Urban Meyer addressed full Jaguars team at Wednesday meeting

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A report on Tuesday indicated that Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer had reached “a crisis point” within the locker room because of his actions since last Thursday’s loss to the Bengals, including the decision to cancel a team meeting on Monday.

That report indicated Meyer has “zero credibility” with the team’s players, which would seem to be a major stumbling block to the project of regaining “trust and respect” that Jaguars owner Shad Khan laid out in a statement. Meyer said on his radio show that conversations with people in the organization have been “horrible” before moving on to say that “the ownership of this team is with the players” in terms of being able to move forward.

Meyer took another shot at getting things back on track on Wednesday morning. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Meyer held a full team meeting and reportedly “expressed responsibility and remorse” for staying in Ohio while the team went home on Thursday night. Videos of Meyer out on Friday night and engaging with a woman who is not his wife laded on social media over the weekend to create the current situation in Jacksonville.

Players reportedly “started dying laughing” when Meyer spoke to position groups to apologize earlier this week. There’s no word yet on how this apology went over.

9 responses to “Urban Meyer addressed full Jaguars team at Wednesday meeting

  1. If this meeting did not go well, I think it is time for the Jags to cut bait. Meyer has become a bad distraction and if he’s lost the team this fast he will never get them back.

  2. He lost the respect of the players and owner…..and probably his wife….no way to get that back. Best thing for him is to step down and lay low for a year. He’s got work to do on the home front.

  3. It’s amazing to me that we think it matters to these players at all if Urban Meyer is cheating on his wife. They just don’t like him, there can be no other explanation if they have a problem with the video.

  4. He lied to them (and all of us) when he initially claimed they were just trying to get him on the dance floor. He needs to explain that.

  5. Oh to be a fly in the room when that went down! And to be the same fly when he left…

  6. You know how it went over. Name a coach that players tuned out that they suddenly tuned back in to. I’ll wait. Ultimately, this is because Jacksonville has terrible ownership though. So firing him won’t fix it.

  7. They had no reason to respect him before and now he lied to them in his initial apology (and possibly is still lying to them now). There’s no question what is going on in that second video and it’s nothing at all like what Urban said happened. He literally has signs up all over the facility saying “Own It” but he wouldn’t own this. He’s done.

  8. Not only is he losing the respect of family, players, and fans, but does he even have self-respect left at this point? You can lose with a bad team with dignity and build towards something, but this is just pathetic.

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