What’s next for Stephon Gilmore?

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots
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Cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the NFL’s 2019 defensive player of the year, will be available to sign with anyone the moment that termination becomes effective at 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. (In theory, he could be traded before then.) So what happens next?

To the extent he has a real injury, his health could complicate his next move. To the extent the injury was simply an “injury” to facilitate a hold-in that lasted into the regular season, Gilmore could be ready to go, soon.

Given the injury issues in the Tampa Bay secondary and the history between Tom Brady and Gilmore, it would be a surprise if Brady doesn’t start recruiting Gilmore to the Bucs immediately. (Hell, Brady possibly already began that process, weeks ago.) But Gilmore, who got top dollar on the open market when he signed with the Patriots after spending his first five years in Buffalo, may want to play it out a bit. What if, for example, the Packers decide to get involved, especially in light of the injury to Jaire Alexander? How about the Cowboys? The Panthers? The Seahawks? The Saints?

And that’s just the NFC. Contenders in the AFC, such as the Chiefs, Ravens, Raiders, and Bills, could make a play.

Regardless, it likely wasn’t a coincidence that Gilmore got cut three days after the Patriots faced the Buccaneers. New England coach Bill Belichick surely didn’t want to have to face Gilmore on Sunday night. If true, this underscores the reality that Gilmore isn’t really injured, and that he could play right away.

We’ll find out in the coming days — or possibly in the coming hours — whether that happens.

18 responses to “What’s next for Stephon Gilmore?

  1. Spotrac says the Packers have $8.8mil of cap space.

    I’d have no problem if they blew it all on this guy.

  2. Raiders! actually can they get some O line help? Season is lost if they cant get the O line going in the right direction

  3. Teams wanted to see him play and 2 weeks may not have been enough anyway.

    BB did another veteran a solid here to let him play sooner rather than later, but I’d be shocked it any team gave him a deal past 2021 like he is demanding.

    So, cap hell teams can’t afford him.

  4. cross off the Ravens – even though we lost a top corner in preseason we don’t have the cap space

  5. It all comes down to if he wants the best payday or if he wants the best chance to play in Super Bowl LVI

  6. The Peters injury did hurt. However as a Ravens fan I think I’m willing to run with the guys we have. The Ravens have enough depth at corner to still be able to field a well above average secondary. What we really need is to upgrade the OL.

  7. He’ll have plenty of suitors. If he wants a ring he’ll either sign with Tampa Bay or the Chiefs.

    Remember when all those players were willing to go play in NE for less? That’s because they wanted to play with TB, not with BB. Now that TB is in TB, they have been able to attract some key players because they want to chase a ring. Notice how the only ones going to TB now are former Pats players who have been cut or released from another team?

  8. Transvaccinated says:
    Bears need a replacement for Fuller.

    I can’t and won’t argue the veracity of that statement. Unfortunately, it would appear the Bears also need replacements for a whole lot of other players.
    Signing Stephon Gilmore won’t be nearly enough to cure all that ails Chicago, and the cost of doing so would likely be too steep in relation to the probable level of return on the investment.

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