business would have gotten him kicked out of any reputable erotic dance empororium – he wasn’t at a private party. He was out in public. What kind of leader has so little self-control???

  5. Urban just gonna Urban all the time. Go find your soul Urban since you sold it out decades ago.

  6. I gotta go with the coach on this one … if the team captains come to him and say “you gotta go …” he will listen and resign.

    The team as a group (TEAM) does actually dictate how it’s going to go down. I bet he’s gone tomorrow, Wednesday which I believe is their first day of the work week …

    An early morning meeting with the captains WILL tell him where he stands in the locker room full of grown men. Whether he tries to stay or not shouldn’t even be a consideration. He messed up … again. Plain and simple … but … he’ll have more chances because he’s a darn great college coach …

  7. I believe Urban Myer is pulling a Steve Guttenburg from Police Academy 1. He is purposefully trying to get himself removed so he does not resemble another long time successful college coach who quickly realized the pro version of the ga.e he loves so much isn’t like the version in college where he can boss and win all the time.

  8. I can’t even remember the last NFL head coach that was this clueless. I probably can’t remember because when they’re this clueless they don’t last long.

  9. People and players can get past stupidity…. But not incredible weakness..

    Laughed out of the locker room, Shoulda stayed in the both… and at home

  10. He said that he has “to move forward and regain the trust” of the organization.………………… Attempted to use a 34 year old Tebow as a TE. Pretended to have a QB competition in camp. Never wore his mask over his nose. Started the season 0-4. Didn’t fly with the team, so he could remain in Ohio to visit family, but goes to a bar and bumps and grinds. Good luck moving forward from the previous six months.

  11. itsunclepauley says:
    October 5, 2021 at 7:57 pm
    I can’t even remember the last NFL head coach that was this clueless. I probably can’t remember because when they’re this clueless they don’t last long.
    Todd Haley springs to mind.

  12. Messing around with women who aren’t your wife is no way for an NFL coach to conduct himself. Urban Meyer should run for president. We set the bar a lot lower for that job.

  13. Urban Meyer has taken sticking his foot in his mouth to the next level: it’s all the way down his throat and peeking out the other side.

  14. Every time I load up PFT I’m expecting the Urban Meyer Resigns headline. Like… Spurrier was bad, but at least he wasn’t empty of morals, and was honest. Meyer is a snake. And since the blond that he groped is likely about 22, she could qualify as a grandkid to Meyer.

  15. Ah the NFL and it’s fake bastion of morality. A corporation that has employed murderers, molesters, abusers, drug kingpins and Ponzi schemers are wagging a finger at a guy sitting down while a hoochie jiggles lololol.

  16. Narcissist Urban is clueless. Like Motley Crue said, “Don’t go away mad, just go away.”

  17. Brian Sschotthamier is the passing coordinator …..time to give him a chance as interim HC.

  18. Urban Meyer will be the Head Coach of the Miami Hurricanes by mid 2022… quote me on this.

  19. I had expected Meyer to self-destruct after a year. He’s well ahead of my timeline.

  20. Maybe it’s not unusual, other big time college coaches have had very mixed results as head coaches in the NFL, but for a coach that’s had the success he had at Ohio State to be such a bust as an NFL coach is remarkable.

  21. Why didn’t he travel back with his team? Doesn’t send a good message. He’s in way over his head.

  22. Alright, let’s lay off the guy already and see where things land. We had our fun – he was caught in an obviously compromising position – and it was as publicly humiliating as it can be – but there’s no reason for the media to force the next step. Social media or otherwise. If this were any of us, we would hope for and desire some mercy and grace. Let’s respond as the society we want to see, rather than the society we have put up with recently. Let’s be better.

  23. I’m sure Shad Khan is hoping Meyer will resign and forfeit all future guarantees. But if he doesn’t step down by the end of the day tomorrow, Khan should just bite the bullet and fire him.

  24. “I can’t even remember the last NFL head coach that was this clueless. I probably can’t remember because when they’re this clueless they don’t last long.”

    Trent Balke’s hire in SF springs to mind.

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