Vikings expect Anthony Barr to play this week

NFL: JUL 29 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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The Vikings have gone a long time without having linebacker Anthony Barr in the lineup, but they expect that to change this week.

Barr missed the final 14 games of last season with a pectoral injury and he has missed the first four games of this season with a knee injury. He has been participating in practice and was listed as questionable for Week Four, which is progress that head coach Mike Zimmer believes will lead to Barr getting back on the field against the Lions this week.

“I think he’ll play this week,” Zimmer said, via the team’s website.

Nick Vigil has played in Barr’s place and Zimmer said he’s done a nice job, but “there’s certain things we can do with [Barr] that we haven’t been able to do in these first four ball games.” Given their 1-3 mark, the Vikings will be hoping some of those things help lead them to victory.

21 responses to “Vikings expect Anthony Barr to play this week

  1. It ain’t easy making Dalvin Cook appear durable by comparison, but Barr’s definitely accomplishing that task. 😉

  2. Barr is being counted upon to save this latest lost Viking season, and Zimmer’s job.

  3. These fools keep re signing for less money thinking Zimmer will lead them to the promissed land.
    They will get healthy this week against the Lions. The Vikes feed off the LIons as two guarnateed wins a year plus one or two against da beers. Through in a couple of crap team wins and they are always right there in the end near play off status.

  4. Zim sees his job slipping away with the season. Barr is a prime example of living in the past, trying to recreate 2017 Defense with same tired players and formations. To announce after the game that this is a good Vikings team shows Zim has his head in the sand as he clings to players pasts and churns through coaches. That was an entire past Vikings coaching staff that beat him last week that decided to move on.

  5. Notice that the packers have ZERO playoff wins against tom Brady! ZERO! Let that sink in fake stock holders!

  6. Our Vikings have many playoff wins against Tom Brady . . . to go with all our super bowl victories. Those Packas are terrible.

  7. I will always like Barr because he is a trigger for cheese eaters. Why just say his name and they start twitching like they do when they smell a bowl of poutine.

  8. Kind of like us Viking fans start melting down when the subject of officiating comes up . . .

  9. cheeseisfattening says:
    October 5, 2021 at 3:14 pm

    I will always like Barr because he is a trigger for cheese eaters. Why just say his name and they start twitching like they do when they smell a bowl of poutine.
    Well, he was responsible for one of the top 5 moments in Minnesota sports history over the last decade, at least according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
    So yeah, I can understand why you’d take such pride in him.
    I mean, you got to have something, right? 😉

    But, I’d imagine it can’t be much different than the way discussing Championships and Lombardi trophies trigger you purple trolls. 🤣

  10. A Barr walks into a bank….

    To cash another monster check courtesy of the only team willing to come close to what the Jets offered him.

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