A.J. Green: I never left, I’m just getting great opportunities

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Wide receiver A.J. Green’s last three seasons with the Bengals offered reasons to think he was on the backside of his career, but the Cardinals made a bet that there was still gas left in his tank when they signed him as a free agent this offseason.

That bet has paid off thus far. Green leads the 4-0 team with 248 receiving yards and has joined DeAndre Hopkins, Christian Kirk, Rondale Moore, Maxx Williams, and Chase Edmonds to create a deep group of receiving options for quarterback Kyler Murray.

On Wednesday, Green said that he thinks any perceived resurgence is just a matter of getting the chances that have come his way in Arizona.

“I don’t think I ever left,” Green said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “I’m just getting great opportunities. When you have a guy like Hop on the other side and Kirk and the way our skill positions are playing, everybody plays us honest. Kyler’s just spreading the ball around, getting it to Max and Chase, our offensive line, everybody is just playing well. We’ve just got to keep this thing going. The sky’s the limit for us.”

With so many mouths to feed on offense, Green may not wind up leading the team in receiving yards come the end of the season. As long as he remains healthy and the team keeps winning, though, it’s hard to imagine anyone will be second-guessing the decision to bring Green to desert.

6 responses to “A.J. Green: I never left, I’m just getting great opportunities

  1. He’s not what he used to be which is a number #1 WR which is why it didn’t work on the Bengals. On the Cardinals he doesn’t have to be. He’s not getting double covered, he’s not the guy teams are scheming to stop and he’s in a prolific offense which means even if he’s the 3rd mouth to feed in the offense there’s still plenty there for him.

    Exactly the kind of place an aging receiver can look good as long as they aren’t completely washed up.

  2. He did leave, for about 2 years with an ankle and a toe injury. Then he came back and looked very slow and old.

    Glad he is doing well in Arizona, but the Bengals got almost nothing out of him for along time and was paid handsomely for it.

  3. As a Bengals fan I’ll always be a fan and root for AJ but come on man, I’m glad he had a couple good games but he’s clearly not the reciever he used to be. 248 yards in 4 games? So what, he used to do that in 2 double teamed, he’s certainly not seeing double teams now.

  4. As a lifelong Bengals fan, I wish Green nothing but the best with Arizona; he had huge issues for a couple of years with injuries, QB changes, COVID, etc., but he’s still a valuable guy when he has complementary people around him (like he does now, with Hopkins the clear #1). It’s funny that he was actually a detriment to the Bengals last year scheme-wise, since he no longer could consistently win on the outside; so they got Chase, let him go and, for once, everyone’s happy. He’s one of the real class-acts in sports and I hope he has a fantastic season!

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