Bears name Justin Fields as starter in Week Five and beyond

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
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When Bears head coach Matt Nagy was asked about quarterback Andy Dalton on Monday, he said that the veteran remained the No. 1 quarterback as long as he is healthy enough to play.

Dalton is set for a full practice on Wednesday, but he’s no longer the No. 1 quarterback in Chicago. Nagy told reporters at his Wednesday press conference that Justin Fields will start against the Raiders this week and will remain the starting quarterback going forward.

“He’s grown to this point. He’s earned it. He’s worked hard. And now he has this opportunity,” Nagy said, via Chris Emma of 670 The Score.

It was always a matter of when the first-round pick bypassed Dalton to become the team’s starter and Dalton’s knee injury allowed Fields two-plus games to show what he could do in the lineup. His first start was a nightmare, but things were better in last Sunday’s win over the Lions and Fields will get a chance to grow on the job.

21 responses to “Bears name Justin Fields as starter in Week Five and beyond

  1. In other words, the team owner told Nagy, “Start Fields, or we’ll find a head coach who will.”

  2. It’s a smart move. Nobody is going to get fired when you play with a rookie QB, unless you’re black and coach for the Chargers. That’s not the case in Chicago, so why not go with Fields. Fields is the future of the franchise until he proves he can’t do the job. That usually takes 2-3 years to determine.

  3. Finally. Management must have stepped in and told Nagy to get out of his own way.

  4. The first thing Nagy has done right this season. Now say the same about Lazor calling the game and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have something that resembles an NFL offense this season.

  5. To nobody’s great surprise. As long as Nagy doesn’t call plays, he’ll be OK…

  6. Good move. We know what Dalton is by now.

    You use a high draft pick to get this kid. Why sit him?

  7. He made at least three throws last Sunday that Trubisky never made or was ever capable of making in 4 years. He’s the real deal.

  8. Any team starting a rookie QB is basically throwing in the towel, and looking toward next year.

  9. Dalton looked really solid, hopefully an opportunity arises for him at the trade deadline. I’m one of those fans that believe if you aren’t going to make the playoffs you might as well tank and build. Starting Fields makes that easier, they just gotta hope he doesn’t get too many bad habits this year.

  10. As a Packers fan, I find this very disappointing. I think Fields is the best QB prospect not named Trevor Lawrence drafted last year. But it makes the division more competitive and that’s a good thing.

  11. eaglesfanalways says:
    October 6, 2021 at 1:56 pm
    Any team starting a rookie QB is basically throwing in the towel, and looking toward next year.


    What about 2nd year QB’s that can’t win?

  12. Now they’ll be able to move on from him after year 2 instead of waiting till year 3. smart move considering they weren’t going to win anything this year anyway.

  13. Barring an early season injury, you’re looking at this season’s Rookie of the Year.

  14. Foles will be cut immediately when the season ends. Didn’t make financial sense to cut him before.

  15. Foles is trading value if a QB goes down for a contender.

    Bears are going to play well with Fields, as long as Nagy’s play cards are incinerated and they let Lazor call the plays.

  16. Why the see saw on this? Dalton is playing much better football. Fields isn’t ready. Keep Dalton the starter for a year.

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