Cal McNair on possible trade of Deshaun Watson: “We’ll see”

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In 27 days, the window for trading Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson closes until March 2022. On Wednesday, team owner Cal McNair addressed the possibility of whether Watson will be traded by November 2.

We’ll just wait and see,” McNair said, via Aaron Wilson of SportsTalk 790. “It’s a day-to-day thing. [G.M.] Nick [Caserio] is in charge of that. We’ll see how that works out.”

The Texans reportedly have softened their stance in recent days. The Dolphins continue to be the primary, if not only, team that is connected to a potential trade for Watson.

Houston’s demands continue to be the primary impediment to a deal. Watson’s legal situation nevertheless complicates the situation, given the possibility of a full-blown criminal prosecution. Although many in league circles believe that felony charges for Watson are unlikely, anything can happen.

Still, the Texans view this not as a two-year transaction but as a 10-year investment. Despite the possibility of short-term unavailability due to allegations of sexual assault arising from massage-therapy sessions, Watson becomes the long-term answer at the quarterback position for whoever acquires him.

If it’s going to be the Dolphins and if it’s going to happen in 2021, it needs to happen within the next 27 days.

30 responses to “Cal McNair on possible trade of Deshaun Watson: “We’ll see”

  1. All the draft capital the Texans can get ,means nothing if your GM can’t hit on the draft picks.

  2. NOT HAPPENING unless the Texans are willing to take an old water bucket in trade.

    Any team that trades anything more for this headache will deserve every bit of trouble they get into.

  3. That is completely true jonathankrobinson424. Just take the Fins for example. Most GMs would salivate at the amount of picks we were able to amass to trigger a rebuild. Problem is none of the players selected in the past 3 drafts have been a stud, merely rotation pieces. Depth is nice, but you have to play meaningful games late in the season for depth to really have an impact. The best day 1 starters Miami have drafted recently are no longer on the roster (Tunsil & Minkah). If Miami somehow trades for Watson with our current roster he’ll merely be there to generate fan excitement (jersey and ticket sales). It won’t translate to wins, gotta have coaching and scheme to do that.

  4. Caserio has had one draft as a GM for the Texans. Mills, may or may not be the answer for the Texans future @ QB, but it was worth the risk for a 3rd round pick. We will see what Caserio does in next years draft. I would expect the Texans to draft OL, WR, and DB’s next year and see what Mills does next year. Mills has started less than 20 games in college and the NFL and is raw, but has talent.

    I think it would be wise for the Texans to hold out for the (3) 1st’s for Watson because of two reasons. The legal problems may be over and more teams will be in the bidding for Watson’s next 10 years of playing. This will drive up the price next year before the draft.

  5. So Chris Grier fleeces the Texans for a boat load of picks. You can put your house on the fact that Houston will be thinking they want their draft picks back. All of them.

  6. Texans are such a badly run organization. Just no way they get much of anything in a trade. They’re trying to trade someone who at some stage will be suspended for a substantial period. This person is also refusing to play for them regardless of his personal issues. Trade value is 0.

  7. jonathankrobinson424 says:

    October 6, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    All the draft capital the Texans can get ,means nothing if your GM can’t hit on the draft picks

    Tell me about it .. I’m a dolphins fan!

  8. “We’ll see.” That’s what parents tell their children, it usually means, “No.”

  9. Houston: “We want 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 of your starting defensive line for Watson.”

    Every other team: “Ya do, huh? Well, when you reduce that ridiculousness to a ham sandwich and a bag of one and a half inch roofing nails, give us a call.”

  10. Ultimately the Dolphins will acquire Watson but they won’t get him for 70 cents on the dollar. Miami blew the Herbert/Tua pick and they are desperate and Watson (assuming the legal situation is behind him) is probably the only out the Dolphins have left. Watson is no short term fix he is a long term investment. The Dolphins will have to pay and the Texans know it.

  11. There just isn’t a big trade market out there for 4 win QB’s. You can literally pick up a guy waiting at home who can step in and pull off 4 wins per season.

  12. It doesn’t matter if the Dolphins bring back Dan Marino, with that dual offensive coordinator set up, the O line and the terrible play calling, it’s just not happening.

  13. It would be good to see Watson back on the field. I could care less about his personal life regardless of how distasteful his actions may be.

  14. Meanwhile in New England, the “next Tom Brady” is being created. The smart get smarter, the rich get richer!

  15. Remember, Watson is forcing this issue. He refuses to play for the Texans, even though they are paying him $10 million this year. Yes, Watson, the man who is charged by 22 claimants for sexual misconduct is claiming the high ground, is claiming the high ground. Well, a Belichick-trained GM will play the cold-blooded game and win. So whether you like or dislike the Texans for whatever reasons, the new GM is running the show. Not a preacher. Just watch.

  16. Because Watson wants out, the only way the Texans get a solid rebuilding package for him is a bidding war. Possible combatants: Miami (a lock), Denver (neither Lock nor Bridgewater is the answer there), Philadelphia (Hurts? Nope.) and Washington (Heinecke (?) only comes in Lite). Watson is young and a transformative talent for these franchises. The bidding could get fierce. Likely outcome: a QB and two ones.

  17. I’m fine with the wait-and-see approach. At this point I can’t see most teams wanting to give up as much considering he will have to get ramped up on the playbook quickly this year. But if you’re a team like New Orleans, or Miami, or Denver, I don’t know why you wouldn’t back up the truck for a guy who could be your franchise QB for the next 10 years. Miami has prioritized draft picks over Pro Bowl players for the last few years, and while they have amassed some talented players, none of them have turned out better than the players they gave up. Draft picks are not a guarantee, so I would rather deal some of them for proven commodities.

  18. “I think it would be wise for the Texans to hold out for the (3) 1st’s for Watson because of two reasons. ”

    They’re never going to get 3 firsts for a PR disaster who might effectively already be suspended right now. They probably wouldn’t have even got 3 firsts before this whole scandal erupted.

  19. The folks saying it will be a bidding war that doesn’t matter. Watson has a no trade clause. So he gets to pick where he wants to go and he wants to go to Miami.
    Not sure how it will all play out but my best guess is it will all revolve around how Tua does when he comes back. If he fails then it happens before deadline. If he doesn’t then it happens in offseason..

  20. My guess is that Miami is low-balling their offer and Houston wants the moon. If the Texans could get 2 firsts and some other picks they should take it. Get the distraction away from their team, then it’s not their problem anymore.

    Waiting in anticipation of a bidding war in the offseason seems foolish. Legal issues aside, very few teams are willing to give up multiple first round picks, and a team like Miami really shouldn’t be giving away high draft picks, they need them.

  21. Hey Houston,

    If you can get a half used bottle of Gatorade for this guy, take it and run.

  22. My guess is that none of the good teams are interested. I also guess that some of the bad teams with somewhat competent management are interested only if the paperwork says the trade is null and avoid should this dude get suspended / comish list / whatever for off the field behavior. I think the Texans are holding out for the selected few teams with horrific ownership that will pull the trigger on 2 or 3 first round picks without any strings attached. Miami and WFT come to mind.

  23. He’s not playing this year regardless, why the rush to trade him? If Houston is smart they activate him and force the league to make a decision so that if he’s suspended he misses rest of this season not next year. Now you have an asset in March worth something.

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