Panthers trade for Stephon Gilmore

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
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The Patriots have parted ways with cornerback Stephon Gilmore, but they haven’t released him.

The Panthers announced that they have acquired Gilmore in a trade on Wednesday. They will send a 2023 sixth-round pick to New England for the veteran corner.

Reports early on Wednesday indicated the Patriots would be releasing Gilmore, but a trade remained possible until that move was officially announced. There were reports of talks with teams about such a deal and that the leak of the plan to release him was an effort to see if any other teams made an offer.

A statement from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick called it a mutual parting of the ways, so one would imagine Gilmore is set to report to Carolina. He expressed a desire for a new deal in New England and is coming off a torn quad that had him on the PUP list with the Patriots, but will have a chance to get back on the field with the Panthers after his six-week stay on that list is up.

It’s the second trade for a corner in as many weeks for Carolina. They also dealt for CJ Henderson in the wake of Jaycee Horn‘s foot injury.

34 responses to “Panthers trade for Stephon Gilmore

  1. A 6th is the equivalent of nothing to most teams. Good move to acquire him for zilch.

  2. Wait what……

    That doesn’t seem fair.

    Hey Stephon, you are released and can go wherever you want………… SIKE!

  3. Now Tommy Boy gets to face him twice this year instead of having him on his team. BB strikes again. hahahaha

  4. Straight to a non-contender! What a waste of money and talent for the Panthers.

  5. Beat the Bucs to it – I’m sure Brady wanted Gilmore after all of their years together.

  6. Coach Rhule making moves to combat top passing teams in the league.

    Let’s see how it works out against division-rival Bucs. Should be a great matchup.

  7. BB comes put ahead much more ofyen than not. He seems to have a talent for finding late roumd talent and even undrafted talent.

  8. I’m thinking about the Panthers trying to make a playoff run later with a healthy Horn and Gilmore, plus Jackson and Henderson.

  9. Awesome price for a 1 year rental and maybe a short deal for a solid CB when healthy. Can’t wait to get him on the field.

  10. Pats are already up against it with all the free agents they signed this year and he wanted too much $$$ and their secondary is damned good without him. Bye Bye Stephon…. Good Luck in your new home.

  11. Brady was a 6th round compensatory pick. Edelman a 7th rounder.

    Bill is pretty good with “ziltch”.

  12. He probably signed because of the proximity to his hometown of Rock Hill South Carolina which is only 40 minute drive from Charlotte,,,Washington should have got this guy,,,

  13. tigerlilac says:
    October 6, 2021 at 2:26 pm
    Brady was a 6th round compensatory pick. Edelman a 7th rounder.

    Bill is pretty good with “ziltch”.


    100%. Given his track record, he should just trade out of picks 1 to 3 forever.

  14. dlw492 says:
    October 6, 2021 at 1:33 pm
    A 6th round pick?? At least he’s sorta in his hometown…
    No sorta to it. He’s a Charlotte kid. It’s his hometown.

  15. They had no cap room because Bill overpaid for mediocre free agent talent at the receiver and tight end positions. And they overpaid because he failed, again, to draft well at those positions.

  16. He’s gone from Defensive Player of the Year to traded for a 6th round pick in a season and a half. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

  17. Carolina has about $19 million in cap space right now even with $47 million in dead money. $40 million in dead money drops off next year so they likely have everything they need to sign him long-term if they want.

  18. Maybe I’m crazy but I’d keep him for this year and see what happens afterwards. Not really smart business to extend an aging corner coming off an injury no matter how good he’s been. No upside in doing that. Trade makes sense but keep developing the young guys

  19. “Belichick playing chess again”

    He might want to get his team back to playing football.

  20. 6th rounder for a cb who hasn’t played this season due to a torn quad, sounds about right.

    Coaching staff knows what they got.

  21. ladyjet says:
    October 6, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    Bill’s chess game has him tied with the Jets for last place.

    —- Bill’s chess game has their team tied for 2nd in that division along with the Jet’s and Fin’s.

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