Derek Carr: Joey Bosa’s comments “did piss me off”


After Monday night’s game between the Raiders and Chargers, L.A. defensive end Joey Bosa had some pointed things to say about the connection between Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr getting hit and getting “shook.” On Wednesday, Carr admitted that Bosa’s words left a mark.

“I just thought it was unfortunate that he’d even think to say it,” Carr told reporters. “Maybe he was just trying to get under my skin. Which he did piss me off. So good job for that.”

Said Bosa on Monday night, “We knew once we hit him a few times, he really gets shook. “And you saw on [Christian Covington’s] sack, he was pretty much curling into a ball before we even got back there. Great dude, great player . . . but we know once you get pressure on him, he kind of shuts down.”

Carr disagreed with that assessment. “He was probably mad because I was talking a lot of crap to him during the game,” Carr said. “He’s entitled to that opinion and saying those things. It’s almost like he watched the game in reverse. The game that I watched, we came out and fought after they got after us a little bit up front. . . . We’ll see them again. And he’s entitled to say that. He’s a great player, great dude. I just don’t think he watched the game in the same order I did.”

As to the claim that Carr “curled into a ball,” the reality is that he was protecting the ball. At a time when too many quarterbacks don’t know when to concede a play gone haywire, Carr did the right thing by waving the white flag and living to fight another day.

Regardless, the rematch comes in little more than three months, on the final Sunday of the season. It’s safe to say that Bosa’s words and Carr’s response will resurface then.

25 responses to “Derek Carr: Joey Bosa’s comments “did piss me off”

  1. Making it easier to root against Derek Carr these days, guy can dish it but can’t take it.

  2. Bosa is not wrong. Since Carr broke his leg, after a few hits he gets happy feet. That is no secret.
    I would still take Carr as he is not the problem.

  3. You didn’t see the game in the order of where he shut you out for 2 quarters, they had the game in hand and played to kill the clock? I’d like to see this dudes stats from his losses, I’m guessing more than 50% of his yards come from garbage time passes when the opposing team is just trying to end the game, all while they lose by 2+ scores. Career losing record and you’re talking? Says a lot about you.

  4. Carr curled way too soon. You do it when you’re about to get hit. He had time to try to pick up a few yards but conceded the 8 yard loss.

  5. Is it just me or does Carr have a bit of Brady’s competitive fire? I’m not talking stats and trophies I’m talking desire to win? Even when fans and media trash him he just goes out and does his job. Pretty commendable.

  6. Great, just what I want as a Bears fan; him and the offensive line going into that game with something to prove when the best defensive lineman is hurt.

  7. “Derek Carr: Joey Bosa’s comments “did piss me off””

    So, prove him wrong. Go out and don’t get flustered. We’ll all see that he’s wrong. No need to say anything about it.

  8. Carr and Gruden are perfect for each other. Both enjoy crying and whining when they don’t get their way.

  9. Too bad little Joey wasn’t talking this trash prior to the game !! I guess you get a bit cheaper with a conversation after the results.

  10. I’d take the word of a great player like Joey Bosa over a mediocre never has played well in a big game shook nobody every day of rhe week and twice on Sunday.

  11. This issue has been talked about with Carr since he was at Fresno. He didn’t like contact and the he would avoid it by using his check down receivers. Seems like it has been less so the last couple of years. I would avoid contact too if Joey Boss was coming at me.

  12. Was it on purpose that Carr used Bosa’s exact same words, “Great player, great dude,” that Bosa used to describe him?

  13. I hope Carr and the Raiders beat their butts by 4+ touchdowns. The whole Bosa family is full of themselves.

  14. Bosa is just a big mouth kid. He gets beat regularly. He gets lucky at times, too. Just like Carr!

  15. I remember Bosa getting completely worked in a playoff game against the Patriots a few years ago. He got all Lovey Dovey about playing in a game with Tom Brady he forgot to do his job

  16. To bad he will be out for the rematch since the Bosa bros combined dont play 16 games a year, zero chance for 17

  17. everyone talking about curling too soon. would you rather him take a hit and have a forced fumble. you know this guys fumble history. I’d rather take the sack and move to the next down then give up field position.

  18. I think Carr is more worried about fumbling given his history, that’s why he hits the eject button prematurely on occasion.

    One thing that frustrates me about Carr is that he seems to slide *into* pressure when he’s feeling it. He doesn’t have a great feel for where it’s coming from, it seems.

    That being said, there’s way more upside to his game than downside.

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