DeMaurice Smith’s next contract hinges on vote of player representatives

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Several years ago, the NFL Players Association streamlined the process for re-electing the executive director, making it easier for the executive director to stay on the job — and harder for the union to endure a wild-west election like it had in 2015, when nine total candidates ran for the job.

This year, that process has not resulted in the negotiation of a new contract for executive director DeMaurice Smith.

Via, a 14-member Selection Committee did not vote unanimously to appoint Smith for another term. This puts the matter in the hands of the 32-member board of player representatives, which will retain Smith if at least two thirds of the board votes in favor of keeping Smith.

Per the report, Tuesday’s vote resulted in a 7-7 tie. Under the NFLPA constitution, the board of player representatives decides the issue if at least six but fewer than the full 14 voted to keep the incumbent. In other words, the board would have to decide the issue as long as only one member of the Selection Committee voted against an automatic retention.

That said, if only six or fewer of the 14 had voted to keep Smith, the job would have been considered “open,” and a selection process would have commenced. Smith, based on the report, came within one vote of having his job declared open.

The selection process will now commence unless two thirds of the board of player representatives vote to keep Smith. If that happens, Smith’s 12-year tenure could be coming to an end.

7 responses to “DeMaurice Smith’s next contract hinges on vote of player representatives

  1. Yeah I’m not sure he gets another contract this time around. I mean everything revolves around politics these days. But this dude played the politics side hard. He bought extra time by giving extra perks to vets and superstars but the league is mainly composed of role players. They need a say too and he haven’t given them one. Unions can be beneficial but just like any workplace they favor the powerful and rich. He needs to go and this is the first step. Bring in a former player with a college degree, not a politician.

  2. Players will see massive increases in compensation over the coming decade. That is mostly because the NFL the highest valued TV asset and new TV deals are going to explode. Gambling and fantasy sports will continue to increase the value of the on the field product. The percentage to the players will by extension go up dramatically. 10 years from now, a QB will get $60 million a year.

    Smith has been part of the negotiation for the players percent and deserves credit for keeping the NFL going. He gets a lot of bad press because there are no guaranteed contracts, but what people making that argument don’t say is that the amount going to the players is a fixed percent. If a player is guaranteed money, then another player can’t have it. In the current system, if a player is cut, his planned salary goes back to the team to be paid to others. Almost every team over an extended period, uses their entire cap. Money not used in the current year, increases that teams cap the next. So it does ultimately get paid to a player.

    Smith deserves credit for the massive salary increases that are on the way to the players in coming years.

  3. rockczar says:
    October 6, 2021 at 8:52 pm
    I don’t know which one is worse, Gooddell or Smith. The are ruining the NFL.
    Ruining the NFL? NFL revenue in 2001 = $4.28 billion. Revenue in 2019 = $15.26 billion. An almost 400% growth that likely would have continued through 2020 if not for COVID.

    I have never owned a business, but if I had, I would love for it to be ruined in the same manner as the NFL.

  4. De Smith is not a great director. But he is hamstrung by the terrible off-field behavior of a small subset of the players. Everytime a player hits a woman Roger Goodell gets an extra bargaining chip at negotiations. Instead of trying to increase the revenue percentage Smith has to instead focus on discipline negotiations. It’s a shame for the majority of players who behave themselves.

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