No immediate contract extension for Stephon Gilmore

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Cornerback Stephon Gilmore‘s desire for a new contract in New England contributed to his absence from the team’s lineup this season and the ultimate decision to trade him to the Panthers on Wednesday.

The lack of a deal that runs beyond this season apparently isn’t going to be an issue in Carolina, however. Panthers General Manager Scott Fitterer told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that the team will not be signing Gilmore to an extension in the near future. Fitterer did leave the door open for an extension down the road, however.

Gilmore was on the physically unable to perform list with the Patriots, so he won’t be able to start playing for the Panthers until Week Seven. Fitterer said the team’s expectation is that he will be ready to play at that point.

The Panthers also have cornerback Donte Jackson in the final year of his contract and Fitterer said the team is budgeting to keep him, so there will be some juggling for the team to do in the secondary this offseason.

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  1. And when their rookie comes back….sounds like between the three of them they will have some trade equity for next years draft. I bet they can get more than a 6th for one of them.

  2. So basically Gilmore is saying I’ll play for you for 7 million, but I’m not playing for Mean Mr. Bill for 7 million

  3. Of course not. He is commanding way too much and one knows hoe well he’ll even play after down year in 2020.

  4. So this was never about money, just a quitter doing quitter things. Thanks for clarifying

  5. Major injury last year and is on the back nine of his career. You don’t/shouldn’t get paid big money. A year early rather than a year late.

  6. hmmmmm, seems like the same situation that Gilmore was in with the Pats. Maybe he should have just played if he could have and not moaned about the money.

  7. Someone over-played their hand!

    Yea, looks like it was BB cause he only got a 6th for his All-Pro CB.

  8. He and everyone thought he was about to malcontent his way out of his contract and be able negotiate with everyone for the one he seeks to get before he will play again. Instead he is now with a team that has already said they are just sticking with the same deal as it was with the Patriots that he was refusing to play under. Basically he has overplayed his hand with Belichick. So now its up to him but the smart thing is to play out the year scrimping my on just that 7 million then get himself that big market he hopes is there for a 32 year old cb seeking substantial go forward commitment of team resources. His only choice now us to be healthy come week 7 and spend the remaining schedule showing teams why they would want to make that go forward commitment he wants from someone..

  9. Sounds like Carolina saying we’ll give you a few weeks to prove you’re healthy and then we’ll talk extension…. good for them and for Gilmore if he is, in fact, healthy

  10. So the Pats traded Gilmore, who couldn’t play for a few more weeks, for Collins and a 6th round pick in 2023. Both good, not great defensive players. Pretty even swap.

  11. Carolina playing chess….BB playing with Lincoln logs. – If you mean Carolina is just moving royalty around the board as they drop while BB is building an interconnected structure of a team, sure.
    People scratched their heads at NE’s signing of Gilmore for 5 years and $65 mil. What? Gilmore, they said? A couple SB’s later and DPOY and BB is vindicated. I am sure BB saw every play and every snap in practice and knows what he’s doing.
    He traded Collins and Jones to keep Hightower – a SB winning defensive cog – due to the salary cap. Collins has been back, now twice, for MUCH LESS MONEY. C Jones is good but you can’t pay everyone with a salary cap.
    So keep sliding the royalty around and watching them fall (how’s McCaffery doing these days?). BB is building a team.

  12. Sounds like Gilmore didn’t want to play in ne unless he got more money,it’s the new norm for ne now.. no one wants to play there without Brady unless ne overpays!!!

  13. Gilmore is turning 32 and coming off an injury. Even Revis only made it to 33. Big money for a 32 year old CB is not a smart business move.
    And Gilmore averaged $13 mil a year. Sure, he took some up front, but the “only making $7 mil this year” is a disingenuous statement.

  14. Worst case is after this season, you let him walk in free agency and if he signs somewhere else, the Panthers get a compensatory 3rd in the draft for that 2023 6th.

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